Waffles and Decorating

On Saturday morning I had breakfast with a girl I met online. (Through that womens online group I mentioned earlier) We went to Ada’s Diner on Bank street.

This girl-I’ll call her Sheila-was waiting for me outside. After we went inside, she chatted warmly with the owners, who recognized her and asked how she was doing. Turns out she lives in the Glebe and used to come to Ada’s pretty regularly with her ex-boyfriend.  Anyways, we talked about all sorts of stuff-Work, travel, Toronto, etc. Although to be frank, I did most of the talking.  I would ask her a question and she would answer and that was it…silence. I find this odd about certain people, you ask them stuff, they answer, but then they don’t ask you anything. So there is this weird, awkward silence afterwards. Not wanting to appear boring, I talk and talk, make silly jokes and continue to ask them questions, like I’m interviewing someone or something. This irked me after awhile. I’m not saying there should be non-stop chatter, but a little bit more inquiring and input on her part would have been appreciated. But maybe she was having an off-day or maybe I should just learn to become comfortable with long silences with strangers.  Anyways, the food was fantastic and the owners wonderful. We both had the strawberry waffles and there were perfect.

The interior of the diner also has all sorts of nice pictures and paintings and it was actually air conditioned which surprised me.

After eating, she agreed to accompany me to Ragtime, where I bought two sweaters. Ah Ragtime, one of the best consignment shops in Ottawa. It brings back memories of when Hubby and I were dating and he lived downtown, practically around the corner from this awesome store.  I was at his apartment all the time and we used to eat and shop on Bank street, play video games, rent movies from the local corner store and watch them at his place. It was just me, him and his previous cat, Sasha. The loudest, most co-dependent white cat ever to grace the earth! Good times!

So back to this past weekend-Sheila and I parted and I spent the rest of that day finishing that wine box.

This weekend, I also managed to hang this beautiful picture found in a furniture consignment store:

The name on the back says “Sue Fawcett”. Sue, if you painted this, I love it and it looks great in my art room.:)

We also went to Michaels and bought a giant frame and Hubby hung the “Reservoir Dogs” poster that I bought weeks ago:

It looks great next to our “Return of the Jedi” picture don’t you think? Michaels is having a 40% off all frames sale right now, so go if you want something framed.  While we were browsing, I was looking for something to hang over our bed. Something relaxing and soothing. Then Hubby pointed to a poster of Dwight Schrute from The Office.  Yeah, not exactly what I was picturing falling asleep under and undressing in front of in the morning, but thanks for the suggestion Hubby! LOL

Today also marks the first day of my “30 Day Shred” with big-wig trainer Jillian Michaels. Last weekend I bought a different exercise tape and didn’t like it. This annoying chick directs you to do the same cheesy dance moves over and over again to what sounds like porno music. So after hearing the favorable reviews of Jillian, I decided to buy her video and I really like it! No B.S.  Just hard work and her honest words of encouragement.  If you’re looking for a good exercise video, I recommend this one!


20 thoughts on “Waffles and Decorating

  1. Pearl

    I keep forgetting Ragtime exists.

    Yes, people who let the conversational ball drop over and over give the impression of not wanting to talk but some do, just not quite having the knack yet. I tend to babble into silence easily too, thus blogs, the largest silence there is, this internet thingee.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Mindfulmerchant-Yes, I will probably see her again. I think next time, I won’t ask so many questions though and see what happens. 😉 No, she doesn’t know I have a blog. I didn’t mention it. 😉

  3. Pauline Post author

    Pearl-You should go and check out Ragtime again.:)
    I suppose we all have our moments of un-talkativeness. (It seemed odd though considering how chatty she was with the owners of that restaurant)

  4. meanie

    i love ragtime! and ada’s! used to go there all the time when i lived near there.
    i hear really good things about the shred – i’m doing denise austin’s 5 minutes target toners now and it is very do-able. always on the lookout for good excercise videos.

  5. XUP

    Sounds like an awkward meeting. I’d be doing the same thing – asking questions and talking too much. I always find it odd when you’re with someone and they seem to have absolutely nothing to say. I imagine these people would call themselves “shy” which is why they’re usually reluctant to get into social situations. I wonder what’s going on in their heads?

  6. Pauline Post author

    Meanie-Well you should try Jillian Michaels. Her videos are reasonably priced and very good!:)
    XUP-It was awkward. I’ve met some very shy people and I didn’t get that vibe from her, it seemed that she just wasn’t interested in me. But maybe that’s taking it too personally. We shall see what happens during our next outting.:)

  7. Hella Stella

    I’ve been wondering about the shred videos…. Working at an office sure turns your body into goo. Too bad about the lame conversation. I promise to talk your ear off whenever we see each other again!

  8. Pauline Post author

    Hella Stella-Working in an office really does turn your body to goo! But you should try the videos. We can be “shredded” together. (Gotta love the cheesy trainer catch phrases!)
    I’m looking forward to seeing you again and hearing tales of your adorable new dog. We should organize another vegetarian dinner soon! 🙂

  9. Jen

    shredded cheese! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Sheila could have been having an off day, and whenever that sort of thing happens to me, I try to give the other person the benefit of the doubt, too, but sometimes, it’s like Sheesh! Little help, here — at least pretend an interest, eh?

    I had a similar experience at a gathering of my husband’s family lo these many years ago. We were seated across from another couple our age, and when we tried to engage them in polite conversation, it was all monosyllabic answers, and no return questions. We nicknamed them the Accountancy Twins, because the only question that sparked more than a two word answer was what they did for a living. It was painful.

  10. Robin

    I hate when meeting online goes like that, it has for me a couple times. I promise, if we ever meet, I ask LOTS of questions.

  11. Pauline Post author

    Jen-LOL. They only wanted to discuss accounting? Ouch! That must have been one loooong gathering!
    Robin-Great! Hopefully we will meet at some point so we can grill each other with lots of questions and discuss our mutual love of kitties. 🙂

  12. Jen

    It’s funny because I would have been *grateful* if they wanted to discuss sailing the wide accountantseas, alas they only said that they were accountants and met at accountant school full stop. 😛 It really did make for a long dinner.

  13. Kate

    I don’t deal well with long silences when I don’t know someone very well. It makes me incredibly anxious.

    I have Jillian’s DVD, too. It’s a good one, but I always have to wear contacts when I do it — I sweat so much I can’t keep my glasses on. 😉

  14. flurrious

    Maybe Sheila is just shy. She sounds like my sister-in-law; she’ll answer questions, but she’ll rarely initiate any kind of conversation. It’s awkward, but I’ve had twenty years to get used to it.

    A poster of Dwight is really more the kind of thing you want to keep in your barn, if you have a barn.

  15. LiLu

    Ahhh, I wish we had a Michaels around here! Frames are SO expensive. I have like 8 things I’d love to hang. Bah!

  16. tobeme

    Love the new picture you found and hung. It is interesting how awkward we find silence. It is in the space of silence where the loudest message is often heard.

  17. Pauline Post author

    Jen-Blech! You probably drank a bit more than usual that night. (Or at least that’s what I do when cornered into one-sided conversations. Makes anyone instantly more fun! LOL)
    Kate-Yeah, I work up quite a sweat with her too! (Wait..that sounded kinda weird. Heheh)
    Flurrious-It would be perfect in a barn located in a beet farm. 😉
    LiLu-You might be able to find frames online. Though it might be pricey with the cost of shipping.
    Tobeme-Hm, that’s true and very profound. 🙂

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