Cocktails, Wood and Gams

The weekend was good-relaxing, yet eventful. On Saturday, I took Selena to the groomer’s and went out to the Blue Cactus to meet a friend for dinner. The friend I met Ana-is very interesting and cool-She’s pursuing a PhD in neurology, so whenever we get together we chat about brain-related stuff. (I have a psychology degree and know a little bit about this subject, though obviously not as much as she does)

Anyways, after discussing other topics and ordering food and brightly coloured slushy drinks, we went out to Chapters where I spent far too much money and we completed the evening by her walking me to the bus stop. On the way there, I heard some voice say:

” Nice ass!”  and I turned around and saw some guy staring at me.

I didn’t know what to say to that. It’s been awhile since some random stranger complimented my backside in public.  Perhaps I should have replied: “Thank you, my soon to be lawyer husband certainly thinks so!” 😉

On Sunday, I did some cleanup and went out to brunch to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. I didn’t buy her anything, because honestly, the woman has everything she could ever want. So I’ll just make her something and hope that she can put it somewhere in her condo. She invited me to a family reunion next month. This family of hers live out in Merrickville, have animal heads on their walls and eat things like wild deer and rabbits, so as two urban vegetarians it should be interesting. LOL.  Their nice people though. (Despite their questionable decoration)

In terms of artistic stuff-I coated a wooden carrying case in wood sealer and will begin painting artistic images on it tomorrow. Decorative wooden art is my next big project and I’m hoping to one day paint wooden trays, tables, chairs, coasters, etc.  I also worked on these sketches:


The second set of drawings are mens legs.  Legs are the sexiest part of the man. There is nothing nicer than a muscular set of gams. Or at least I think so anyway! What do you ladies think?

Well that’s it for me, more stuff to come soon!

14 thoughts on “Cocktails, Wood and Gams

  1. Get Off My lawn

    I never knew anyone was looking at my legs. And judging. I will take better care of them from now on. Shaving, exfoliating and the like…

    You are very talented.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Oh we’re watching, so you better start exfoliating and moisturizing. (And unless you’re an Olympic swimmer, you can skip the shaving. That’s just creepy!) LOL

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. XUP

    I’m rather partial to a man’s hands. I think they say a lot about his character — to me, anyway. Also, while I think it’s nice to be complimented by strangers on one’s “assets”, I think they should do it in a less crude way or it detracts from the compliment somewhat.

  4. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Hands are nice, I agree. As for the compliment by strangers, yeah, saying it in a less demeaning way would have been better. But some guys are clueless. (These are also the type of guys who probably wonder why their single.)

  5. Nat

    Yeah, I’m with XUP, it’s like honking at a girl… anyway.

    I’m arms, hands and butt kind of girl… all about the t-shirt muscles… mmmmmmmmmm

  6. Foggy Dew

    Those are good drawings, each instantly identifiable as being a woman or a man. I remember a friend of mine once telling me how she was amazed at how women work to smooth out their calves while men are always trying to get that cut.

    Anyway, those are wonderful drawings.

  7. Chris

    Nice a…… um… nevermind…

    And speaking of Blue Cactus, I need to finally get down there and check it out.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Foggy Dew-Thank you.:)
    Chris-Blue Cactus makes some wonderful mixed drinks! So yes go and check it out!
    LiLu-True. It’s just the delivery that’s kinda crude. (But I’ve heard worse)
    Kate-Muscular stomachs are very nice on a man! But not too muscular. It kinda creeps me out when I see guys with no fat around their middle whatsoever. Us gals need a little bit to hang on to!

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