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What’s going on?..

Not much new to report since my last post. I did the French test but it was more of a review than anything. Which was kind of a relief. We covered most of the verbs during the past few months and now all that is left (I hope!) is subjonctif.

I’ve also been suffering badly from my allergies again. I’m really looking forward to getting those shots, because urg!

Tomorrow Jen is coming over for our first lesson together. She put a lesson plan together and I’m really excited! Time for me to put all my art supplies to use! (Some of them have been neglected)

Also I didn’t mention this earlier, but Quack Attack sent me this in the mail:

Isn’t it nice? It’s a shirt from Naam, the Vancouver based vegetarian restaurant where Hubby and I met Quack for dinner last summer. I liked the shirts, she sent one over. Thanks again Quackers!


Productivity, Plants, Painting and Puppies..

The weekend was good-Hubby discovered that he passed his bar exams (YAY!),  I cleaned the upstairs and then remembered that I have a French test on Tuesday and hence started studying like a mad woman.  On Sunday, I had lunch with the lovely Jennifer Kerkshaw while Hubby attacked the weeds in our backyard. (and they attacked back!)

Back in June, I de-weeded and planted new stuff and gave myself a big pat on the back for a job well done. But Mother Nature had other plans-Stinging nettles and out of control grass. ie:

See those big tall plants in the back covering that cute flag-Yeah..those are nettles, apparently. I’m not sure why our backyard went to hell (I suspect it’s because our neighbours have weeds the size of giraffes and the “seeds” have spread to our yard, but I’m no expert on plants), but it is a bit frustrating.  While de-weeding the second time, Hubby accidently ‘brushed’ up against the nettles which caused a severe allergic reaction.  He’s better now though, thankfully! We also have this crazy plant which tried to claim one of our patio chairs:

It was trimmed back a bit, but I don’t want to get rid of it, because..well it looks neat. (Which is crazy, I know, considering the nettles that we had!)

One solution to weeds that I found worked more long term (I used them on the weeds in another part of our yard) is to pour boiling salt water on them. Vinegar mixed with water is also fairly effective. The good thing about these recipes is that they are all natural and don’t harm the environment like weed killer. (Just be careful where you pour them, if you hit your “good” plants, they might die)

Anyways, while Hubby was battling it out with the plants, my lunch with Jen went so well. She is full of great advice about improving my art and is so honest and down-to-earth.  She also offered to help me develop my painting skills, which makes me positively thrilled! 🙂

The weekend closed with a trip to the local dog park:

Lemon-Who is such a cutie!


Blurry Burmese mountain dog:

and not so blurry Mountain dog:

cute little Dachshund, who according to one of her owners, got dog poop on her face. Oh..

And lastly puppies running:

a bit beyond…

As the week drew to a close, I became anxious and sad about having to return to the grind. But after a few phone calls to find a puppy sitter for the weekend (Hubby’s Dad), we extended our trip and came back late Sunday, instead of Friday. On our drive out of Bloomfield, I spotted this sign and of course had to take a picture of it! :

Too funny! But at least they’re honest right? I mean, you are rifling through the deceased things when you shop at many consignment and antique shops.  So why not advertise that on your sign? Unfortunately the place was closed, but hopefully next time we can browse their wares.

Next stop in the general area was Huff Winery. Hubby has a friend who is employed with this company and would apparently give him heck if we didn’t stop by and try their wine. We also toured around the Oeno Gallery there and I took some pics of works that I particularly liked.

First up is Caroline Benchetrit:

David James “Heaven and Earth”

Sylvain Louis-Seize:

and lastly “Legend” by Nie Jian Bing:

After leaving the gallery, we went to Picton for a bit. Picton is a nice town, but the traffic there is awful! Which for a small town, is peculiar. (In a paper Hubby was reading one journalist’s response to this critique was “If you don’t like it, leave!” Gotta love that small town friendliness eh?:P. Thankfully, however, most people were nicer than this cranky-ass writer)

While in Picton, I also spotted this and my geeky heart skipped a beat:

“Groovy!” 😉

Here are some photos of another town we actually visited earlier that week-Kingston. Kingston is a nice city, with lots of history.  Here are some random pictures of this fair city:

We popped into a café and I noticed this sign. What is with some restaurants and the lack of debit? Governator, you crazy!:

Later on we also visited Fort Henry and man! I felt bad for the employees having to wear all that clothing! It was scorching hot that day!

A group of them put on an impressive show of marching and playing:

And look what I found in the gift shop:

Wow! Zoltar you’ve changed!

Forward back again to when we are leaving Bloomfield and going on to Belleville.  We stayed for the weekend there at a Best Western. The hotel was nice, but our neighbors drove me nuts, they kept coming in and out of their rooms at night and slamming the doors! (By the millionth time, I swear I was ready to get a padlock and force them to stay in their room!) Anywho,  that weekend Belleville was having a street sale and we went into a music/movie shop where I purchased a big stack of cds and dvds for the low cost of $27! It was great!

