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Jazzy Video and Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday and I am hoping that the sky will clear tonight so we can go to the Museum of Science and Technology to view some planets and stars at the Helen Sawyer Hogg observatory. But if not, it will be another night to relax and unwind.

Happy Friday!:)


Random Cute (and Silly) Cat Pictures

February is special to me because it is the month that I adopted Pierre from Petsmart back in 2006. I opened his cage and he automatically stuck himself to me. The employee warned me that he was “crazy”, but it was too late, I was in love. Here’s some pics of my “crazy” cat:

This one was taken shortly after we brought Selena home. Pierre couldn’t figure out what the hell she was supposed to be, only that she bugged the hell out of him and hogged all of our attention.

..and last but not least. Proof that our animals are totally SPOILED! :

Yes, he is on my side of the bed, snuggling with the bunny I’ve had since I was 5.  He has no shame! LOL

My appointments..

I’m back from the proctologist and MRI. As expected, the proctologist appointment wasn’t great. After waiting a bit, I went into a private room where a student nurse told me about the procedure. They gave me a consent form and I didn’t sign it, I wanted to talk to the doctor first. After she left, I waited..and waited..and waited until finally he came in. His English was a bit off and he was impatient. One thing that was bizarre was this conversation:

Me: “I think my tailbone is injured from the sport I used to play where I fell down a bunch of times”

Him: “You think? Or you know? You have to know. How am I supposed to treat you if you don’t know?”

Well gee, what am I supposed to say? Yes, I’m 100% positive that that’s what caused the problem? If that was the case, why should I need to see you twits when I can diagnose myself? Cripes!

He didn’t have much in the personality department. After a little while he lightened up a little bit, but not by that much.

Anyways, I was super nervous and the student nurse (who looked pretty bored the entire time) told me that if I ever wanted the process to stop, I could say stop. He did an exterior and interior ‘gloved’ exam and that was pretty much it for me! They hurt like HELL!

I don’t usually back out of medical (or uncomfortable vanity stuff like waxing) appointments, but after those initial exams, there was no way I was consenting to moving on to freaky proctology equipment. I was still in waaay to much pain from my injury!

Thankfully, the MRI appointment this morning was much better and the people at the hospital more pleasant. The radiologist ran me through the process, asked me a bunch of questions and then I asked her some questions about her job. I took a career questionnaire a few years ago and the career that was most suited to me was radiologist. I’m not sure if I’ll get into that field, but it was nice to get some clarity on what would be involved education wise.

When it was my turn, I was laid down on a board and they put me in a large tube that felt pretty claustrophobic for the first twenty minutes. Then all these noises come on, loud beeps and drilling for about two-three minute intervals, but they were partially muted by headphones they gave me. It lasted for about thirty minutes, the last ten of which I got to listen to the radio through my headphones. The technician informed me that my photos turned out so well that they didn’t need to inject me with radioactive dye. Yay!

So that’s that. Now I just have to wait for the results to go to the doctor at the clinic and we’ll take it from there. I hope its good news!

Blahs and Ahh’s!!

Not much new to report-Its been pretty boring around here lately. My tailbone has been extra sore lately and I’ll be seeing the proctologist this Saturday.

Yep-I get to see the ‘assman’ and all his torture devices on a weekend. Wooo! I told hubby that he has to take me out somewhere nice afterwards-I’m thinking dessert followed by a trip to the Silver Snail. I think the nasty preparation+starving myself for two hours beforehand+procotologist appointment itself=Sugar and comic books right afterwards! (Or a nice massage)

Other than that, I’ve been pretty tired. Tonight I have yoga and, due to my fatigue, am not too psyched about it. I wish I could just sleep through it, but my snoring would probably disturb all the ‘positive light and balance’ in the room. Yoga also makes me nervous about my tailbone. Last time, while we were in corpse pose, I wiggled and flopped around like a fish trying to get comfortable. The instructor suggested I bring a pillow next time to park under my butt.

On hopefully a more positive note, this Sunday I will be attending my first event with this online womens social group. We’re going to Sunflower café for breakfast. I’ll try not to bring up my procology appointment during the meal. 😉

Valentines Weekend

It was an extra long weekend for me as I took Monday-Family Day-off from work. (Us public servants don’t get it as a holiday! Boo!)

On Saturday, hubby and I went to his parents for dinner. His mom thought it would be fun to host a ‘Valentines theme’ gathering and decided to test drive her new gourmet vegan cookbook on us.

I have to say that despite her and hubby’s dad not being vegan/vegetarian, the food was fantastic!

She also had all these Valentines candies laid out, so naturally I had to help myself to those as well. It was a nice evening though I went home feeling (and groaning) like a bloated sea cow, while hubby tried to listen to the hockey game on some AM radio station.

Sunday-Valentines Day-was so incredibly romantic and wonderful. Hubby bought me some roses during his coffee run to Tim Hortons. Maggie thought it very thoughtful that someone bought her some new plants to munch on. aka:

So naturally I spent the morning shooing her off the table. For dinner, we had cheese fondue followed by chocolate fondue. Oh and boiled artichokes, hmm…

Selena also got a haircut over the weekend. So she went from this shaggy, matted beast:

To a skinny little dog with virtually no hair, who I’m pretty sure, hates us now. LOL

So all in all it was a great weekend and I’d like to thank hubby for the effort he put into it.:)

How did you spend Valentines Day?

Jazzy Video of the Week

Awhile ago, I became fed up with the “easy listening” station that I was listening to at work. (Yeah, yeah, hey in my defense once in a blue moon they played decent music!) But mainly it was Céline Dion and crap like this (click the link, its funny!) over and over, followed by flooring commercials.

So I decided to dig around my house for some better music and thought it would be neat to share some of my finds with you guys every week. It will be mainly jazz type music from the 1930-70s.  Catchy, happy jingles that make work a little less like…work!

So without further ado, here is the first vid. Enjoy!

Cabin Fever

I am feeling so incredibly antsy. And bored. And lonely. I can’t even remember the last time I went out and went wild. Seems like forever ago! I don’t want to get drunk or high or do anything too stupid. I just want to get out of the house and feel some kind of freedom from this soul crushing routine even if its just for a few hours!

But then where would I go? There is snow everywhere, any kind of real escape would cost quite a bit of money and clubs are for kids and single people. (and are usually full of putzes anyway)

When I was a senior in high school and during my undergrad in university, my former best friend and I used to go for long drives in my parents car. Summer or winter, when we got sick of staring at the four walls of our houses, we would drive around in the farmlands and look at stars. Those same fields have since been taken over by town homes and box stores and our friendship soured and ended, but the fun we had and the spontaneity of those drives will always be a beautiful memory to me.

But surely those days aren’t over yet right? I now own a car and can go anywhere I want…but now it seems like much more work and there is the whole cost-benefit analysis going on in my brain. ie:

“Is driving to XYZ worth the gas money and preparation? Is going to such-and-such’s-I-barely-know-this-person’s party worth the aggravation? What if I spend most of my time staring at bean dip, bored out of my mind, while everyone else forms awkward, impenetrable cliques?”

Whatever happened to just going out and being open to come what may? Whatever happened to laughing until my sides hurt? Seems it has fallen by the wayside in a cycle of work-commute-darkness-sleep-worry about money.