Prince Edward County and a bit beyond…

Our primary vacation this year was short but sweet. We went to Kingston, slept in a Travelodge overnight and then traveled the rest of the way to Bloomfield, in Prince Edward County.  Our B&B in Bloomfield was gorgeous and our room very comfortable.  Breakfasts were everyday at 8:30am in this beautiful dining room:

Thankfully the other guests at the B&B and the proprietors were very friendly and we got into some pretty interesting conversations.  These morning meals also sparked a new passion in me for fried green tomatoes, which I’ve never had before, and poached peaches. Yum!

Bloomfield is a small but very pretty town with ALOT of artists. Here are some general shots I took of different works (I am sorry, I don’t know the names of the artists, but if you do, please let me know) This blue sculpture was in front of Iris Gallery and the giant horse was outside someone’ home:

We also did some shopping and I took a shot of a mannequin head located inside of a ladies boutique:

Bloomfield also has a great store called “Hand Works”, operated by artist Tammy Love, who sells other peoples arts and crafts. Like these fine birds, created by Jim Mullen:

and these dolls by Bill Finks:

There was so much stuff in that store, I’m honestly not sure how Tammy keeps track of it all! But if you are ever in Bloomfield, you must visit this place for yourself!

The rest of our time spent in Bloomfield was at the beach…:

…climbing over dunes and relaxin’:

I heart my crazy pale legs and chipped toe polish. LOL

..and of course visiting (and sampling! Woot!) the local wines. Here is a pic of the grapes outside of Sandbanks winery:

And here is the inside of the store:

We went to a few wineries, but theirs has the best wine. (In my humble opinion) Very delicious!

So that’s it for now, my next post will feature Picton, Belleville and a short stint to Oshawa and Whitby!


12 thoughts on “Prince Edward County and a bit beyond…

  1. Chris

    I’ve never been to a B&B ever. But yours sure sounds nice. Vacations are never long enough, but at least you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂 Great photos!

  2. XUP

    Wow – you sure seem to have packed a lot of vacationing into a short time. Those Bill Finks dolls are really, really creepy. I love the mannequin head though

  3. Jen

    I love the garden sculptures — especially the blue metal one! The beach looks really nice — pale-legged-ladies-with-chipped-nail-polish of the world unite!

    Looks like you had a fantastic time 🙂

  4. Pauline Post author

    Chris-You should try a B&B sometime. There are some wonderful ones out there!
    Blueberry-It was a nice getaway for sure!
    XUP-I’m developing a huge fascination with dolls, particularly mannequins. They always seems so creepy, which of course is right up my alley! 😉
    Jen-LOL. We rock!

  5. Laura

    Fun trip! I look forward to reading more about your adventures…especially the wine. That’s exciting the vineyards are so close to home – and good too.

  6. mangocheeks

    Wow, lots to see there. Those Bill Fink dolls ..remind me a little of voodoo dolls. But with a modern twist. There are locla cuious shop in Glasgow, that sells odds and bods and recently I saw dolls but their entire bodies were made out of shell. Bizarre, these are similar.

  7. Pauline Post author

    Mangocheeks-Sounds great! I’ve been to Glasgow and would have loved to go to one of those shops! Do you remember the names of any of these stores? Perhaps on my next trip out there, I will check them out!:)

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