Tigers are NOT housecats!

The news have been reporting lately on the latest dumbass to own an exotic, wild animal and get killed for it. Apparently, he had a group of wild cats on his property, one of whom also attacked a young boy.  His neighbours continuously tried to have the dangerous animals removed from his home, but to no avail. He won in court. (How the fuck you ‘win’ the right to own animals that want to EAT you and your entire neighbourhood is beyond me.)

I’ll tell you guys a story on this subject and I promise it won’t be boring. Years before I became an office drone,  I volunteered one summer at a local zoo that specialized in reptiles, snakes and giant birds. Basically, my duties involved cleaning, chopping up veggies and dead things for meal time, putting turtles in warm baths so they could “poop” (I’m not lying, turtles need help pooping!) dragging iguanas out of their outside cages where they sunned to bring them inside for the day, changing the bedding of the large snakes who were none too happy about being woken up and also dragged out of their cage, and occasionally helping with demos. It was tiring, dirty work and oh yeah..just “kinda” dangerous. When I first started, I thought it would be ‘fun’ to eventually adopt one of those critters and didn’t think taking care of him or her would be all that difficult. Oh how wrong I was!

The zoo was literally packed with iguanas, many abandoned by their owners who had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they first got them. They saw tiny, green things in pet stores and thought they were cute and novel, but then soon came to regret their decision when their cute little green baby morphed into a huge, bitchy, territorial bastard who bit, scratched and tailwhiped them! People just don’t realize how damn moody and territorial iguanas are: My cousin, for example, watched his take over his entire living room! In addition to reptiles, we also had insects and spiders or to be more specific, tarantulas. Tarantulas are interesting and some can be docile (ie pink toes), but they don’t really make good pets. They are very delicate(they can die if you drop them), they don’t form any type of “bond” with their owners and they will flick hairs in your eyes when feeling threatened. (Oh and those hairs are notoriously hard to remove, just ask this guy.) The tarantula trade is also killing off many species of tarantula. Yep, by buying that tarantula, you are contributing to their demise. Even captive bred ones have to come from somewhere.

There were lots of other creatures that were fun and challenging to work with, but essentially they should not have been removed from the wild and were only at the zoo because no one else would care for them. (We were also involved in rehabilitating their numbers and trying to protect them from extinction) Frankly, most people can’t and shouldn’t own them privately! This also goes for lions, tigers, alligators, monkeys and anything else that some ignoramous thinks would be “cool” to own and possibly profit from. They are not happy being your “pet” and resent being gawked at and all you will get is heartbreak for your foolishness.

Leave wild animals in the wild and if you’re feeling lonely, get a cat or dog-Some of them are more than zany enough to keep your life interesting!;)

A very good article on the exotic pet trade can be found here. Please read it for even more information on the evils of this industry:



19 thoughts on “Tigers are NOT housecats!

  1. Wandering Coyote

    Oh, I am totally with you 1000% on this one, Hannah! When I heard this guy got mauled to death yesterday, I felt bad for the fracking cat! Only the most selfish, vain people in the world keep these exotic pets and as far as I’m concerned it should be BANNED outright!

  2. brad

    Noooo thank you. Tarantula barbed-hair-spears launched into my eye from point-blank range? Not a chance. And they might be stuck there forever?

    People are “braver” than I will ever be. I like dogs. They are nice and less likely to blind me.

  3. deutlich

    i used to want to own white tigers.

    then i grew up and grew a brain

    because.. uh… yeah. not cool to trap animals that are meant to be running free in your yard.

  4. hannah78 Post author

    Wandering Coyote-Exactly! Few wild pet owners actually care little for the well being of the animal and own them more out of novelty and appearance. Its really disgusting! All governments around the world should take much harder stances on the exotic and wild animal pet trade and ban it as you mentioned.
    Brad-LOL. Precisely! Plus, you can teach a dog tricks. Spiders? Eh, not so much!
    Deutlich-Not cool at all and actually pretty cruel to the animal. (I’d like to ask the idiots who own wild animals, how would THEY like it if they were a child and had to watch their mother get shot,be ripped from her arms and then forced into a cage or strange house for the rest of their lives?)

