Brunch and Mom’s Day

On Saturday morning, Hubby and I went to another ‘Bloggers Brunch’. We showed up late (as usual), but found a good spot next to Peter, Grouchy, Jazz and Violetsky.  Jazz and Violet were from out of town, and it was good to put faces to names.  Laura and Alison were also there at the other end of the table.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to chat with them too much, but hopefully next time.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we ran around from one end of the city to the other. Question-Why aren’t days like these statutory holidays? As much as mothers like flowers and cards, I’m sure they (and their doting children) would love a day off work even more. Am I right or am I right? 😉

Anyways, on Sunday we went to my Grandmother’s for Chinese food and then to Hubby’s parents for more Chinese food. Every restaurant was swamped and makes me wonder if there isn’t some unofficial rule that Mother’s Day food has to be Chinese. (Not that I’m complaining) The gathering at my Grandmother’s was typically awkward at first, but eventually it became more relaxed.I miss my Grandma. I was thinking about her recently and how rarely I see her. She’s quite the woman-Very active and fidgety yet stoic, reserved and polite, sometimes to a fault, but that is typical of my dad’s side. They are very Canadian and have lived in this country for a looong time.  She showed me her latest knitting project- A beautiful little sweater with kittens on it, made for my cousin’s third child. At some point, we’re going to get together and she’s going to teach me how to knit and maybe even sew. Or try to anyways. I’m not great with textiles, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it and will be making sock monkeys in time for Christmas.  Oh sure, I could just make sweaters, but that’s nowhere near as fun! 😉

After leaving lunch, we drove back home, picked up the dog and went to Carleton Place for dinner with Hubby’s parents. They watched golf on television the whole time, so it was hours of talking about “birdies” and “bogeys” and hearing obnoxious jerks in the crowd on TV scream: “In the hole!!” after the golfers swung their clubs or drivers.

I have zero interest in golf, so I casually tried to draw, while everyone else was glued to the TV. Hubby’s mom asked about if I was taking any classes, I said the latest one I took was a disappointment and tried to explain why. I’m not sure if they understood my issue or not, but ah well. Hubby’s mom has been taking mixed media art classes and has been eager to show her latest work to me. She’s made some great stuff!

Anyways, that was the weekend.  I hope my mom had a good day, even though she was sick and best wishes to all the other hard working moms and grandmom’s out there!


7 thoughts on “Brunch and Mom’s Day

  1. mindfulmerchant

    It was so good to meet you Pauline. I wish we had more time to chat before I raced off. This year I broke the cycle of Chinese on Mothers Day and asked for Thai take-out. It was a good call. How did you do Chinese food twice in one day? I hope they ordered different dishes. lol

  2. meanie

    now i want chinese food.
    i am so mad i couldn’t make the breakfast – i was driving around in circles trying to figure out how to on to elgin street. finally i had to throw in the towel as i had another engagements at 11:45.

  3. XUP

    It was nice to sort of have you guys at my end of the table for a change! I didn’t have Chinese food either. Nor did I have to go anywhere. I just vegged out at home after a cold, busy weekend. It’s my favourite thing to do on Sundays.

  4. omawarisan

    The mothers day/Chinese thing…me too!

    Let’s start a marketing campaign for Chinese restaurants that we’ll sell to them next mothers day. The slogan will be “We’re open too, and there’s no line”.

  5. VioletSky

    I’m not a big fan of Chinese food. Good thing I’m not a mom then, eh?!

    The bloggers breakfast is a great meeting idea, though it was a shame we all didn’t get to talk to each other as much as I’d have like. I may have to come back.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Mindfulmerchant-Yeah me too. But hopefully, I can find a seat closer to you next time. 🙂
    As for the dinner, we just ordered different stuff.(There wasn’t a ton of selection though being vegetarian)
    Meanie-That’s too bad. Driving that day was pretty hellish, with the rain and minimal parking. But hopefully I can meet you at another venue soon!
    XUP-That sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day. 🙂
    Omawarisan-LOL. Sounds good!
    VioletSky-I like it o.k, when its done well and not over-loaded with msg and fried crap. (Also when they try and make it more traditional. Some places have french fries and onion rings at their buffets. WTH?)
    You should come back!

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