Better Sex Education Shot Down!

There is a controversy over the new sexual education program in Ontario,  Canada. Apparently, honesty and reality “offends” certain people (ie. People with their heads up their asses) Religious and conservative people are planning to boycott the changes to the curriculum by pulling their kids out of school on May 10.

According to one article: “The revised curriculum, which will be implemented in Ontario schools beginning in the fall, will see Grade 3 students being taught about gender identity and sexual orientation. This is the first time this topic has been specified in the sex education curriculum.”

Further: “Students in Grade 6 will learn about masturbation and wet dreams while those in Grade 7 will be taught about oral and anal sex.  Further, the curriculum covers a variety of topics, including emotional and physical health, along with a focus on “the uniqueness of the individual.”

Pardon my language, but are you fucking kidding me? In the age of AIDS, teen pregnancy, STDS and Maury Pauvich, some idiots are seriously are going to try and prevent their kids from learning about sex? Hard to believe in this country and in this day and age, this kind of asshatery still exists!

Here are some newsflashes I’d like to make to these morons:

-If kids aren’t provided with a frank discussion on sexuality, they’re going to ‘experiment’ and go to their friends for “advice”. Trust me, honesty is better! Oh and to that idiot Rev.Malcolm who complains that we should wait until high school to teach them about the birds and bees-Kids are developing at a younger age and need to know the truth as soon as their bodies start to mature. I knew girls in grade 7 and 8 who were in sexual relationships. Scary? Yes! Gross? Abso-frickin’-lutely! But that’s reality!

-There are different sexual orientations, whether you like it or not-There are and will continue to be: Men who love men, women who love women, people who love both and individuals who feel trapped in the wrong body. Also-Don’t confuse your “God” as hating gays, when its clearly you’re the one who feels threatened by difference.

-Condoms and birth control pills need to be readily available and explained to children 12-18, because they are having sex. (again whether you like it or not!)

-Oh and the whole “But if they know about sex, they’re going to go off and screw like bunnies immediately afterwards” argument really pisses me off! Sex is everywhere-Movies, music, videogames, magazines. We are constantly inundated! The only thing an honest sex education will do, is hopefully is lead children to make better choices!

-Girls and boys need to learn that the ‘changes’ they’re experiencing are normal. Plus-Girls need to learn about maxi pads and tampons, to avoid any possible accidents!

-Furthermore, girls need to be taught self confidence and self defense, so that they are educated on sex and their bodies, but also have the right to say no to actually having sex until they are ready!

Grow up and smarten up people! We live in a secular society (Thankfully!) and just because you don’t want your kids learning the truth, it doesn’t mean others also want to hide their childrens eyes!



11 thoughts on “Better Sex Education Shot Down!

  1. Lynn

    I could not agree more. I heard on the CBC this morning that they are going to delay the introduction of these changes due to the controversy, and it makes me sad. I think this knowledge is critically important and I was happy to hear that they’d be teaching it.


  2. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-I heard that they were scrapping the changes completely and going back to using the same curriculum that is 12-years-old and completely USELESS!
    Amazing (and scary) how much sway the religious nuts have isn’t it?

  3. kim

    Perhaps those people who are offended by reality should go back to living in their cartoon world where everyone has neutral genitalia and permanently shellacked on under garments.

  4. XUP

    Hopefully, there are enough parents out there who are wiser than those getting their knickers in a twist and will educate their children themselves. I think it’s really important for parents to talk to their kids about this anyway and not leave it up to the schools. At home the child isn’t afraid to ask questions and you can discuss values along with all the clinical stuff. However, I know that doesn’t happen in a lot of homes and I’m not happy that McGinty backed down on this. Do parents get to complain if they don’t like the type of history the school is teaching?

  5. meanie

    my hubby and i debated this – he feels that grade 3 is too early. i interjected that i don’t think they are rolling condoms on bananas in grade 3, they are just hammering out the basics. and, even in grade 2, my youngest has questions – i hope they are addressed in an age-appropriate manner in the class room. we have no problem talking about it at home, but i’m sure some kids can’t/won’t. we shall see. i would like to see the curriculum and topics covered before hand though.

    *i just read the other comments, i guess it’s being scrapped now?

  6. Pauline Post author

    Kim-LOL! Yep, most kids would be surprised to learn that Barbie and Ken are not models of actual human anatomy.
    Omawarisan-Exactly! And fundamentalist Christians/Muslims/etc tend to be the loudest with the least to say!
    XUP-Christians have pulled books off shelves and complained about the history classes! So apparently, our society is not really secular! 😛
    Meanie-At that age, yes it would be just the basics. I think kids need to learn that ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ are not bad words’and to respect diversity in sexual orientation.
    Yes, he backed down. Grrrrr!

  7. Kal

    That is about the best arguement for early sex education that I have ever heard. It only takes one bad moment to mess up a kid forever and I infuriates me that we still have to deal with the misinformation and ignorance coming from ‘celebate’ individuals. Prove to me that religion is ever a positive force because all I ever see or it’s harmful effects on this world. Get your heads out of the sand.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Kal-Thanks and it infuritates me too! Personally, I think if you want to be religious, fine, but don’t shove it down other people’s throats. The religious institutions that got into this issue also shouldn’t be meddling in politics because it could revoke their ‘charitable’ status. (Not that they anyone would have the cojones to actually enforce this law but still)

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