Here is another poor guy in the heat in costume. It’s Sponge Man! I mean, The Thing!

On Saturday, we took a day trip out to Oshawa and Whitby. Those areas were nice last time we were in this area, but now, after the issues with the economy, are a little sketchy. Whitby in particular, was a cornucopia of porn shops and scary looking loiterers. Naturally, we didn’t stay long. One perk of driving to those depressing spots, however was this, spotted on the outskirts:

This person has a floating baby head on their bumper!! WTF? Why?! Honestly, this was the most disturbing thing I encountered during our whole trip!

We spent the rest of Saturday back at the hotel and ate dinner at this place:

Their slogan “Rub it, Smoke it, Eat it” reminds me of this guy. Football! LOL.

So that’s that, I hope you enjoyed the photos and tales of our July getaway.

Prince Edward County and a bit beyond…

Our primary vacation this year was short but sweet. We went to Kingston, slept in a Travelodge overnight and then traveled the rest of the way to Bloomfield, in Prince Edward County.  Our B&B in Bloomfield was gorgeous and our room very comfortable.  Breakfasts were everyday at 8:30am in this beautiful dining room:

Thankfully the other guests at the B&B and the proprietors were very friendly and we got into some pretty interesting conversations.  These morning meals also sparked a new passion in me for fried green tomatoes, which I’ve never had before, and poached peaches. Yum!

Bloomfield is a small but very pretty town with ALOT of artists. Here are some general shots I took of different works (I am sorry, I don’t know the names of the artists, but if you do, please let me know) This blue sculpture was in front of Iris Gallery and the giant horse was outside someone’ home:

We also did some shopping and I took a shot of a mannequin head located inside of a ladies boutique:

Bloomfield also has a great store called “Hand Works”, operated by artist Tammy Love, who sells other peoples arts and crafts. Like these fine birds, created by Jim Mullen:

and these dolls by Bill Finks:

There was so much stuff in that store, I’m honestly not sure how Tammy keeps track of it all! But if you are ever in Bloomfield, you must visit this place for yourself!

The rest of our time spent in Bloomfield was at the beach…:

…climbing over dunes and relaxin’:

I heart my crazy pale legs and chipped toe polish. LOL

..and of course visiting (and sampling! Woot!) the local wines. Here is a pic of the grapes outside of Sandbanks winery:

And here is the inside of the store:

We went to a few wineries, but theirs has the best wine. (In my humble opinion) Very delicious!

So that’s it for now, my next post will feature Picton, Belleville and a short stint to Oshawa and Whitby!

Back from Vacation!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of activity and responses to comments and emails. I just returned from our week long trek to Ontario’s lovely Prince Edward County, home to many of this province’s fine wines. (Which I drank every day of our vacation. LOL)

But I will create a wonderful post soon, full of pictures and brief descriptions. Stay tuned! 🙂

My New Art Blog!!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that I created an art blog called:

Perfecting my Perspective.  It features my drawings, including some that are “weekly challenges” from that online art group I mentioned earlier. Please go and check out my new blog and let me know what you think.

And if you have any cool “challenge” ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to suggest them! I please to aim! 😀

Blog out Loud was Wonderful!!

Yesterday, I was in a bad, bad mood. Time of the month coupled with an annoying day at the office, plus excruciating heat=Grrr!

I was in a bad mood UNTIL I went out to Irene’s for “Blog Out Loud”, then the feelings of anger, insecurity and cramps evaporated as I chatted with other bloggers and had a (much needed) pint. I was second in line to read and I was nervous. I chose this post to read and was worried people may not get my dry/dark/dorky/perverted sense of humor. But much to my relief, they were amused by my post and it got lots of genuine laughs. Yay! Hubby and I chatted with some familiar bloggers as well as some new ones. I was particularly thrilled to meet Jen Kershaw for the first time. (She’s an amazing artist. If you haven’t already, go to her site and check out her stuff!) She was so sweet and hope to see her again at future events. Famethrowa was another new face and she came by our table to chat briefly. I told her that she looks and has similar mannerisms as comedienne Tina Fay and apparently she gets that comparison a lot! It’s definitely a compliment-Tina is hot and funny. (My main celebrity comparison is Alyson Hannigan. I was never one for band camp though! ;))

After more readings, passing around of photo albums from local photographers, chatting and drinking (Hey! It was HOT!) , the night ended at 10:30pm! Past my bedtime but so worth it! I took lots of photos of everyone, but here are some select ones. First is a picture of the Reconstruction of the Parliament Buildings after the fire of 1916. I found it in Irene’s basement on the way to the bathroom and thought it was pretty neat:

Next is Tanya and her apropos shirt (too bad it turned out blurry):

followed by Nat’s very cool tattoo:

Jennifer’s much admired shoes:

and finally Evelyn‘s beautiful hair accessory:

It was a great night and I would like to thank Lynn for organizing it and Hubby for coming out, despite feeling a bit out of place since he’s not a blogger! But despite this, he was still his usual friendly chatty self and I appreciate it!