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Cocktails, Wood and Gams

The weekend was good-relaxing, yet eventful. On Saturday, I took Selena to the groomer’s and went out to the Blue Cactus to meet a friend for dinner. The friend I met Ana-is very interesting and cool-She’s pursuing a PhD in neurology, so whenever we get together we chat about brain-related stuff. (I have a psychology degree and know a little bit about this subject, though obviously not as much as she does)

Anyways, after discussing other topics and ordering food and brightly coloured slushy drinks, we went out to Chapters where I spent far too much money and we completed the evening by her walking me to the bus stop. On the way there, I heard some voice say:

” Nice ass!”  and I turned around and saw some guy staring at me.

I didn’t know what to say to that. It’s been awhile since some random stranger complimented my backside in public.  Perhaps I should have replied: “Thank you, my soon to be lawyer husband certainly thinks so!” 😉

On Sunday, I did some cleanup and went out to brunch to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. I didn’t buy her anything, because honestly, the woman has everything she could ever want. So I’ll just make her something and hope that she can put it somewhere in her condo. She invited me to a family reunion next month. This family of hers live out in Merrickville, have animal heads on their walls and eat things like wild deer and rabbits, so as two urban vegetarians it should be interesting. LOL.  Their nice people though. (Despite their questionable decoration)

In terms of artistic stuff-I coated a wooden carrying case in wood sealer and will begin painting artistic images on it tomorrow. Decorative wooden art is my next big project and I’m hoping to one day paint wooden trays, tables, chairs, coasters, etc.  I also worked on these sketches:


The second set of drawings are mens legs.  Legs are the sexiest part of the man. There is nothing nicer than a muscular set of gams. Or at least I think so anyway! What do you ladies think?

Well that’s it for me, more stuff to come soon!


Heat Wave…

Ottawa has been experiencing an extreme heat wave over the past week. I love hot weather and all its charms-Shedding of clothes, cottaging, camping, BBQ food, festivals, garage sales, swimming, drinking, frolicking. (Ok, maybe I’m the only one who does the last thing. ;))

This heat wave has been glorious except that we don’t have air conditioning, and our bedroom is particularly stuffy, which has been making sleeping virtually impossible!

So we are off to buy a mobile air conditioner.  Do any of you have a portable air conditioner? If so, what brand(s) d0 you recommend?

Oh and here’s a cool-down tip-Put your sunscreen in the fridge for a bit. It will be nice and cool when you smear it on your face and body. 🙂


Bag Lady

After weeks of painfully dragging around a reusable grocery bag for my workday goods, I decided last night that it was time to buy an actual bag. And here is the one I purchased:

I found it in the second store we visited. The first store didn’t have much selection, despite being a purse and luggage store. The best they carried was a black backpack and a giant purple purse, neither of which really thrilled me. The backpack made me look like a 16-year-old and the monster purple purse…was odd and not really me. So we went to The Bay and found the perfect one! It’s got all sorts of pockets and separators and comes with a cute little gorilla keychain. As you can see in the picture above.

Mobile storage has always been an issue for me-When I was in school, my mother used to pick up my backpack off the floor, grunt and exclaim:

“What the hell have you got in here? Rocks? This will kill your back!”

So, as I got older, I switched to a variety of purses, totes and those black cloth bags they used to sell everywhere. But everything seems to cause muscle strain. You might be thinking that I’m carrying too much, but honestly, I only carry the essentials*, so it’s bizarre how heavy these things get after only a few items.

Before buying this bag, I considered purchasing one of those trolley ones on wheels, since you don’t have to carry it on your back. But those things must be a nightmare in the winter and are probably awkward on a packed bus. (Plus, combined with my fanny pack will probably result in more ‘old lady’ teasing from my adorable, yet smartass husband. LOL)

So my question to you guys is: What do you carry to work each day? Does your bag(s) cause you back pain? If so, what have you done to fix the issue?

*The “essentials” for me are my lunch, sunscreen, makeup, snacks, a small sketch pad, pencil case and book. My commute is an hour long, I need snacks and art materials to keep me occupied.*

Sex and the City…ZZZ

Like many women, I loved “Sex and the City”  when it first aired on TV. It was silly and a bit shallow, but I adored the humor and the situations the characters found themselves in every week.  Their money, material possessions, endless string of guys, giant apartments and perfect hair wasn’t remotely relatable, neither was the obsessive devotion of their friendship. (Maybe I’m just a scary introverted curmudgeon, but its been my experience that daily two-hour phone calls and weekly brunches with girlfriends doesn’t really exist after the age of 25. Plus it can be very difficult to find and maintain one best friend for a long time, but three? Yeah..) However, some of their romantic/sexual experiences and insecurities definitely resonated with me, and probably several other women. These aspects made the show extremely addictive!

