Allergies and Much Needed ZZZs

I’ve been up since 4:30am. So needless to say, I’m not in a very good mood. In fact, it took all my willpower not to call in sick this morning .

But in a way, it is true, I am sick: Sick with horrible, fucking allergies! For the record, I’m allergic to cats and dogs, dust, many deodorants, certain scented skin creams and liquid hand soaps, pollen and ragweed, most jewelry…oh and Walmart, which definitely invokes some very visceral negative reactions whenever I’m in their store. 😛

In terms of solving my allergy hell, this is what I’ve done thus far: Changed the furnace filter, and our bedroom humidifier filter, poured ‘special ‘water up both of my nostrils using a netti pot, employed nasal spray, changed the bedsheets (which I do regularly anyways) and I’ve taken anti-histamines.

Nothing really worked or just provided very short term relief. Its enough to make someone go postal!

My next plan of attack is as follows: Spray our bedroom mattress with a vinegar and water solution (this supposedly kills the evil dust mites that cause allergic reactions), throw our bedroom curtains in the washing machine (assuming their good for that, I don’t know, I haven’t checked the label yet) and possibly hiring a cleaning company to give our house a thorough cleaning. Have any of you hired a cleaning company? Do you have any recommendations?

I’m considering hiring one called “Enviropure“, since they specialize in asthma/allergy cases and use ‘environmentally friendly’ cleaning products.  One thing, however, is that I’m reluctant to leave the house unnattended while strangers rifle through our stuff, so I’d have to stick around and watch the war on allergens commence.  We would also have to store away hubby’s law school books and notes, as well as my paintings and art supplies, so they don’t screw around with them or possibly throw them out by accident. But that should be easy enough.

(Side note-Did you know there is a company in Ottawa called Rent-a-Wife? They say the name is supposed to “legitimize work traditionally done by women in the home”, but to me, the name seems to reinforce sexist ideas. Also-Some people who don’t go to their site and just find them in the yellow pages, may be mistaken in what kind of “services” these “wives” will provide. LOL. Seems like it would be a magnet for perverts, but maybe that’s a risk that all home service providers take)

Another avenue I will persuing will be to get allergy shots which will also hopefully provide long term help.

Do you suffer from allergies? What have you done about them?



14 thoughts on “Allergies and Much Needed ZZZs

  1. Robin

    I really think there is some kind of sleep deprivation in the air. The past month I’ve had on and off insomnia.

  2. quackattack

    Allergies have been bad out here earlier this year … I get a couple days of reprieve when it rains and then – BAM – theeeey’re baaaack!

    I’m trying to stick just to the Neti Pot/squeeze bottle … antihistamines make me go squirrelly and generally feel worse.

    Allergies are awful … hope you find something to help! 🙂

  3. famethrowa

    The thaw has come earlier than usual this year. When the snow starts to melt, my environmental allergies start coming out. I’m not sure if it’s the mould exposed by the melting snow or if the greenery outside has started to pollinate, but I can confirm that thaw = allergies for me.

    When I first moved to Ottawa, the 4:30am wake up call started in late March/early April and went until the October frost. I let that go just 1 year, and then I signed up for allergy shots.

    After a few years of shots, my allergies are better, but not gone. I still need the shots, but I rarely need allergy pills. It’s a hassle, going every 4 weeks to get the shots, but it’s worth it, IMO.

  4. Kate

    So, I have to ask since I’m also allergic to cats and dogs, how do you handle living with pets? Is your dog considered hypo-allergenic?

    I used to have terrible, horrible allergies — I had two inhalers and sneezed and wheezed my way through many days. Then I moved to Chicago and they all but went away. I’m not sure why, but I’m thrilled about it. Now the only time I really get sick is if I have to be in a house where cats and dogs live, or every once in a while when the air quality is super bad.

  5. Counter Culture Clown

    I did, they haven’t been as bad this last year, but yeah…

    I just suffer through them. Or drug myself into a narcotic oblivion.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Robin-The change of seasons always causes sleep problems for me, then you combine the pollen or whatnot in the air and everyone is tired and miserable.
    Quackattack-Anti-histamines make me go squirrely too! I wonder whats in them to cause that reaction..
    Famethrowa-You have to go every four weeks to get the shots? Craziness! Who do you see to get these shots?
    Kate-No, none of our animals are “hypoallergenic”, but we love them too much to part with them. I grew up with dogs and cats, and have always had asthma/allergies, but my symptoms varied and weren’t always severe. My recent reactions to pollen and ragweed are new though.
    So Chicago is not only the “windy city”, but the “freedom from allergies” city too? 😉
    Chris-Admittedly, I left early, but yes I am a trooper for staying as long as I did!
    Get off my lawn-That particular allergy seems to be going around! 😉
    Counter Culture Clown-“Narcotic oblivion”…hmm.. that would make a good band name! LOL

  7. Marie

    Ugh, allergies. They are so annoying. Are you taking anything for them? I’ve never had allergies in my life until I moved to where I am now. Apparently the DC metro area does that to people for some reason – gives them allergies that is.

    But I just get seasonal ones. I take Alavert everyday when spring hits, stop in the summer, take it in the fall and stop in the winter. I usually get those AWESOME sinus headaches.

    That’s probably a good idea to get those people to clean your house (I would probably stick around too because I don’t trust strangers). They may even be able to provide some helpful tips too.

    I’m not even going to begin to comment on the Rent-a-Wife thing. All I’ll say is it’s an insult to all women.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Marie-Does Alavert affect your sleep? Because I find my sleep cycle gets disturbed by anti-histamines. As for Rent-A-Wife, yeah their name is in pretty poor taste for a company. Not only does it typcast us women, but what about all the ‘husbands’ out there who clean? Surely there must be some right? (Mine is great at cleaning when he puts his mind to it and has the extra time)

  9. Counter Culture Clown

    Are you suggesting we start a band? I’m game. I can play the spoons like Hendrix could play a guitar.

  10. meanie

    i love my needles. a huge pain, yes, but so worthwhile (i forgot to get them last year for ragweed season and nearly *died*)

  11. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-Awesome! Lets do it! 😉
    Bevchen-Its improved somewhat but hopefully these other things will help even more. 🙂
    Meanie-Who is your allergist or do you see your doctor for the shots?

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