A Tip for the Guys..

This morning, I boarded my morning bus and sat down. Everything was kosher until this young gent and his overpowering cologne sat in front of me. He must have dowsed himself with half the bottle because there was a discernible cloud around him and I could barely breathe.

Guys: Us women like it, nay, love it when you are clean and smell good. Its really appreciated since there a few men who seem to think bathing, brushing and deodorizing is strictly optional. (Blech!)  But for the love of everything that is good and pure, please DON’T bathe yourself in Ax Spray, Old Spice, Hugo Boss, etc before going outside. Its obnoxious!

Women often get blamed for over perfuming, but the last five times in which I was having an asthma attack from false pheromones, its been from an overabundance of mens cologne on a guy who has absolutely no clue that he stinks!

To take my mind off this olfactory assault, I focused on sketching, since its been awhile. But then the idiot bus driver who I mentioned earlier, ran over a large chunk of sidewalk, sending most of the passengers reeling, including the young gent, who quickly disembarked thereafter.


15 thoughts on “A Tip for the Guys..

  1. The Maven

    I think my hubby’s right: The female personal hygiene/beauty market is over-saturated, so now they have to target the males. And since these guys haven’t learned the secret of ‘less is more’ that we learn after applying too much early teen makeup, they simply load the stuff on. The ‘stuff’ being anything that they think will have women crawling all over them like in an Axe commercial. It’s funny to watch, actually. It takes me back to my ‘too much eyeliner’ days, but at least I’m not the one who looks (or smells) ridiculous now 😛

  2. Robin

    Every once and a while I like a subtle cologne smell on a guy, I have specific ones I like and ones I don’t like. Still, nothing smells better than the guy you love.

  3. Pauline Post author

    The Maven-I was going to mention that perhaps it is brainswashing due to those dumb Axe commercials: “Spray yourself silly and women will literally jump on you” LOL.
    Too much makeup is one thing, because that doesn’t really affect anyone, but overloading on scents makes everyone else suffer!
    Robin-Too true!

  4. artman2112

    i never use that stuff. personally i’d rather have a woman jump on me cuz she likes me not just because some aroma caused her to lose control of her senses, lol.
    those ads ARE funny though, i mean, i guess their product only affects attractive women right??

    anyway, where i live it seems most men douse themselves with a combo of beer and cigarette smoke O_o

  5. Pauline Post author

    Artman-LOL. I could understand why you would prefer someone like you for you and not for any cheesy cologne you might be wearing.

    Beer and cigarettes? Sexy! Do they also wear stained wife beaters to complete the allure? Hmmmm.
    (I’m SO kidding!)

  6. get off my lawn

    If it was true that I could overspray and have women lose control, I would consider it. Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t? But the truth is that your reaction is probably average. Way too much is just annoying. Personally, I haven’t worn cologne since before I met my wife. 20 years? I’ve never missed it.

  7. Chris

    I like to smell nice, but not to the point where people look around and sniff the air in search of the person who smells like a fragrance warehouse. 😉

  8. Kate

    I don’t usually enjoy the smell of cologne in any amount. I do, however, love the smell of my husband’s deodorant.

    One of the reasons I avoid department stores like the plague is that I always end up having to walk through the perfume/cologne section. Triple dog YUCK.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Way too much is annoying, how come more guys haven’t figured that out?
    Chris-Yes, smelling like a warehouse of scent is not good. The worst was how all the perfumes on the bus kept mixing. Gave me a headache!
    Kate-I love the smell of my husband’s deodorant too or maybe I just love the smell of him! 😉

  10. omawarisan

    the guilty parties, I believe, think they take their scent with them when they leave an enclosed space. The scent stays. I hate riding an elevator with those people because they invariably get off, and someone else gets on on the next floor. Who do they think is wearing the cologne? Me

  11. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-I hate that! Or when someone, due to certain bodily functions, leaves an unpleasant smell and the next person thinks its you who is responsible! LOL. “It wasnt me, I swear!” I want to tell them.

  12. kilax

    I have a hard time telling if I put on too much perfume. I hate it when people have too much or, or spray in on in the office. I am really sensitive to smell.

  13. mindfulmerchant

    I totally agree. Pouring on the cologne is migrane inducing. Ugh. Although if I catch a whiff of “Polo” it takes me back to highschool days…sigh. I think every guy stunk of Polo at highschool dances.

  14. Pauline Post author

    Artman-That’s unfortunate, but probably the case in a lot of places!
    Kilax-It can be difficult to tell, but two squirts is the most that anyone should carry!
    Mindfulmerchant-I’ve never smelled Polo. I remember liking Calving Klein when I was in high school.

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