  5. Chris

    wildcats as house pets? *sigh*…. why do dumb people do dumb things? I start to wonder if these types of people are around so when smart people make little mistakes, at least we’re not “that” bad.

  6. Kate

    So, I’m not sure what this says about me, but I’m fascinated that turtles need help pooping. Why is this? What do they do in the wild? Are there lots of constipated turtles roaming around?

  7. hannah78 Post author

    Kate-LOL. Isn’t it bizarre? I guess if they are not getting enough nutrients in the wild, they just find a body of water and let loose!

  8. artman2112

    i’m also with you 100% on this whole thing! keep the bugs and animals OUTSIDE! hell i dont even want a dog in my house nevermind some disgusting hairy spider or a monkey or some other exotic pet nonsense. the big cats are some of the most beautiful awe-inspiring creatures on this planet but i sure as hell dont want one in my house for ffs!!!! and even IF i wanted one, that is NOT where they belong anyway. i do not feel sorry for anyone that gets killed or maimed because of owning one of these dangerous animals in their home. but i do feel for friends, neighbors, relatives etc etc who end up suffering and/or dying because of someone elses idiocy with these creatures.
    oh and as for your past job….. you could NOT pay me enough to take care of and clean up after snakes!!!!!! noooooooooo way!!!

  9. hannah78 Post author

    Artman-I also feel bad for not only nearby victims of the animal lashing out, but the animal itself, since it is clearly unhappy and usually very sick. Animals have evolved to live in certain environments, so when you rip them from those locations, it can really cause them to suffer unnecessarily. (As well as possibly fuck with whichever new ecosystem they go to. How many retards have released their exotic turtle into the wild?)
    As for the snakes, the small ones weren’t so bad, but the big ones-holy mother they were heavy! It was also a disturbing feeling having something that could easily strangle me to death sitting around my neck on a regular basis! LOL

  10. kal

    Everytime I hear about a Tiger attack you hear people say that ‘the tiger went crazy’. To quote Chris Rock…”that tiger didnt’ go CRAZY, that tiger went TIGER!”

  11. Robin

    I’ve always wanted a big tiger because it looks like a big kitty but then I think about what kind of litter box it would need and I change my mind.

  12. hannah78 Post author

    Kal-LOL! Mr. Rock speaks the truth! PEOPLE went crazy thinking they could own something like a tiger!
    Robin-LOL. You would need a shovel! Heheh..ew!

  13. get off my lawn

    You could always go for a Savannah cat. They can get pretty big and apparently make great pets. No eating people as far as I know. Then again, how did they breed a house cat to a serval in the first place? Maybe we should just ban pets altogether.

  14. hannah78 Post author

    Get off my lawn-Dogs and cats (and chickens, ducks, cows, pigs and horses) have been bred for thousands of years to be domesticated and have adapted to living with people. The sheer number of different breeds of those animals should provide people with enough diversity for pets(or livestock) We have already wiped out enough species, so the remaining wild animals should remain that-wild and untampered.
    As for banning more typical pets, I strongly disagree. Cats and dogs provide numerous health and psychological benefits, as well as enable us to be more in touch with nature and animals. Lets also not forget certain disabled people who rely on these animals for companionship and help with their daily tasks. It would be beyond cruel to sever the bond between them and their cherished pets.:) Plus, think of all the childfree people like me, my animals ARE my babies!

  15. artman2112

    that’s true about the pain and suffering of the animals themselves. leave well enough alone and dont try to impress others with your black panther named twinkles i say!
    i’m getting the shivers just thinking about moving a small snake nevermind one of those big heavy bastards, lol!

  16. Pauline Post author

    Artman-LOL! While I think you deserve to get attacked if you have a pet panther, you really deserve it if you name him Twinkles! 😉
    Corn and grass snakes aren’t bad and are native to North America. I still wouldn’t own one, but holding one at the zoo is no biggie. They just think you’re some kind of tree.:)

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