The weekend was busy, my brother was in town for his early birthday, so we spent most of Saturday hanging out with him. On Saturday morning, hubby and I drove around running errands. First stop was the bank. A few weeks ago, I rolled the spare change lying around in our house and Saturday was the day of the deposit. All $78 of it. You should have seen the pissy look the girl behind the counter gave us! If looks could kill!  I wonder what she’ll say when I bring more change in! LOL.  But I can’t very well leave all this money sitting around the house unused! (All those pennies, nickels and dimes add up and if searching behind couch cusions helps me buy a house then so be it!) After the bank, we went to a children’s store to buy some presents for my co-worker who is having her first baby in April. Her supervisor is having a surprise baby shower for her this week, so I had to pick something out to bring. I think both my and hubby’s jaw instantly clenched when we walked into that place: Kids running around, pushy moms aggressively scouring the racks, babies wailing-It was pretty uncomfortable for a childfree couple like us! I mean, I’ve been around kids before and have some experience teaching and in fact, I worked one summer in a children’s consignment shop, but this place was overwhelming! Just sheer insanity! Anyways, I wasn’t sure what to buy, so I bought her a cute little giraffe stuffed animal and a hat to keep the sun off the baby’s face. Seems appropriate for a spring baby. Saturday afternoon we went to my parents for dinner and then went out with my brother and his friends to see “Shutter Island“. It was a decent flick, lots of twists and turns and some people described it as “creepy” or “disturbing”. The only thing about this movie that I found remotely disturbing was the tie that Leonardo di Caprio wore during the first half of the movie. Egad, it was a horrible!:

It was the colour of barf and I seriously had nightmares about it that same night! LOL. I was never a fan of Leo-I remember all the girls used to love him, but to me he always looked like a weird man-child, immature and naive. I’ve never been big on actors that look like their barely old enough to shave. But he was great in this flick, very believable in his role as a man who is still grieving the loss of his wife and children.

On Sunday, we went to a pool. After a winter of lethargy, I recently made a promise to myself and hubby that we would start working out together and eating healthier food. Sunday was the first day of that promise and we will be going every week to swim laps. The pool was packed, which made it difficult to swim those laps, but hopefully it will be less crowded next time. Have you made a similar recent pact for fitness? Have you had any success?

Well thats it for now, its been pretty hectic for me with other things going on, but I’ll post another update soon!:)


14 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Pauline Post author

    Lacochran-Yep, much less lumpiness thanks to my crazy change rolling. You should check your house too for change, you could literally be sitting on $100!

  2. Kate

    I’ve never been a big Leo fan either. The only time I really thought he was cute was when he had a bit part on Growing Pains for a while. My senior year in high school, a member of an opposing school’s tennis team looked just like him. Fun to watch. 🙂

    Also, it’s amazing how much spare change adds up! We roll ours right before we go on a road trip and use the money to pay for gas.

  3. walkingonsunshine18

    I was a fan of Leo back in the day, but not so much now… he never does any movies I ever want to see!

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    Wasn’t this movie just another example of Leo using that weird accent he uses in about 90% of his movies. That one that makes you go “I’m pretty sure no one, from anywhere, talks like that…”

  5. Robin

    I cannot go into toy stores anymore. I went into Toys R Us once to get a baby shower gift and it scarred me for life. Never. Again.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Kate-You pay for gas with rolled up change? I can’t imagine they would be too thrilled with that! LOL. But that’s a good idea!

  7. Pauline Post author

    Walkingonsunshine-Well this is definitely one of his better roles.
    Get off my lawn-You have chips? Gimme!! I mean…I don’t eat those things anymore..;)

  8. K

    I finally saw a movie with Leo in it and didn’t hate it… BUT I can’t remember what it was. Hmm.

    I swam a lot when I was pregnant and on early mat leave so I was able to go during the day when it’s much less busy. What pool did you go to? The smaller ones tend to be less busy.

  9. Pauline Post author

    K-We went to Bob Macquarrie since it had the most convenient schedule. Its impossible for us to go during the day on a weekday, but I’ll keep an eye out for smaller pools.
    Quackattack-I don’t think I’ve seen that one. Perhaps I should rent it.

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