New Name


I changed my name. There are just too many “Hannahs” on the blogosphere and while it is a beautiful name, I felt a bit lost in the shuffle. So you can now call me Pauline. (But please, don’t call me Polly!)  Pauline  is the name of one of my cousins who lives in Scotland who also has her own ménagerie of assorted furbabies. She is awesome! So I thought why not ‘steal’ her name? 😉

I might change this blog though, because apparently your ‘user’ name is permanently fixed to your web address. (Boo!)


17 thoughts on “New Name

  1. Kate

    This reminds me of a year I went to summer camp. I went to the same camp for several years and many of the counselors did the same. One year, before the campers showed up, the counselors decided to change their names just for fun. Which was both confusing and hilarious for those of us who knew their real names.

  2. XUP

    Everyone is changing their blog or deleting their blog. What goes on? But hey, if you want to be Pauline…okay. Why not just use your actual name, though?

  3. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-LOL. It is shocking no?
    Kate-Changing your name is fun because of the confusion it causes! 😉
    Pinklea-I would rather change my username and not move, but wordpress is being difficult!
    Raino-Pauline! 😉
    Meanie-Wow! Surprising! Because on some blogs, there are two or three Hannahs commenting!
    XUP-New year, new blog stuff. Pauline is close enough to my actual name, so I figured why not?
    Oh and I don’t see YOU using your real name.;)

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    Your mind. Prepare it to be BLOWN!


    My real name is not Counter Culture Clown…

    SHOCKER OF THE YEAR?! I think so. >_>

  5. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-That is VERY shocking! But just wait, I am sure some crazy celebrity will name their baby that! (Hey if Jason Lee can name his kid ‘Pilot Inspektor’ then surely Counter Culture Clown is not far behind! 😉

  6. k

    Ha! I thought Hannah was your real name too. Pauline it is, but apologies in advance if I call you Hannah or don’t respond to a comment because I forget who you are!

  7. Pauline Post author

    JP-Not many people use their real name. Your ‘user name’ though is the same as another blogger friend of mine:):
    K-I’ll try not to take it too personally! 😉
    Blueberry-You don’t hear the name Paulette too often. Cool!

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