Blog out Loud was Wonderful!!

Yesterday, I was in a bad, bad mood. Time of the month coupled with an annoying day at the office, plus excruciating heat=Grrr!

I was in a bad mood UNTIL I went out to Irene’s for “Blog Out Loud”, then the feelings of anger, insecurity and cramps evaporated as I chatted with other bloggers and had a (much needed) pint. I was second in line to read and I was nervous. I chose this post to read and was worried people may not get my dry/dark/dorky/perverted sense of humor. But much to my relief, they were amused by my post and it got lots of genuine laughs. Yay! Hubby and I chatted with some familiar bloggers as well as some new ones. I was particularly thrilled to meet Jen Kershaw for the first time. (She’s an amazing artist. If you haven’t already, go to her site and check out her stuff!) She was so sweet and hope to see her again at future events. Famethrowa was another new face and she came by our table to chat briefly. I told her that she looks and has similar mannerisms as comedienne Tina Fay and apparently she gets that comparison a lot! It’s definitely a compliment-Tina is hot and funny. (My main celebrity comparison is Alyson Hannigan. I was never one for band camp though! ;))

After more readings, passing around of photo albums from local photographers, chatting and drinking (Hey! It was HOT!) , the night ended at 10:30pm! Past my bedtime but so worth it! I took lots of photos of everyone, but here are some select ones. First is aย picture of the Reconstruction of the Parliament Buildings after the fire of 1916. I found it in Irene’s basement on the way to the bathroom and thought it was pretty neat:

Next is Tanya and her apropos shirt (too bad it turned out blurry):

followed by Nat’s very cool tattoo:

Jennifer’s much admired shoes:

and finally Evelyn‘s beautiful hair accessory:

It was a great night and I would like to thank Lynn for organizing it and Hubby for coming out, despite feeling a bit out of place since he’s not a blogger! But despite this, he was still his usual friendly chatty self and I appreciate it!


13 thoughts on “Blog out Loud was Wonderful!!

  1. XUP

    You were definitely a smash hit at BOLO! As much as I enjoyed reading that blog post at the time, hearing you read it really gave it life.

  2. Lynn

    You totally rocked it! You have an unexplored gift for the stage :).

    I adore your photos. They totally capture the evening in unconventional ways. Lovely!

  3. Marie

    So you all are getting that disgusting heat wave too? Ick. I wish it would leave, otherwise I think people walking on the street might start bursting into flames.

    Glad you had a good time meeting up with other bloggers! It can be such a great break from all the not so nice stuff that goes on around you.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jen

    Thanks for the shout out ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was a delight to hang out with you all — had a great evening and look forward to meeting up again sometime!

  5. allison

    Well, I would have preferred some unclosed triangles, but your post was good too :). I totally agree that FameThrowa looks like Tina Fey. I only ever get compared to some lame chick on a soap opera. Willow rules!

  6. Pauline Post author

    EK-Thanks and I don’t mind. Just provide my link next to the pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allison-LOL. Damn those unclosed geometric shapes!
    Hey, I would take the comparison to a chick on a soap opera as a compliment. Most of the people on those shows are pretty attractive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  8. Pauline Post author

    Pie-I’m not sure if its exclusively in Canada or not. Perhaps there are some in Britain and if not, you could organize one like Lynn did!:)

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