Also, I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t understand why so many people rag on her and call her “ugly” and other nasty things. I think she’s an attractive woman with charisma, but it’s a real travesty when they hide her charms under some seriously hideous clothing. ie:


She’s wearing a belt around her midriff! WTF? Why? (There are worse examples of poor clothing selections worn by her on the show, but these were the only ones I found on the net). But then again, who am I to judge? My apparel tends to consist of t-shirts, consigned jeans and running shoes (plus my very sassy leather fanny pack. Hubby calls it my “Granny pack”. ;))

Sex and the City is a step in the right direction, but it’s still too far rooted in ‘chickie fantasy land’ that is too one dimensional. Why don’t they get the same writers for SATC to make a new show that features four different women of different socioeconomic status, ages and ethnic backgrounds and see what kind of hijinx they can get into? And for the love of originality, why don’t they create the show somewhere other than New York City?* Sheesh!

Furthermore, we’ve pretty much explored all the inns and outs of these four women and their peripheral mates. It was fun while it lasted, but the franchise is getting tired and becoming redundant.  The first movie was weak, and the sequel looks even more worn out!

Before they make Sex and the City 12, let’s see something new. Something a tad more down to earth, but with the same spirit as SATC!

*For the record I have nothing against NY City, hell I’ve never even been there, but I’m sick of the ‘chick’ movies/books/etc that all take place there. I’m sure its a nice city, but there are lots of other great cities that should be explored as well.*  


Gardening and Felines

The weekend started off kinda crappy, literally. I woke up, let Selena out of her cage and she had diarrhea twice in our living room, one of which contained blood. So we rushed over to the vet where he said that she had colitis. Joy. This is the second time that she’s been sick over the past two weeks! I love her, but it’s getting very expensive for me to keep taking her to the vet! Anyways, despite dog issues and my cold, I was still determined to be productive. Our backyard was a mess, so after returning from the vet’s,  I ripped out some weeds and went with my mom to Home Depot for gardening supplies. Or at least we started at Home Depot, we couldn’t find the proper lawn chair cushions, so we ended up wandering over to Canadian Tire, Walmart and Loes. By the fourth store, I was dead on my feet.  But on the plus side, my backyard looks a million times better.:)

On Sunday, I finished this painting of an evil kitty:

….and right after I took a picture of my work, I saw Maggie sprawled out on the floor in the hallway:

LOL. What a ham! Our animals-Crazy, expensive and messy, but they keep us laughing, which makes me forget about spending half of my pay on their food and vet visits when they swallow dirt, quarters, string, etc.


I’ve been productive artistically recently, continuously sketching on the bus and outside, when its nice. Here are some samples. (The scanner doesn’t do them much justice but ah well)

Here are some unfinished naked ladies:

and necks:

I also finished this seahorse, requestedc by Bevchen. It was done with pencils and markers:

Speaking of which, I really need to get some new pencils. The chewed up ones that I use are strictly utilitarian and not really for drawing.  The first sketchings are from Jack Hamm’s “Drawing the Head and Figure“. If you’re interested in drawing, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, apart from art, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately. It feels like there’s some kind of burning sensation in my lungs and throat. Looks like I’m getting sick, but I’ll try and fight it off with echinacea and grapefruit.

Happy weekend and I hope you aren’t fighting evil cold/flu germs like I am!:)

Brunch and Mom’s Day

On Saturday morning, Hubby and I went to another ‘Bloggers Brunch’. We showed up late (as usual), but found a good spot next to Peter, Grouchy, Jazz and Violetsky.  Jazz and Violet were from out of town, and it was good to put faces to names.  Laura and Alison were also there at the other end of the table.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to chat with them too much, but hopefully next time.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we ran around from one end of the city to the other. Question-Why aren’t days like these statutory holidays? As much as mothers like flowers and cards, I’m sure they (and their doting children) would love a day off work even more. Am I right or am I right? 😉

Anyways, on Sunday we went to my Grandmother’s for Chinese food and then to Hubby’s parents for more Chinese food. Every restaurant was swamped and makes me wonder if there isn’t some unofficial rule that Mother’s Day food has to be Chinese. (Not that I’m complaining) The gathering at my Grandmother’s was typically awkward at first, but eventually it became more relaxed.I miss my Grandma. I was thinking about her recently and how rarely I see her. She’s quite the woman-Very active and fidgety yet stoic, reserved and polite, sometimes to a fault, but that is typical of my dad’s side. They are very Canadian and have lived in this country for a looong time.  She showed me her latest knitting project- A beautiful little sweater with kittens on it, made for my cousin’s third child. At some point, we’re going to get together and she’s going to teach me how to knit and maybe even sew. Or try to anyways. I’m not great with textiles, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it and will be making sock monkeys in time for Christmas.  Oh sure, I could just make sweaters, but that’s nowhere near as fun! 😉

After leaving lunch, we drove back home, picked up the dog and went to Carleton Place for dinner with Hubby’s parents. They watched golf on television the whole time, so it was hours of talking about “birdies” and “bogeys” and hearing obnoxious jerks in the crowd on TV scream: “In the hole!!” after the golfers swung their clubs or drivers.

I have zero interest in golf, so I casually tried to draw, while everyone else was glued to the TV. Hubby’s mom asked about if I was taking any classes, I said the latest one I took was a disappointment and tried to explain why. I’m not sure if they understood my issue or not, but ah well. Hubby’s mom has been taking mixed media art classes and has been eager to show her latest work to me. She’s made some great stuff!

Anyways, that was the weekend.  I hope my mom had a good day, even though she was sick and best wishes to all the other hard working moms and grandmom’s out there!