Heat Wave…

Ottawa has been experiencing an extreme heat wave over the past week. I love hot weather and all its charms-Shedding of clothes, cottaging, camping, BBQ food, festivals, garage sales, swimming, drinking, frolicking. (Ok, maybe I’m the only one who does the last thing. ;))

This heat wave has been glorious except that we don’t have air conditioning, and our bedroom is particularly stuffy, which has been making sleeping virtually impossible!

So we are off to buy a mobile air conditioner.  Do any of you have a portable air conditioner? If so, what brand(s) d0 you recommend?

Oh and here’s a cool-down tip-Put your sunscreen in the fridge for a bit. It will be nice and cool when you smear it on your face and body. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Heat Wave…

  1. Dr. Monkey

    I advise you no to buy a mobile air conditioner. They are loud, messy, and not worth it. Buy an energy star rated window unit for your bedroom instead.

  2. pinklea

    Heat wave? What’s this thing called “heat” that comes in a “wave”? The only thing that comes in waves here right now is the rain. Blah! At least I have my trip to Egypt to look forward to.

  3. Get Off My lawn

    We had an AC unit up north for the summer season. I can’t remember the brand. But when we shopped, I remember thinking its OK to have a 1 room unit for 3 -6 hundred dollars (as many BTU’s as you can for less than 1k). That’s what we did. Sears carries a wide selection.
    THe only other alternative is to install a major sustem in your whole house. Out there, you could benefit from a dehumidifier as well.
    Stay cool and wet over there. We’re kind of getting rained on so…

  4. Pauline Post author

    Dr.Monkey-The only problem with window units is the somewhat complicated installation process. You have to create a wooden frame or bracket to hold the unit and make sure it’s secure. Plus, you have to make sure there are no wide cracks or spaces or else you could end up with lots of bugs. Seems like too much hassle to me!
    Omawarisan-It’s a good feeling, trust me!
    Pinklea-That’s right! Well you’ll definitely boil over there!
    Get off my lawn-We’ll check out Sears and see what they carry. We plan on having central air conditioning at some point, but its far too expensive for us right now.

  5. XUP

    Did you know that you could rent ACs? The company comes and does all the installation for you and then comes in the fall and takes it all out and puts everything back the way it was. No fuss, no muss. And it’s not even that pricey. You just pay a flat rate for the season. Check out a place called AC Rentals on Lancaster Road. (PS: I love the heat, too!! I wish everyone would stop whining about it. We only get it for such a short time, compared to the long, long, long months of cold)

  6. Kate

    I wish I could give you a recommendation, but the only window A/C unit I ever owned I inherited from the previous tenant of my apartment. No idea what brand it was. Our house now has central air but we have yet to use it. We prefer ceiling and window fans. 🙂

  7. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Hey, that’s an interesting idea! Thanks!
    Kate-When the weather isn’t super hot, I prefer fresh air and fans as well, but when the humidex goes to 40C, I definitely prefer air conditioning!

  8. Blueberry

    Another summer of weird weather in store, I’m afraid. Our Summer has been here for awhile, but nothing really unusual so far.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Blueberry-As long as its nice and sunny for most of the summer, I can deal with the heat. 🙂 (It’s so cold here during the winter, I love the warmth)

  10. XUP

    The beauty of the AC rental is not only that you don’t have to worry about all the installation crap, but you get a nice, new energy efficient AC every year with no worries about disposing of your old unit or your unit getting old and inefficient.

  11. Nat

    we had a “top rated” portable unit and it didn’t work all that well. We now use a series of fan and it seems to work better.

    Last summer was perfect. It really was… This week’s 37 is just too damned hot as I bide my time until fall. (I love love love winter and the cold, and the skating and the sledding and fires in the fire place… )

  12. Pauline Post author

    Nat-Fans to me just seem to blow the hot air around, but to each their own. I guess we’re opposites weather-wise-I love the heat, and bide my time during the winter until its Spring and Summer. (I just need a little escape from it while sleeping)

  13. Fame Throwa

    Keep me posted. We’re in the identical situation and have also considered getting a mobile unit.

    But since we’re renting and (dear lord I hope so!) plan on moving in the next year or two, I’m loving XUP’s idea of renting one. Here’s the place she mentions:

    A C Rentals
    ‎Lancaster Road (near Walkley)
    (613) 730-1112‎

  14. Robin

    I hate that our air conditioner is so damn heavy, it’s pulling out our window. I also hate being so broke we can’t use it as often as I would like.

  15. Pauline Post author

    Fame Throwa-Yeah, we’re renting too and will be moving in a year or so, so maybe we should go the renting route. I will check that place out!
    Robin-It’s pulling out your window? That’s not good. You should get that fixed. (Perhaps by Manly Man)
    Yes, energy use is pretty restricted in my house too for similar reasons.

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