Sex and the City…ZZZ

Like many women, I loved “Sex and the City”  when it first aired on TV. It was silly and a bit shallow, but I adored the humor and the situations the characters found themselves in every week.  Their money, material possessions, endless string of guys, giant apartments and perfect hair wasn’t remotely relatable, neither was the obsessive devotion of their friendship. (Maybe I’m just a scary introverted curmudgeon, but its been my experience that daily two-hour phone calls and weekly brunches with girlfriends doesn’t really exist after the age of 25. Plus it can be very difficult to find and maintain one best friend for a long time, but three? Yeah..) However, some of their romantic/sexual experiences and insecurities definitely resonated with me, and probably several other women. These aspects made the show extremely addictive!

Also, I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t understand why so many people rag on her and call her “ugly” and other nasty things. I think she’s an attractive woman with charisma, but it’s a real travesty when they hide her charms under some seriously hideous clothing. ie:


She’s wearing a belt around her midriff! WTF? Why? (There are worse examples of poor clothing selections worn by her on the show, but these were the only ones I found on the net). But then again, who am I to judge? My apparel tends to consist of t-shirts, consigned jeans and running shoes (plus my very sassy leather fanny pack. Hubby calls it my “Granny pack”. ;))

Sex and the City is a step in the right direction, but it’s still too far rooted in ‘chickie fantasy land’ that is too one dimensional. Why don’t they get the same writers for SATC to make a new show that features four different women of different socioeconomic status, ages and ethnic backgrounds and see what kind of hijinx they can get into? And for the love of originality, why don’t they create the show somewhere other than New York City?* Sheesh!

Furthermore, we’ve pretty much explored all the inns and outs of these four women and their peripheral mates. It was fun while it lasted, but the franchise is getting tired and becoming redundant.  The first movie was weak, and the sequel looks even more worn out!

Before they make Sex and the City 12, let’s see something new. Something a tad more down to earth, but with the same spirit as SATC!

*For the record I have nothing against NY City, hell I’ve never even been there, but I’m sick of the ‘chick’ movies/books/etc that all take place there. I’m sure its a nice city, but there are lots of other great cities that should be explored as well.*  


10 thoughts on “Sex and the City…ZZZ

  1. Roger's Place

    I too, love Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t watch much TV so my exposure to Sex and the City is limited, but I think she is beautiful.

    I agree that themes can be overdone and worn out.

    I don’t even know you, but I like you!

  2. mindfulmerchant

    I also loved SATC for all the un-relatable things you mention…especially the sex, the clothing and glam lifestyle. I liked that they were independent, strong and didn’t need a man to be complete…or so I thought until I saw the movie. The best part for me was the friendships between the women. I have friends that are like sisters to me and I could relate to the whole you can always count on them – even when no one else supports you stuff. I agree the sequel looks worse….maybe a rental.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Roger’s Place-Why thank you and I’m glad you agree. 🙂
    Mindfulmerchant-I like some glam, but I think this show went a bit too far in that respect. As for the sequel, it looks like a rental to me too!

  4. pinklea

    I adored SATC when I first unearthed it on TV! I think I was the first of my friends to discover it. However, when it became mainstream, I kind-of lost interest. It wasn’t quite so crucial if I missed an episode (which usually happened when I recorded something else over it before I’d sat down to watch it). Still, I hurried to see the first movie and I guess because it had been a while, I found it quite charming. My interest was rekindled, so I downloaded the entire series on my laptop and watched ’em all. Big mistake! Those gals, although often honest and realistic, were completely obsessed with men and sex! What was cute when seen once a week seemed wa-a-a-ay over the top to me when I viewed two or three episodes in a row. That intense focus on men and sex actually annoyed me! (And in real life, men and sex certainly do NOT annoy me.)

    So yes, I agree that the SATC schtick has been done quite enough, thank you. Let’s just remember the good times and let it go quietly already!

  5. Lynn

    I have to admit that I am excited about the new movie. I never thought I would be — like you I was kind of over it by the time the series ended. But I really enjoyed the first movie and I have high hopes for the second.

    The outfits are scary, though. It’s almost worth watching just for the horror.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-I agree, the focus on men and sex was a bit too much. Seems odd that they were doing it practically every single episode. But I have to admit, I liked many of the sexy scenes because they were often humorous and funny.
    Lynn-I want to be excited about it, but the plot looks so ridiculous! But, as a fan, I will probably rent it as soon as it comes out.

  7. kilax

    I also wonder about their relationships and can totally relate to what you say about the work of having one best friend! I would love to have a best friend.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Kilax-Friendships can be very difficult to maintain as you get older. People move, get married, have children, etc, which makes it hard to get together as often. Plus, people change and mature, while others, perhaps not so much. The person who you loved at the age of 18, can really piss you off by the age of 30.

    Anyways, I have some great friends, but not too many ‘best friends’.

  9. Robin

    a. I’ve always loved SJP and I too hate people ragging on her.

    b. I loved the show, still love the reruns. I hated the last movie and this movie will be eons worse I’m sure.

    c. I’ll probably still see it eventually, because they have me sucked in until the end I fear.

  10. Pauline Post author

    Robin-Glad you share the SJP love and yes, I will probably see the sequel at some point too, since I’ve been sucked into it for so long as well. (But I just refuse to pay movie theater prices for it)

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