Gardening and Felines

The weekend started off kinda crappy, literally. I woke up, let Selena out of her cage and she had diarrhea twice in our living room, one of which contained blood. So we rushed over to the vet where he said that she had colitis. Joy. This is the second time that she’s been sick over the past two weeks! I love her, but it’s getting very expensive for me to keep taking her to the vet! Anyways, despite dog issues and my cold, I was still determined to be productive. Our backyard was a mess, so after returning from the vet’s,Β  I ripped out some weeds and went with my mom to Home Depot for gardening supplies. Or at least we started at Home Depot, we couldn’t find the proper lawn chair cushions, so we ended up wandering over to Canadian Tire, Walmart and Loes. By the fourth store, I was dead on my feet.Β  But on the plus side, my backyard looks a million times better.:)

On Sunday, I finished this painting of an evil kitty:

….and right after I took a picture of my work, I saw Maggie sprawled out on the floor in the hallway:

LOL. What a ham! Our animals-Crazy, expensive and messy, but they keep us laughing, which makes me forget about spending half of my pay on their food and vet visits when they swallow dirt, quarters, string, etc.


12 thoughts on “Gardening and Felines

  1. Roger's Place

    After each of our pets cross the rainbow bridge, we swear we are never getting another one because of the messes and vet bills.

    Then, a week later we get another one for all the fun and love they provide.

  2. Marie

    Awww poor thing! I hope Selena is feeling better. And I hope YOU are feeling better too! Stupid colds.

    Awesome painting by the way. πŸ™‚

  3. mindfulmerchant

    Evil kitty is scary – well done. I love the photo of Maggie. Isn’t it crazy the money we spend on our pets? Our cat ate a whole my kids jewellery craft kit of string once…oh that was a big bill. Totally worth it though. πŸ™‚

  4. XUP

    Colitis? They diagnosed that on the spot? Just like that? It usually takes weeks and a variety of tests to determine an IBD diagnosis. There could be a lot of other reasons for the symptoms, no? What are they suggesting for treatment? Poor doggy.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Roger’s Place-Animals are a trade-off. They tear up your furniture, cost you hundreds in vet bills and will break your heart when they pass over, but they also provide lots of love and laughter, and certainly make life more interesting. LOL
    Robin-I think that your love for your animals makes you a decent human being. πŸ™‚
    Marie-I’m still sick, but thanks for the well-wishes.
    Kate-Yep, her $50 dollar pills seem to be working. (Thank God, I nearly gagged picking up her messes!)

  6. Pauline Post author

    Kilax-LOL@ Goober. That she is!
    Mindfulmerchant-A whole craft kit of string? Ouch! Animals aren’t the swiftest when it comes to eating things are they?
    Raino-Thanks! How is your kitty? (and doggie)
    XUP-He seemed fairly certain but the vet was also in a rush. But hopefully he was right so that the meds he prescribed can cure her. πŸ™‚
    LiLu-That’s right! My crazy orange basement furball!
    Thanks, me too!

  7. XUP

    Having some considerable experience with IBDs, I can tell you there is no cure for Colitis. It’s a chronic condition. I also think it’s rather negligent of your vet to slap such a haphazard diagnosis on your dog without the proper testing. A proper diagnosis for an IBD takes weeks, even months to do. This could just be a lot of things. Very odd.

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