Weekend of Nerdy and Artsy Goodness!

On Saturday, I had two plans: If it was sunny, I would go to Bruce Pitt dog park with a girl I met online (strictly platonic). If it was rainy, I would go to the Comic Book Shoppe’s “Free Comic Book Day”. It was grey and miserable, so I chose the latter. Upon approaching the Shoppe, I spotted these guys in Star Wars getup:

as well as this gent:

It was crazy packed in there and the nerds were like locusts, swarming in on the boxes containing the free swag. By the time we got there, there wasn’t much left, but I picked up a GI Joe and some not widely known comic book. (Hey, they were free! I’ll take anything that’s free!)  While strolling around, I spotted these figurines. Honestly, I don’t get it:

But whatever does it for you, I guess and they are well crafted. (I like the Batgirl one where she’s doing the ‘Bat dance’ on the bottom left side. LOL. )

We also spotted more costumes. Wonder Woman:

Super Girl and Lt. Uhura:

Hubby also overheard a slightly amusing conversation, between a guy dressed up like Aquaman and some customer:

Aquaman: “Ahh! It’s starting to rain, I’m going inside!”

Customer: “Haha! AQUAman is scared of the rain!” *nerdy chortle*

Poor guy. But I guess if you’re going to dress up, you should try and at least act the part.

After some bubble tea, I spotted these weird posters all over the place:

Just don’t do it too often buddy or you might go blind! LOL

Sunday was o.k. We went to Michaels to spend the gift certificates Hubby bought me for Christmas. I kinda went a little nuts in there, throwing brushes, sketch pads, paint in the basket! Normally, I carefully scan prices at stores, because…well we’re kinda broke. But put me in an arts store and I lose my head! When we got to the cash, I chocked when the sales clerk rang up things like $30 brushes! $30!! Are they made of spun gold? So we had to do some swapping, because I bought quite a few brushes and at 30 bucks each, well that’s ridiculous! Anyways, the gift certificates didn’t stretch as far as I hoped, but at least they reduced the total somewhat.

If you’re wondering where I am, I’ll be painting and drawing. After spending that much cash, I have to put those materials to good use! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Weekend of Nerdy and Artsy Goodness!

  1. Fame Throwa

    Ah, so that’s what was going on at The Comic Book Shoppe. We walked past there on Saturday.

    Not sure what the “I Get Off” posters are. I’m not sure how effective advertising is when you make it mysterious like this. We’ll see how it progresses. Will they eventually replace these posters with ones that tell us what they’re talking about? If so, I’ll report back. (I go to Hartman’s frequently.)

  2. artman2112

    ahhhh a day in the comic store, now that’s FUN!!!

    i have to laugh at your reaction to the “Women of DC” figures, i have some in my bathroom, lol!

    I find Michaels to be terribly over priced. maybe hint to hubby next time to get you a dick blick online gift certificate? your money will probly go a lot further there even with shipping charges 😉

    I’ll bet Boba Fett wasnt scared of the rain!

  3. XUP

    Ha ha that WAS funny — Aquaman afraid of the rain. I wonder if those I Get Off posters have anything to do with Halestorm??

  4. Pauline Post author

    Dr. Monkey-Indeed!
    Fame Throwa-I look forward to your report. LOL
    Artman-I dig it, because I’m a nerd too, so it felt like home. 😉 My brother has “action figures” as well. Michaels is a bit of a ripoff! You can find the same sketch pads for much less in drug stores.
    What’s a dick blick? I would look it up, but it sounds unsafe for work. LOL
    XUP-Oh maybe! I’ve never heard any Halestorm songs, but perhaps this poster is to spike our curiousity and try and sell more concert tickets.

  5. omawarisan

    The little sculpture garden of figurines raises a question – Is it policy that women crime fighters have to dress without regard for practicality?

  6. artman2112

    lol, doh! silly me i thought it was common knowledge but Dick Blick is an enormous online art supplies site. because of where i live i buy almost all of my art supplies online and a good portion i get at DB. bascially they have EVERYTHING and the prices are pretty good.

    lol@ “action figures”! uh huh!

  7. Get Off My lawn

    I think its called the “Batussi”. I remember that. Cheesy. Comic book women are so silly. Its great to be a girl and powerful but… do you need to dress like a porn star? Please. Give me Tank Girl any day. At least she’s honest.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Kate-Nope, not yet. Though XUP did suggest that they might be associated with a musical group.
    Omawarisan-I think so. Apparently you can take out five guys wearing only bra and underwear. 😉
    Wendi-They were swarming! And I wasn’t about to fight my way through them. Those nerds can get pretty aggressive when you stand between them and their Batman/Daredevil/Hellboy, etc comics. 😉
    Artman-Great! Thanks for the recommendation! I will give that site a look.
    My brother (When someone calls his figurines ‘toys’): “They’re not toys! They’re action figures!” LOL

  9. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Amen! I like sexy females as much as the next person, but I like them with at least somewhat normal proportions. No woman walks around with double ZZ boobs, a tiny waist and giant thighs. (Or if she does, she must be pretty miserable with back pain and not being able to find clothes that fit. Maybe that’s why these chicks are almost naked..hmmm)

  10. Darrell (AKA Hubby)

    I’ve done some digging, and determined that the ‘I Get OFF’ posters are ads for the Ottawa Folk Festival.

    O.F.F., get it.

  11. Betty

    Some of my friends work operations on a series of consumer conventions called Wizard World (or something like that). It’s like your Shoppe’s event but attracting upwards of 20,000 people over two or three days. You should see the photos that come out of their trips. It is truly a freak show.

  12. Pauline Post author

    Darrell-Ah. I guess their going for the ‘sex sells’ angle.
    Betty-‘Wizard World’ sounds like ‘Comic-Con’, which I have been dying to go to, but the tickets are really expensive! I poke fun at the people at these events, but I’m just as big a nerd as they are and get a kick out of the costumes! 😀

  13. Betty

    Yes, WW is very similar to Comic-Con. If there is ever one in your area that you’d like to attend, just drop me an email because I’m certain I could set you up with a comp admission. I also know a couple of people who organize the Comic-Con event but don’t know if my connection is strong enough to leverage a comp.

  14. Pie

    There’s a comic shop in London called Forbidden Planet. It’s a gold mine for geeks everywhere. I haven’t been there for a while, but I used to get figurines/toys/action figures from films like Reservoir Dogs, or Mars Attack. I’ve got them packed up in a box somewhere.

    I’ve never understood the comic book female figurines looking like porn stars thing either.

  15. Pauline Post author

    Pie-I love Resevoir Dogs! I have a poster in my basement. As for the figurines, its good to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t think these dolls are interesting or attractive.

  16. Pauline Post author

    Rebecca-True, a good brush is essential, but it would be nice if Michaels didn’t charge quite so much for them, but it was still a great day! 🙂

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