Another tattoo…maybe?

Over the holidays, I began to pondering the possibility of getting another tattoo. I already have two and once upon a time, told myself that two was the limit. But now I have been reconsidering that stance. I would love to get some Celtic type of design. Something like this:

or this:

 If I got another tattoo, it would be smallish and below my navel.  I know that its probably a crazy place to put a tat, since stomachs tend to stretch, but it honestly seems like the best place for it.:)

I’ve been feeling very ‘rebellious’ lately. Maybe its because of cabin fever or feeling conflicted over getting older. It could even be from boredom, who knows? Another thing I’d like to do is get my hair cut again. It was cut recently, but I want it shorter and redder, like this, except with bangs:


I hate feeling like I have a limited range of “looks” that I am allowed to play with! Isn’t life about experimentation and finding yourself? If I want to go a little crazy, I should be allowed to!

Anyways, as was the tradition with my other tattoos, I will give myself at least a year to think about it and research other possible designs.  But I’m thinking it could look really nice on my 30th birthday.

Do you guys have any tattoos and/or piercings? Would you get more if you could?



22 thoughts on “Another tattoo…maybe?

  1. Wandering Coyote

    I have two tattoos – one on my upper back and one (also Celtic) around my left ankle. I would totally get more. I also have 13 piercings. Not sure I’m done getting pierced, either, but I’m not in a big hurry. Waiting a year is an excellent idea. I did much the same thing, and I have no regrets.

  2. TheQuack

    Just the one tattoo on the inside of my left wrist … have been playing around with the idea of another since I got it. I actually considered that Celtic tree of life, too, at one point or another. The next one will definitely be Celtic in inspiration … glad the font I chose for my existing tattoo kinda works with that. Won’t happen for a while though …

  3. Lynn

    That hair is fantastic. You would so rock it. I was totally afraid of tattoos in my 20s, but now I wish I had one. Maybe for my 40th!

  4. Kate

    I had several ear piercings, but I became fiercely allergic to all types of jewelry (even 18 karat gold) so I can’t put anything in my ears anymore. I have two tattoos — one on my right bicep and one on my back — and honestly? I’d probably get two full sleeves if I had the resources, the lifestyle and a husband who liked them.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Wandering Coyote-13 piercings? Wow! That is awesome! I think waiting at least a year before permanently scarring yourself with a design or another hole is a wise decision. Glad to see I’m not the only one:)
    TheQuack-Celtic designs are so pretty and versatile. (Guess that’s partly why they are so popular)
    Lynn-You definitely should get a tat for your birthday! When is it?

  6. Pauline Post author

    Kate-I also have jewelry allergies! Even my silver stuff bother me sometimes! It sucks, because I would love to get the extra holes in my earlobes redone.
    What kind of tattoos do you have?
    Brad-What kind of designs are you considering?

  7. XUP

    I have no tattoos and no piercings and have no desire to get either. Tattoos are so permanent and I go through so many changes year after year that I’d hate to be stuck with something down the road that I feel stupid about. I have yet to meet anyone over 45 who is happy about the tattoos they got in their youth

  8. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Body modification isn’t for everyone. I think people who regret their tattoos later on, either got them on an impulse, got someone’s name on their body(rarely a good idea) or just randomly picked a design at the shop. Its a big decision and obviously shouldn’t be taken lightly. That said, I hope I don’t regret my tattoos later on, because the removal process looks PAINFUL!

  9. artman2112

    i used to have 5 earrings in my left ear but i let them all close up with in the last 10 years or so. i just didnt see the need for them anymore. i have NO tattoos and will never get one. when i see all these young kids with holes in their face and ink plastered all over them like a huge shout out to the world to PLEASE LOOK AT ME! i feel kinda sad for them. getting a tattoo because its “in style” is a really dumb idea, because as we know styles change and all those guys with barb wire on their biceps and girls with the celtic and/or asian stamp above the ass will probably someday do a DOH!…then again maybe not? maybe i’m just geting old? having said that, small tasteful tattoos can be attractive on certain people, but i rarely see ink that looks like “art” to me. most of it is crap.
    and i realize i probably just insulted half the people that will read this….*sigh*

  10. XUP

    I’ve been having this discussion a lot with my daughter who keeps thinking it would be cool to get a tat and I keep telling her I’m not going to be responsible for approving something that she might regret years later.

  11. Pauline Post author

    Walkingonsunshine-Yes! 🙂
    Wandering Coyote-That’s quite impressive! Yes, I changed my name:
    Artman-Not everyone who gets tattoos is a slave to fashions or trends or is looking for attention. I got mine because they felt right for me and really couldn’t care less if everyone else is inked or not. I see tattoos as art forms that have been around since the early civilizations. They’re a way of making your body “yours”. Of course some dumb people will get trashy or stupid tats, but that has more to do with their lack of intelligence or foresight then body modification itself. I agree with you on one thing though-Its unfortunate that we don’t see the more beautiful examples of tattoos more often.:)
    XUP-Good for you! No one under the age of 18 should be tattooed. She should wait until she’s an adult and pay for the ink with her own money.:)

  12. deutlich

    oooh.. I LLLLLLLLOVE tattoos. That 1st design is super pretty! and oh how I miss the days of dying my hair 5 shades of red/purple/pink

    perhaps i should try it again.. maybe..

  13. Pauline Post author

    Deutlich-I also used to dye my hair many different crazy colours (Much to the chagrin of my mother) Unfortunately, I can’t go as crazy since I now work in an office.
    Maybe you could try some temporary dye.:)

  14. artman2112

    Pauline, sorry if my response sounded like i thought that everyone who gets a tat does so purely because its trendy or is looking for attention!
    certainly not all of them do, but i think a good portion of them do.

    btw the dumbest tat i ever saw was a woman i used to work with had her sons named tattooed on one of her breasts….

  15. omawarisan

    I resolved that I was going to get a tattoo when I turned 40. I was going scuba diving, there was a music festival in Key West on my birthday a few days ahead of the trip…everything was lined up like it was meant to be.

    Then there was a hurricane evacuation.

    Fifty is less than 2 years away…maybe then!

  16. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-There is no time limit on tattoos, so if there’s hurricanes this year, then maybe next. 😉
    Mireille-Its nice eh? We’ll see.

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