New Necklace and Back to Yoga

FINALLY one of the birthday presents that hubby ordered for me arrived in the mail! (He and o.k…I..were getting all squirrely about the delay) Its that ‘steam punk’ necklace that I posted about earlier and here it is on me:

The picture turned out a bit too bright, so you can’t make out details in the photo, but it looks great. The clasp at the back is a bit odd, but otherwise it is wonderful! (Thanks hun!)

Another highlight from this week was getting back into Hatha Yoga. Last winter I took some classes at a local rec centre, fell out of it and just recently made the resolution to get back into practicing yoga at least twice a week. So I’m back at the same rec centre and last night was my first class. The instructor had the students perform many of the same poses during my last stint and gave us all temple massages towards the end. (It sounds weird, but feels good. Though it takes all my willpower not to giggle. I get the urge to laugh during the oddest times)

Anyways, happy Friday all!


12 thoughts on “New Necklace and Back to Yoga

  1. Marie

    Looks lovely!

    I’m taking my first yoga class tomorrow and for some reason I’m a bit nervous (never done yoga before). I hope it goes well. Keep us updated on how your yoga classes go.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Pauline Post author

    Marie-I remember you talking on your blog about yoga. I hope you enjoy it! There’s no need to be nervous, just relax and remember to breathe. (sounds silly to say, but lots of people hold their breath during poses)
    Deutlich-LOL. If only my instructor would do back rubs too! I would NEVER miss a class!
    K-Thanks though admittedly I’m nowhere near as active as you are. You’re making me feel lazy girl! 😉

  3. Lynn

    I love love love this necklace. It’s much larger than I expected but that’s even better.

    My husband brought home some buddies from work last night and they ate your pie! Did you get my email on that subject? Next week’s pie is already spoken for, but you are my number one taster. Pie is coming your way soon!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-Yeah, its a bit larger than my usual necklaces, but I like big jewelry(within reason, I don’t think I’ll be sporting a “Flavour Flave clock necklace” anytime soon! LOL)
    I haven’t seen your email yet, but boo on your husband’s friends for stealing MY dessert! LOL. But I look forward to trying the next, next one!:)

  5. meanie

    i’ve been doing hot yoga about 1x a week for a while nad loooove it. i’ve never had a temple massage – is it like the massages shampoo people give a the salon?

  6. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Precisely! Thankfully my urge to giggle doesn’t strike at funerals however. (I guess my immaturity does have boundaries! 😉 )
    Meanie-You mean bikram? How is that? It sounds really tough! Yes, the temple massage is similar to what you get at a salon, though it doesn’t last as long.

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