Vampire Weekend

On Friday night, I got the urge to see “Avatar“, so I could discover for myself what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, after circling the blocks forever looking for a parking spot (Certain assholes were parking their vehicles literally across three parking spots!) at the theatre, I was late showing up and by the time I met up with my friends, my pal Johnny informed me that it was sold out. So, we saw “Daybreakers” instead and it was pretty good. The script was interesting, the acting was good, there were plenty of ‘jump in your seat moments’ and there was lots of bloody violence. Everything that a vampire flick SHOULD be! (There was no sex though, but that can be overlooked)

After leaving the theatre, I pulled into a local gas station to fill up and these young, British chicks were there complaining. Apparently, the gas station was closing! At 11pm! What the frig?

I heard one of them say snarkily to another after learning they were closing: “Welcome to Canada. Muhh muhh”

To which I loudly replied: “Most gas stations in Canada are open 24-7!”

Because most of the ones I’ve been to are open all the time and this one is an anomaly and she was being a rude bitch. LOL

Sunday was good-Did some more painting, but other than that it was fairly quiet.

Did you guys have a good weekend?  Have you seen Daybreakers or Avatar? What did you think of them? Is Avatar worth another trip to the theatre?


14 thoughts on “Vampire Weekend

  1. Wendi

    I haven’t seen either one, but I did see “Nine” which was horrible. And the Chipmunk movie, which was even more horrible.

    Maybe I shouldn’t go to the theater for a while.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Wendi-You mean the musical “Nine” with Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, etc? It looks pretty weak, I have to say though that Chipmunk movie sounds even worse! I don’t go to the theatre very often because frankly movies are getting dumber, while the ticket and concession prices are getting more expensive! You should have seen the previews we had to endure before Daybreakers came on! Beyond stupid!
    Quackattack-Ha! My friend listed that movie as playing and I said it looked “really lame”. Looks like I was right! (Enough with the thinly veiled Christian propaganda movies!)

  3. Kate

    I haven’t seen Avatar and haven’t heard of Daybreakers, although I do have a tendency to avoid everything vampire-related (except True Blood). 🙂 Many friends have seen Avatar at the Navy Pier IMAX theater and have been very impressed, so it might be worth giving another shot. I think, if you want to see it, it’s one to see in the theater as opposed to on DVD.

  4. brad

    I’m still trying to rev up enough energy to see Avatar. I missed the opening weekend and haven’t been able to pick it over catching up on TV with Netflix since then.

    But all of this talk about movies and the Oscars is making me really excited about the summer blockbusters. I know, 5 months early. But still..

  5. Pauline Post author

    K-I usually rent movies at home too, but on this occasion, I wanted to go out and be social on Friday. Unfortunately, there’s not much to do in January but go to the theatre. 🙂
    Kate-Yeah it looks like one film that would be better in the theatre. I think I’ll try and see it again. Hopefully it will be good.:)
    Brad-What’s coming out in the summer that has you particularly excited?

  6. meanie

    so glad someone else hated Nine. i was actually getting angry by the end it was so bad, and the music was brutal!
    i hope to see avatar this weekend….

  7. Marie

    I haven’t seen either actually and I wanted to see Avatar. But from reading/listening to what people have had to say about it, I’m not very inclined to go watch it.

    I’m patiently waiting for Alice in Wonderland to come out in March though!

  8. Pauline Post author

    Marie-Ah yes the new Tim Burton! I am excited for that too!:)
    XUP-To me Lovely Bones looks more like a renter, but it could good. What did she love so much about it?
    Deutlich-LOL. You LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVED it eh? Well then I shall have to see it and hopefully I will LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE it too! 😉

  9. XUP

    She’s been in love with the book for ages and all of Alice Sebold in general. She’s been giddy with excitement about the movie since she first heard they were making it. I thought for sure she’d be disappointed after such anticipation and build-up, but she loved it. It was hard enough getting that much info out of her, so, sorry – I have no more specifics

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