Blahs and Ahh’s!!

Not much new to report-Its been pretty boring around here lately. My tailbone has been extra sore lately and I’ll be seeing the proctologist this Saturday.

Yep-I get to see the ‘assman’ and all his torture devices on a weekend. Wooo! I told hubby that he has to take me out somewhere nice afterwards-I’m thinking dessert followed by a trip to the Silver Snail. I think the nasty preparation+starving myself for two hours beforehand+procotologist appointment itself=Sugar and comic books right afterwards! (Or a nice massage)

Other than that, I’ve been pretty tired. Tonight I have yoga and, due to my fatigue, am not too psyched about it. I wish I could just sleep through it, but my snoring would probably disturb all the ‘positive light and balance’ in the room. Yoga also makes me nervous about my tailbone. Last time, while we were in corpse pose, I wiggled and flopped around like a fish trying to get comfortable. The instructor suggested I bring a pillow next time to park under my butt.

On hopefully a more positive note, this Sunday I will be attending my first event with this online womens social group. We’re going to Sunflower café for breakfast. I’ll try not to bring up my procology appointment during the meal. 😉


17 thoughts on “Blahs and Ahh’s!!

  1. andhari

    good luck on the appointment and i hope it doesn’t bother you so much next time in yoga class. I think it’s cool that you can bring your own pillow 🙂 yoga is really great for health!

  2. Kim Bosch

    I still don’t understand how people get into being ass specialists. There must be some kind of fetish at work. Good luck! (Sorry, did I just make the whole thing more uncomfortable for you? Ahhh sorry).

  3. Pauline Post author

    Aandhari-Thank you! Yoga is great for your health and I do enjoy it. (Its just difficult for me to work up the motivation to do much of anything right now due to my tailbone pain, lack of sleep and how cold it is outside). What kind of yoga do you practice?
    Kim Bosch-LOL! I remarked to the GP who referred me to this proctologist how much it must suck to look up peoples bums all day and she said that it was “his choosing”. I’m just as perplexed as you as to why he would pick that field, but ah well, someone’s got to do it right? Maybe it pays more..

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    Reason number… only one I need… that I don’t do yoga: “Corpse Pose”

    As if I need another reason.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-LOL. It actually feels quite nice to do corpse pose. You just lie there, which with the way I’m feeling today, works for me!

    THIS pose on the otherhand would definitely put you off yoga:

  6. Counter Culture Clown

    Crapples and oranges! It looks like she’s actually giving birth TO HERSELF?!

    It’s like a disgusting M.C. Esher work… and endless staircase? Screw that, this is an endless WOMAN!

  7. XUP

    I’ve asked a gastroenterologist the same question about why the heck they’d want to get into that profession, but apparently bum related stuff is incredibly fascinating and a wide open field (so to speak) in that there is still plenty of opportunity for research and discovery ..which doctor types seem to like

  8. walkingonsunshine18

    I hope the appointment goes smoothly! At least you’ll have something to look forward to afterward 😉

  9. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-LOL. “Firefly” definitely looks tough! Thankfully the classes I take aren’t quite that adventurous though.
    XUP-LOL@”wide open” remark. Sorry! Personally, if I was a doctor, I would rather study the other end (the brain) but it is nice to see enthusiasm for all the body parts. Proctologists and gastroenterologists (and probably gynos) should research a way to make their appointments more comfortable for their patients!
    Walkingonsunshine-Yep, I will be trying my darndest to think of what comes afterwards during my appointment. 🙂

  10. Kate

    Good luck with the doctor! I think dessert afterward sounds wonderful. I also hope you have a great time with the social group — you’ll have to let me know how it goes. I joined a similar group when my husband was on tour, but dropped out after a few meetings. While painting pottery at one of those make-your-own places, a lot of the ladies started talking about their Bible study classes and I somehow knew it wasn’t the right group for me. 😉

  11. Pauline Post author

    Robin-Nope, it really isn’t! Granted, there are worse things out there, but when you can’t stand, sit or walk, it makes life just a *little* bit more challenging. 😛
    Chris-Thanks! 🙂
    Kate-LOL! I could see how you wouldn’t be comfortable in that group. I once had breakfast with another womens social group and the woman sitting across from me took astrology WAY too seriously! She considered herself a bigger expert on me (within minutes of meeting me) than myself, based solely on my zodiac sign!
    Her assumptions of myself and my life were beyond presumptous and ridiculous!

  12. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Yep, discussing proctology during a meal is definitely not cool.:P. Yoga makes me nervous because of my tailbone injury. Some positions cause me pain and I am nervous about exacerbating my condition.

  13. artman2112

    yeah i’m not seeing the whole “when i grow up i wanna be an ass doctor” thing either!

    anyway i hope your doc is able to get to the bottom of things and help you out!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  14. Pauline Post author

    Artman-LOL. Yeah I don’t think most children have that ‘ass-piration’ (And the bum jokes keep comin’. Ah well, its either that or cry. I would rather laugh)

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