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As the week drew to a close, I became anxious and sad about having to return to the grind. But after a few phone calls to find a puppy sitter for the weekend (Hubby’s Dad), we extended our trip and came back late Sunday, instead of Friday. On our drive out of Bloomfield, I spotted this sign and of course had to take a picture of it! :

Too funny! But at least they’re honest right? I mean, you are rifling through the deceased things when you shop at many consignment and antique shops.  So why not advertise that on your sign? Unfortunately the place was closed, but hopefully next time we can browse their wares.

Next stop in the general area was Huff Winery. Hubby has a friend who is employed with this company and would apparently give him heck if we didn’t stop by and try their wine. We also toured around the Oeno Gallery there and I took some pics of works that I particularly liked.

First up is Caroline Benchetrit:

David James “Heaven and Earth”

Sylvain Louis-Seize:

and lastly “Legend” by Nie Jian Bing:

After leaving the gallery, we went to Picton for a bit. Picton is a nice town, but the traffic there is awful! Which for a small town, is peculiar. (In a paper Hubby was reading one journalist’s response to this critique was “If you don’t like it, leave!” Gotta love that small town friendliness eh?:P. Thankfully, however, most people were nicer than this cranky-ass writer)

While in Picton, I also spotted this and my geeky heart skipped a beat:

“Groovy!” 😉

Here are some photos of another town we actually visited earlier that week-Kingston. Kingston is a nice city, with lots of history.  Here are some random pictures of this fair city:

We popped into a café and I noticed this sign. What is with some restaurants and the lack of debit? Governator, you crazy!:

Later on we also visited Fort Henry and man! I felt bad for the employees having to wear all that clothing! It was scorching hot that day!

A group of them put on an impressive show of marching and playing:

And look what I found in the gift shop:

Wow! Zoltar you’ve changed!

Forward back again to when we are leaving Bloomfield and going on to Belleville.  We stayed for the weekend there at a Best Western. The hotel was nice, but our neighbors drove me nuts, they kept coming in and out of their rooms at night and slamming the doors! (By the millionth time, I swear I was ready to get a padlock and force them to stay in their room!) Anywho,  that weekend Belleville was having a street sale and we went into a music/movie shop where I purchased a big stack of cds and dvds for the low cost of $27! It was great!

Here is another poor guy in the heat in costume. It’s Sponge Man! I mean, The Thing!

On Saturday, we took a day trip out to Oshawa and Whitby. Those areas were nice last time we were in this area, but now, after the issues with the economy, are a little sketchy. Whitby in particular, was a cornucopia of porn shops and scary looking loiterers. Naturally, we didn’t stay long. One perk of driving to those depressing spots, however was this, spotted on the outskirts:

This person has a floating baby head on their bumper!! WTF? Why?! Honestly, this was the most disturbing thing I encountered during our whole trip!

We spent the rest of Saturday back at the hotel and ate dinner at this place:

Their slogan “Rub it, Smoke it, Eat it” reminds me of this guy. Football! LOL.

So that’s that, I hope you enjoyed the photos and tales of our July getaway.


16 thoughts on “a bit beyond…

  1. Ashley

    Dead People’s Stuff would probably entice people. It’s funny and if they were dead people, they were likely old… So there will probably be antiques! Lots of people love those.

    Wow. The Thing must be so hot! Poor guy. If I had some money and a place for it, I would offer money for “Heaven and Earth.” The light going through the clear, glassy bottom part would be nice and there’s something captivatingly symbolic about the big ball resting on it.

    And from your description and the picture (charming lamp posts), Kingston seems like a beautiful place!

  2. Betty

    Oh my goodness! Great images in this post. Yes, I love Dead People’s Stuff. And the floating baby’s head is creepy. Good eye to catch all this!

  3. Pauline Post author

    Ashley-Well it certainly enticed me, too bad it was closed.
    I liked that sculpture too. David James is a very talented artist!
    Omawarisan-Me too! Floating baby head wants to swallow your soul!! Wooooo! 😉
    Thoughtsappear-It’s a good idea for a sign isn’t it?
    You remember it months afterwards.
    Darrell-LOL! O.k. you win! That IS worse!

  4. Pauline Post author

    XUP-Their cute aren’t they? She has a neat style.
    Pattypunker-I do enjoy the bizarre! LOL. Thank you and I love your blog. It’s very entertaining!:)

  5. Sean

    Great pics – loved the dead people stuff sign. Isn’t Zoltar the same thing that turned the kid into an adult in the movie Big with Tom Hanks?

  6. Pie

    I liked the art of David James and Nie Jian Bing. As for the dead people stuff sign, I would love to go and have a look at that store. It does exactly what it says on the tin, as the old British Ronseal ads used to say.

  7. Laura

    I have never seen a busker playing a big bass like that – wow. Poor sponge man, it was too HOT to be fighting crime that week.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Pie-Yes, it would have been fun to look around that store! I’ve never heard those ads. I will have to check them out on Youtube.
    Laura-Poor guy indeed! He must have been really sweaty! But then again, maybe all those sponges soaked up his sweat!;)

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