Some Updates

Not much has been going on-Still crazy at work (Yesterday I thought my head was seriously going to explode out of sheer frustration) and its still freezing ass cold outside.(We had a cold snap recently)

I forgot to mention earlier that Hubby and I went out and saw “Avatar” last Tuesday at the latest monsterplex that just opened up in our neighborhood (The smaller theatre shut down, not surprisingly) Avatar is action packed, beautiful, colourful, romantic and has a great environmental message that you would have to be brain damaged to miss. My biggest beefs with the evening was that the movie was a bit too long and the idiot woman behind us. She brought her colony of children then proceeded to be a disturbance throughout the beginning of the movie. (Her kids meanwhile were fairly well-behaved) Our entire row pretty much “shushed” her continuously and one guy actually told her to stop kicking his wife’s chair. Some people should not be allowed out in public. That’s all I’m gonna say!

I also found a recipe for vegetarian French Onion Soup and it turned out great! (Kudos to hubby for actually making the soup since I was too lazy) Click on the link and try it yourself if you’re not as fond of the traditional beef broth recipe.

Oh and one of my favorite movies “Forget Paris” arrived in the mail. This movie is hilarious and has great scenes like this one:

Gotta love that poor senile old man! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, rent it! (I should have probably included it in my fav comedy post, ah well)

Other than that, not much is new. What’s new in your world?


18 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. brad

    I always thought horrible public behavior was inherited. But if the kids were good, even though the mom was not, that whole theory is useless.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Robin-I’ll be right over! Hehehe
    Brad-Its funny because many of the times we’ve gone to the theatre where there are families, its some mother who fusses, fidgets, asks dumb questions and fuckin’ narrates the movie! Crazy!

  3. Kate

    I positively ADORE Forget Paris! I’ve seen it numerous times and it just never gets old.

    What constitutes a cold snap in Canada?

  4. walkingonsunshine18

    I’ve never seen Forget Paris… I should get on that. My world hasn’t been that exciting! I bought tickets home to NS today to visit in April!

  5. pinklea

    Pretty ironic: you are in the midst of a cold snap back East, and here we are scrambling to FIND snow to truck in for the Olympic snowboarding venue at Cypress Mountain! (Don’t worry, the Whistler site has tonnes of snow. It’s just the local mountains that don’t.)

  6. Marie

    I need to see Forget Paris. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! Shame on me.

    I have been completely turned off from seeing Avatar mainly because people described it to be sort of like Dances with Wolves but more sci-fi. And let’s just say I am not a fan of Dances with Wolves.

    It’s been ridiculously cold here too! And we’ve been getting WAY too much snow! Ack!

  7. Pauline Post author

    Kate-Well actually I only said “cold snap” because the temperatures are back to normal. (Which is ‘freezing ass cold’. aka. -10 to -40C)
    Walkingonsunshine-What is Nova Scotia like in April? I’ve been there in August and it was beautiful. I’m assuming it rains a lot there!
    Pinklea-Well feel free to borrow some of our snow! We’ve got lots to spare! 😉
    Marie-Yes, shame on you for not seeing ‘Forget Paris’! 😉 ‘Dances with Wolves’ is cheesy because of Kevin Costner. Avatar is sans Costner, so that automatically makes it miles better! Anyways, seeing Avatar is a fun thing to do on a boring winter day and you have to see it on the big screen in 3-D. 🙂
    Get off my lawn-Or it just didn’t hold your attention or you had some idiot bothering you in the theatre like I did! 😉

  8. famethrowa

    Ah Forget Paris… such a good yet underrated movie. I should watch that again soon…

    I love that you found a recipe and then delegated to someone else to make it! I need to learn that power of persuasion. (Or perhaps you’ve just lucked out with a hubby who can/is willing to cook. Score!)

  9. Pauline Post author

    Famethrowa-LOL! Well normally I don’t mind cooking, but these days all that prep seemed like too much work! Luckily hubby is a good cook!

  10. XUP

    I make French Onion soup once in a while, from a similar recipe. I just make it with water instead of vegetable broth. I find it gives it a nicer oniony flavour instead of tasting so much of the broth. Yum.

  11. Wandering Coyote

    I haven’t gotten around to seeing Avatar yet – not my cup of tea and James Cameron annoys me. I’ve heard the story is weak but that it’s a feast for the eyes otherwise. My brother & SIL just saw it in 3D imax and said it was an amazing experience.

  12. andhari

    I would probably lose it if a bunch of kids were noisy during a movie as great as Avatar. I love it so much, the whole thing. The pandora view got me semi dreamy and noisy people would just interrupt that :p

  13. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Hmm..I’ll try that. Seems like it might make it taste too..bland and watery though. But I’ll try it and see!
    Wandering Coyote-Why does he annoy you? Is his directing style not something you enjoy? Admittedly, the storyline isn’t ‘Sophie’s Choice’ or anything, but I thought it was still good.
    Aandhari-The kids were fine, it was their mother who was being the obnoxious moron. You would think at her age she would know better..I guess not!

  14. Pauline Post author

    Wendi-Why are you scared to see Avatar? You don’t “have” to go and see it. But as mentioned in an earlier comment, it is better to see it on the big screen then to rent it later at home. But that is entirely up to you! 🙂
    Chris-She indeed brought a colony! Maybe they weren’t all hers though.

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