Social Weekend

It was a pretty busy weekend. Dinner party on Saturday and movie on Sunday, both with women I met online. The dinner party was at someone’s house in the Glebe. I love the Glebe, but driving around it, eh not so much! Luckily, however, I was able to find a parking spot right in front of her place and got out (awkwardly) carrying a chocolate cake and pasta dish. The evening was wonderful and our hostess very chatty. We talked about all sorts of stuff-Other meetup groups, work, food, but mainly travel. Turns out, my fellow diners were very well travelled and had some interesting stories.  (ie. One person told us that at certain tourist places in Mexico, they ‘bug’ the tables, so they can hear what the tourists are saying, since that country has been the recipient of some bad press in the past.) The desserts were amazing, including soft caramel and chocolate cookies and a vegan cake.

My chocolate cake was well received, which was good, since its been a loooong time since I baked anything. The recipe came from the wonderful cookbook “A Passion for Baking” by Marcy Goldman.

I tweaked the recipe a bit and was going to put some raspberry filling in it, but decided not to, as the thing was pretty tenuous to start with and I didn’t want it falling over. (It probably would have been better with the filling though. But I know for next time!)

On Sunday, my stomach was feeling kinda wonky (and no, not from the night before, but from some leftover lunch in the fridge), so it was a pretty tense drive down the Queensway to the Glebe. (again!) My stomach rumbled and quivered, and I prayed to whoever is listening that I wouldn’t throw up in the car or all over my movie night companion. Luckily, I pulled into a Booster Juice, ran into the bathroom and well, lets not speak about what went on in there.

Thankfully, the rest of the evening went well and my movie companion very nice. The movie we watched “Creation“, revolved around Charles Darwin and the emotional turmoil he experienced over the death of his daughter and writing “On the Origin of Species“. It was a sad movie, but luckily, I didn’t cry all over my new internet friend, LOL. (No barfing or crying=success!) The movie would have been better if they focused a bit more on his travels and work, but I guess they went more for the dramatic route. The movie does, however, feature some fantastic scenes from nature and quotes from the man himself. The theatre itself was FREEZING though, and before the movie started we were chatting, and there was this strange soundtrack playing in the background, mainly of someone screaming their head off! Not like death metal music or anything, but like some cheesy Halloween cd, but with just one guy screaming and ranting. Made me wonder what the hell was going on behind the curtain. LOL.

But all in all a great weekend! Now I’ve got to start baking some more recipes from that Goldman book!



5 thoughts on “Social Weekend

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    One Thing: Why havent you made ME a chocolate cake? :\

    Also: Let it be known that I originally typed that message, then clicked the unnecessarily big Logout button RIGHT NEXT to the comment box. Hence making it so I had to re-log in, and then come BACK here to re-post that totally useless comment. The things I do for you!

  2. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Could be. It is Spring-time afterall!
    Counter Culture Clown-LOL. Awww..I’m flattered. Your useless comments are appreciated. 😉
    Aandhari-It is! (If I do say so myself)

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