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Movie Weekend and Lights Out

The weekend was cold and I was feeling very tired, so Saturday afternoon, hubby and I went to the videostore in Ottawa for independent, foreign, 70s exploitation and plain ‘ol weird flicks-Invisible Cinema. There were rows upon rows of underappreciated movies, available in vhs and dvd format. It was wonderful! For my first time, I picked a variety of film genres: Night of the Hunter, Itty Bitt Titty Committee, Manji and Changeling.

Night of the Hunter was the best of the lot and revolved around a preacher (Played by Robert Mitchum) who is a serial killer in disguise, on the hunt for lonely widows, to manipulate, kill and rob, believing that is what “God” wants him to do. The preacher seems to have served as inspiration for similar religious creep characters  like Max Cady in ‘Cape Fear’ and Reverend Kane in “Poltergeist II”. He even sings unnerving Christian songs while on the hunt, similar to Kane.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is not a porn, but a “riot-grrl” movie about a woman, Anna, who joins a radical feminist group and falls in love with one of its members. I’m all for female empowerment and enjoy GLBT films, but this one struck me as immature and the acting was pretty bad in some parts. However, while I don’t agree with some of their ‘antics’, the movie does make some good points about society and current pop culture.

Manji, the Japanese tale, was weird and contained far too much overly dramatic dialogue. I know Japanese entertainment is mostly strange, but there are a few wonderful films created by directors from that country.  Sadly, however, this was not one of them and I turned it off after nearing the end.

The Changeling (not to be confused with the one of the same name with Angelina Jolie) is about a composer who loses his wife and child in a freak accident and years later ends up renting a haunted house. The composer then spends the rest of the movie trying to communicate with the living entity in the house and discover its secrets. It was a decent flick, though not as scary as it was advertised. (Though horror movies rarely are) But it still had some suspensful and chilling moments.

For Earth Hour, we played cards and hubby taught me how to play poker. And would you believe it, I beat him right away with a flush! It was great! Of course, my next hand wasn’t so lucky, but still. I never bothered to learn poker earlier, but I kinda like it. If anyone is looking for a poker buddy for fun (not for money or anything), drop me a line! 🙂



I’m Spartacusssss!

I’m completely hooked on the new show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Based loosely on actual events and people, it revolves around the story of a Thracian, who after being let down by a Roman general in their joint battle against the Getae, forms a mutiny against the general and as punishment, is forced to become a gladiator, while his wife is sold into prostitution. His talent in combat soon becomes apparent and he becomes known as Spartacus, Champion of Capua.

 This show is filled with ultra-violence, sexuality (gay and straight) and swearing.The sets are convincing and the people toned and beautiful, in essence, it really captures the decadence and brutality of Ancient Rome. (Though obviously in a more romantic way) The fight scenes are cheesy at times, with continous nods to the movie 300, but the blood shed on this show makes True Blood look like a Disney program. Its pretty intense, which I like. My philosphy is: If you’re going to show violence, show it in all its horrible glory and that goes double for sex. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had it up to here with seeing the same corny Hollywood sex scenes with heavy breathing, bad music and heavy petting over underwear over and over again. Are penises and vaginas bad things? Hell no, they’re natural and part of us. Nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of, despite what uptight, ignorant people tell you. Anyways, the show also contains great characters and interesting plots, with lots of intrigue, greed, desperation and backstabbing. Check it out! After the show takes a break, I think I’m going try and rent the series “Rome“, which hubby loved while it was still on the air, but has since been cancelled. It is similar, but with, I’m assuming, less arena combat scenes.

In other news, tomorrow is Earth Hour. I’ll have to think up some exciting activities for that hour of darkness, all I’ve got so far is poker and board games. How will you be spending your hour without electricity?


A Tip for the Guys..

This morning, I boarded my morning bus and sat down. Everything was kosher until this young gent and his overpowering cologne sat in front of me. He must have dowsed himself with half the bottle because there was a discernible cloud around him and I could barely breathe.

Guys: Us women like it, nay, love it when you are clean and smell good. Its really appreciated since there a few men who seem to think bathing, brushing and deodorizing is strictly optional. (Blech!)  But for the love of everything that is good and pure, please DON’T bathe yourself in Ax Spray, Old Spice, Hugo Boss, etc before going outside. Its obnoxious!

Women often get blamed for over perfuming, but the last five times in which I was having an asthma attack from false pheromones, its been from an overabundance of mens cologne on a guy who has absolutely no clue that he stinks!

To take my mind off this olfactory assault, I focused on sketching, since its been awhile. But then the idiot bus driver who I mentioned earlier, ran over a large chunk of sidewalk, sending most of the passengers reeling, including the young gent, who quickly disembarked thereafter.

New Look

I’ve been considering cutting my hair short for awhile now. Not super short, just chin length. So, on Saturday I went to the salon and got a bob. Basically my hair looks like this:

I like it, though I’m still getting used to it.  I’ve always had long hair, so having my hair this short is unusual for me. Plus, it will require more styling then before, which is a pain in the ass, but ah well, its nice to shake things up a bit.:)

Surrounded by Babies

The night before last, hubby and I went to the dog park. After a loooong winter of kids using the area for sledding, it is now back to its muddy, wet glory as a place for the canines to roll around and chase each other off-leash. Shortly after arriving, a golden retriever and little girl waddled up to me. The retriever sniffed around for treat handouts, while the 2 or 3-year-old girl, whose fine hair was gathered on the top of her head in a ponytail, looked up at me with her arms raised, begging me to pick her up. Her mom says: “She wants you to pick her up”.

