Final Words on Sex Ed Program…with some Comedy!

So the fundamentalist Christians and Muslims got their way and McGinty backed down and Ontario is going back to the tired old sex ed program that teaches kids NADA!! How do I know it teaches squat? Well, I was a student of that program and I spent that time staring at medical drawings and watching “Degrassi Junior High” kids interview 80s Toronto teens on “What they think of sex”.

Pathetic, I know. I didn’t learn about condoms, birth control, clinics, menstruation, different orientations, nothing that could be remotely useful. 

And they’re going back to that! Congrats jerks, you have done a great disservice to children all over Ontario!

To make one last point on the subject, I am posting a video of then comic-genius, Bill Hicks. The video is a bit dated and he is talking about the States, but it pretty much still holds true nowadays and in many countries. (Sadly)

Replace “pornography” with “sex education” (though there are idiots out there who confuse the two) and he sums up many of the points in my last post brilliantly, as well as makes another point which wasn’t included. (Just turn it down a notch if you’re at work):


5 thoughts on “Final Words on Sex Ed Program…with some Comedy!

  1. Counter Culture Clown

    😦 Bill Hicks. If only the man was still around today. I would give anything to know his thoughts on the last ten years. Easily the biggest too-young loss in Comedy.

    Second place goes to Richard Jeni…

    I’m going to start crying.

  2. XUP

    Well, dontcha know, if we teach our kids about sex they’ll right away run out and start screwing everyone indiscriminantly. Just like when you teach them to read they all start voraciously to devour books. Or when you teach them phys ed they all become maniacal athletes. After being taught about Columbus in Grade 4 I ran right out and starting exploring for new worlds.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Counter Culture Clown-Agreed! Something is not right with the world when great comedians like Hicks are gone, but idiots like Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook and Nancy Griffin are still alive and kicking!
    XUP-Education and information are the tools of the De-vil! Better to lock those kids up and show them only one set of insane and contrary writings written centuries ago! Yep, that makes much more sense! 😉

  4. Blueberry

    It’s nice to hear news that progressive, rational thought is influencing policies. Unfortunately, it’s usually the other way around.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Blueberry-There was a good rational, progressive start to remaking the sex ed program, but unfortunately it was taken away by religious freaks who think they can dictate for all of society. It’s funny how religious institutions aren’t supposed to meddle in politics because they can get their tax exempt status taken away. Of course we all know how well that rule is being enforced! 😛

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