Cleaning out and Weird Weather

The weekend was good. One thing that made it notable was finally getting rid of all the dead AA and AAA batteries in our house! Having two televisions and every video game console known to man definitely uses up a lot of batteries!

So we gathered all the dead batteries, tossed them in a bag and went to Home Depot where there are giant bins for used and reusable batteries right at the front entrance. It felt really good to get rid of those toxic things without throwing them in the garbage. (Which is beyond lazy and irresponsible!)

The rest of the weekend was decent, more cleaning and painting, comme d’habitude.  This morning was very strange, however-Plus 6 degrees C! Plus 6! In January! With Rain! What the hell is going on? It has been so mild this winter, its just so bizarre! I’m used to walking in -20 to -40, grumbling the entire way, feeling my face get bitten with frost bite.  Meanwhile, my penpals in Belgium and France have been complaining about how cold it is over there. Not at all typical. Plus think about all that snow that the UK recently got. ( I guess Canada’s winter considers itself so wonderful, it decided to share itself with the rest of the world and give us winter weary Canadians a break.;P)

I’m not usually very interested in discussing the weather on my blog (that’s what coworkers are for afterall!), but this oddness is intriguing me. How has the weather been in your location lately?


11 thoughts on “Cleaning out and Weird Weather

  1. Kate

    Well, you never know what to expect when it comes to Chicagoland weather, so I guess it’s sort of normal? Although we have had some freezing fog lately which is NOT normal, but really cool to look at. This weekend temps were in the high 30s and low 40s with rain, but it’s supposed to get hella cold again this week. C’est la vie.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Quackattack-LOL. Another Vancouverite friend of mine has been saying the same thing. Lucky ducks!
    Kate-30 F is like -1 C right? If so, we seem to be having your weather at the moment. Weird.

  3. omawarisan

    60 F here (15 C), but windy as heck. Stuff is blowing over. I saw a dog get blown over on my way home.

    Freezing Fog? That sounds like a bad movie!

  4. XUP

    You have penpals? You mean actual people in foreign countries that you write letters to on paper with a pen? That’s way cool. I haven’t had a penpal since Noriko from Japan back in elementary school.

  5. get off my lawn

    Unseasonably warm on the west coast as well (my section of it anyway). Not really a lot of rain either. But it is now starting to get cold again and we had some snow this evening – just a dusting. I too am used to that -40 thing. I actually kind of miss it. Weird.

  6. Blueberry

    We just had the hottest summer on record, and have now come out of the worst cold spell in a decade or two (down to about 18-20F, -7C, for a few nights and barely above freezing in the daytime). Most of our agaves and aloe died, cactus collapsed on itself, and many many palm trees in the area died (thankfully, we don’t have any palm trees).

    Now it’s gorgeous, back to “normal” – about 70F (21C). I call it Spring.

  7. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-You saw a dog get blown over?? Weird! Freezing Fog does sound like a b-horror movie or something. Sort of like “The Blob” but instead of alien goo, its ‘evil precipitation’. LOL
    XUP-Actually we email and chat online, but its still way cool and a good way for people to practice their second or third language and learn about other cultures. 🙂 Maybe Noriko is on a pen pal site.
    Get off my lawn-You miss -40?! While I certainly can’t say the same, I am alarmed by all these changes in weather and the fact that most of our global leaders don’t seem more intent on seriously battling climate change.
    Blueberry-Ha! Some people around here have been calling it “Spring” too. (But we still have two more months of torture..I mean..winter left)

  8. Marie

    It’s been nothing short of bizarre here too. We got a freak blizzard storm in December. That NEVER happens here! Then yesterday it went up to 20C!!!! And at the end of this week we’re expecting snow.

    Go figure. WEIRD.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Brad-I’m not a fan of cold period, but yes, I like routine-Winter should have snow. The fact it doesn’t in some places=Not good!
    Marie-20C?! That’s nuts! (I would have stretched out my lawnchair and caught some much needed rays. LOL)

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