New Look

I’ve been considering cutting my hair short for awhile now. Not super short, just chin length. So, on Saturday I went to the salon and got a bob. Basically my hair looks like this:

I like it, though I’m still getting used to it.  I’ve always had long hair, so having my hair this short is unusual for me. Plus, it will require more styling then before, which is a pain in the ass, but ah well, its nice to shake things up a bit.:)


16 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Kate

    I LOVE bobs! Good choice. 🙂

    (P.S. I’m also happy I didn’t make an awful typo … like, “I LOVE boobs” … that would have been embarrassing ;)).

  2. Dr. Monkey

    The hair is fine. Stop wearing that silly cap you sometimes wear and you’ll look even better.

  3. XUP

    Ha ha Kate — at first glance that’s exactly what I thought you HAD said.
    Pauline – Very sexy – I’m sure it suits you splendidly

  4. k

    Ah, the big chop. Good for you! It takes courage but you might find you like it better.

    I go between long and short (i.e. I don’t get my hair cut often so it grows out between appointments). I find it so refreshing having short hair even if it’s a pain.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Kate-LOL. Boobs are good too, so I wouldn’t have been offended even if you did make the typo. 😉
    Counter Culture Clown-I was hoping you would make a reference to your name. 😉 Yes, I like Bobs and bobs. 🙂
    Dr.Monkey-Which silly hat? My cat hat or my raccoon hat? I am the proud owner of many silly hats! (And tough beans to anyone who doesn’t like ’em! ;))
    XUP-I thought that boobs were what Kate said initially too. Perverted minds think alike! 😉
    K-Its nice to go shorter in the warmer months and longer in the winter months.

  6. pinklea

    I’ll bet you look quite smashing with your new ‘do! But yes, shorter hair does require more attention – and more regular cuts. Good for you for giving it a shot – you just may love it enough to keep your hair shorter forever!

  7. lacochran

    Good for you for embracing change! I also cut my hair and am debating getting a flat iron to speed up the smoothing process–takes a long time to blow it out flat.

  8. Pauline Post author

    The Maven-LOL. Well I’m glad that my new do got the the “Maven stamp of approval”! 🙂
    Pinklea-Yeah, we’ll see. I wish I had the right face shape for even shorter hair, because I would definitely cut more off if I could.
    Lacochran-My stylist mentioned a flat iron, but I don’t know, it sounds like too much work.
    Counter Culture Clown-:)
    Get off my Lawn-LOL, yes, I know its hard to comment without seeing a picture of me. Maybe one day I’ll post a photo of myself in sunglasses from far away. (I hate pictures of myself)

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