So I did and then the mother says: “Oh, don’t get too close, she’s sick and its a doozy.”

Thanks for telling me now! Sheesh! It reminded me of an incident a few years ago, when I was waiting outside my apartment building for my mom to pick me up so we could go shopping and this Sharpei dog comes up to me. I figured he was friendly, so I bent down and gave him a pat. His owner then approaches and warns: “Oh he likes you. Normally he bites people”

So this guy had a dog that “bites people” off-leash, in front of a high traffic apartment building. Brilliant! *eye roll*

Anyways, now I’m wondering if my fatigue is caused by fighting an infection from that kid or is just psychosomatic.

The baby shower went well: The guest of honor was thoroughly embarrassed and surprised, which means success. She’s having a girl, so it was an onslaught of pink-Pink dresses, shirts, socks, onesies and a pink cake with a stork. (Personal note: If I ever conceive and its a girl, please don’t give me pink stuff, the colour makes me gag. K? Thanks:))

But I’m proud to say that my RED giraffe and hat got the most “ooos” and “ahhs” in the room. After she opened her gifts, I hung around my supervisor and boss for small talk. My supervisor joked that I was “next” to get pregnant, to which I just laughed. (Nothing like a baby shower to put the pressure on eh?;))

Spring seems to be the time of year for weddings and babies, which is nice, but personally I’m glad that I’m not stressed out with planning for either at the moment. 🙂



The weekend was busy, my brother was in town for his early birthday, so we spent most of Saturday hanging out with him. On Saturday morning, hubby and I drove around running errands. First stop was the bank. A few weeks ago, I rolled the spare change lying around in our house and Saturday was the day of the deposit. All $78 of it. You should have seen the pissy look the girl behind the counter gave us! If looks could kill!  I wonder what she’ll say when I bring more change in! LOL.  But I can’t very well leave all this money sitting around the house unused! (All those pennies, nickels and dimes add up and if searching behind couch cusions helps me buy a house then so be it!) After the bank, we went to a children’s store to buy some presents for my co-worker who is having her first baby in April. Her supervisor is having a surprise baby shower for her this week, so I had to pick something out to bring. I think both my and hubby’s jaw instantly clenched when we walked into that place: Kids running around, pushy moms aggressively scouring the racks, babies wailing-It was pretty uncomfortable for a childfree couple like us! I mean, I’ve been around kids before and have some experience teaching and in fact, I worked one summer in a children’s consignment shop, but this place was overwhelming! Just sheer insanity! Anyways, I wasn’t sure what to buy, so I bought her a cute little giraffe stuffed animal and a hat to keep the sun off the baby’s face. Seems appropriate for a spring baby. Saturday afternoon we went to my parents for dinner and then went out with my brother and his friends to see “Shutter Island“. It was a decent flick, lots of twists and turns and some people described it as “creepy” or “disturbing”. The only thing about this movie that I found remotely disturbing was the tie that Leonardo di Caprio wore during the first half of the movie. Egad, it was a horrible!:

It was the colour of barf and I seriously had nightmares about it that same night! LOL. I was never a fan of Leo-I remember all the girls used to love him, but to me he always looked like a weird man-child, immature and naive. I’ve never been big on actors that look like their barely old enough to shave. But he was great in this flick, very believable in his role as a man who is still grieving the loss of his wife and children.

On Sunday, we went to a pool. After a winter of lethargy, I recently made a promise to myself and hubby that we would start working out together and eating healthier food. Sunday was the first day of that promise and we will be going every week to swim laps. The pool was packed, which made it difficult to swim those laps, but hopefully it will be less crowded next time. Have you made a similar recent pact for fitness? Have you had any success?

Well thats it for now, its been pretty hectic for me with other things going on, but I’ll post another update soon!:)


Tuesday night I went to the clinic to follow up on my MRI. After waiting not too long, an older doctor comes into the room and tells me that basically I have an inflammation in my coccyx that is causing my muscles to spasm.

He looked down at the results sheet: “You have coccyginitist. (sp?) Wow! I’ve been practicing since 1973 and I’ve never seen that term before! How interesting!”

Me: “Um, great. So how do I get rid of it?”

Him: *Laughs*. “Well we’ll put you on Lyrica, which should help with the pain.”

He handed me the results sheet and all the other other organs and bones around the muscle in the pelvis area were described as “unremarkable”, which in MRI terms, means healthy. So yay!:)

He was one of the most talkative and gregarious doctors I’ve ever met! Most doctors are pressed for time, so they’re in and out of your room in two minutes, but he stuck around and we had a conversation about pharmaceuticals. (We were discussing this because he told me Lyica is not a narcotic, which I told him was fine since I’m not big on being ‘stoned’ all the time. Then he regaled us with stories of all the people who come in trying to ‘scam’ him for narcotics. It was..informative. LOL)

Before I forgot, I asked him about my other issue-allergies- and he said to talk to reception at the front desk to book an appointment for allergy testing.

So that’s that, some sort of inflammation is the cause of my suffering and hopefully anti-inflammatories will make it go away eventually. As for the allergies, I will be tested on Tuesday, and am forbidden from taking any more anti-histamines or nasal sprays until then, which is proving somewhat difficult. I was in fact, THAT annoying person who wouldn’t stop sneezing and blowing their nose on the bus on the way home yesterday.  I heard some passive aggressive “bless yous!” and people kinda shifted away from me, thinking I had H1N1 or the Bubonic plague or something. LOL. Nope, just allergies and having the sun in my face was making it worse!

Here’s hoping these issues go away so I can get out there and enjoy the warm weather!