Good luck Mom!

My mom recently slipped on some ice coming home from work one day and smashed her left wrist. She’s now wearing a cast (which drives her nuts, because she can’t do as much and she is definitely not one for complacency)  and getting surgery on her wrist sometime this weekend.

So I would like to use this blog to wish her good luck in her surgery and hope she will be back to her usual busy and unbroken self soon!:)

P.S. Just in case there was any doubt, no that is not her in the photo. I am not the offspring of a polar bear who obviously can’t read signs. 😉


14 thoughts on “Good luck Mom!

  1. Marie

    That picture? Hilarious!

    Your mom slipping and injuring herself? Not so much. Wishing her the best and hope all goes 100% well!!!

  2. brad

    Hope your mom gets well soon.

    But that polar bear… So even polar bears can slip and fall? I knew all of those Coke commercials in which they’ve got polar bears sledding all over the arctic were too glamorous to be true.

  3. artman2112

    my mom slipped sideways on some ice many year ago and landed smack directly on her shoulder, so hard it actually made a loud CRACK when she hit. i hope all goes well for your mom’s surgery.

  4. kilax

    I hope your mom has a good surgery! I broke my wrist a few winters ago and hurt the other wrist this summer. It is surprising how little you can do with one wrist out of commission!

  5. Pauline Post author

    Kilax-That’s what she says! That it is impossible to do anything, even if you don’t injure your dominant wrist. Must be frustrating indeed! And what if you have an itch under your cast?

  6. Pauline Post author

    Brad-Yep, turns out polar bears aren’t as graceful as National Geographic and those Coke ads would lead us to believe! I feel cheated! 😉
    Aandhari-Me too!
    Get off my lawn-Yep. Why should us taxpayers pay for his clumsiness? I mean sure we’re killing off his habitat, but still..;)
    Artman-*cringing* You heard an audible crack? Ewww..poor her! But thanks for the kind words, hopefully mine will recover soon!

  7. XUP

    I choose to think that polar bear is deliberately rolling around on the ice because he likes the feel of it on his hot scratchy fur. All the best to your non-polar bear mother.

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