Happy Weekend!

I haven’t slept much this week. I’ve been going to bed too late and waking up too early. I hope that I can get more sleep this weekend. But if not, then I am determined to still be constructive and make further headway on creative projects. (As well as less fun stuff like changing my tires, cleaning the house and finally doing my taxes)  Its so freakin’ cold and rainy out right now, though, which makes it hard to want to do much of anything. Spring-Where the hell are you?

Anyways, here is a video that’s creatively inspiring. I’m not the biggest Incubus fan, but I love the video and the song is very positive and catchy! (Plus, you gotta love the “FOXY GRANDMA” shirt he’s wearing, well during those scenes where he’s actually wearing a shirt.)

 Happy weekend!


12 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. andhari

    When it’s chilly outside, all I want to do is sleep on my warm bed or take a nap. Watch a lot of movie or read a book :p

    Hope this weekend’s a bit warmer and creative 🙂

  2. Pauline Post author

    XUP-That’s unfortunate that you won’t get to sleep in. I hope it turns out well despite that.:)
    Aandhari-Ha, me too and to think that I live in a country where its freezing cold five months of the year! Thanks and I hope it warms up too!
    Pieces of Me-Me too! Its very motivating yet relaxing.:)

  3. Counter Culture Clown

    Not the biggest Incubus fan? Them’s fightin’ words. This song is intense live, it’s a very different version.

    He has a tattoo on his arm similar to the Escher works that inspired this video. I do believe he also drew all the drawings himself, if I remember correctly. Could be wrong, this is old school stuff now, haha.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-I like Incubus, but I’m just not “in love” with them. 😛
    That is cool that he got a more interesting tattoo then most other ‘rock singers’ and very cool that he is a visual, along with musical artist. (Seriously, there needs to be more of those and less pop singers who are ‘fashion/perfume designers’)
    Old school stuff=Good stuff!

    Meanie-I love you and this is great to hear! I’m flattered! 🙂

  5. Marie

    I haven’t been sleeping well either. Also staying up late and getting up early which I even kept doing over the weekend!

    Hope you’re feeling better today though!

  6. Pauline Post author

    Marie-Thanks Marie! Getting up early on weekends is not fun!
    Kate-April 30 is the deadline here in Canada. I hope I make it!

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