Productivity, Plants, Painting and Puppies..

The weekend was good-Hubby discovered that he passed his bar exams (YAY!),  I cleaned the upstairs and then remembered that I have a French test on Tuesday and hence started studying like a mad woman.  On Sunday, I had lunch with the lovely Jennifer Kerkshaw while Hubby attacked the weeds in our backyard. (and they attacked back!)

Back in June, I de-weeded and planted new stuff and gave myself a big pat on the back for a job well done. But Mother Nature had other plans-Stinging nettles and out of control grass. ie:

See those big tall plants in the back covering that cute flag-Yeah..those are nettles, apparently. I’m not sure why our backyard went to hell (I suspect it’s because our neighbours have weeds the size of giraffes and the “seeds” have spread to our yard, but I’m no expert on plants), but it is a bit frustrating.  While de-weeding the second time, Hubby accidently ‘brushed’ up against the nettles which caused a severe allergic reaction.  He’s better now though, thankfully! We also have this crazy plant which tried to claim one of our patio chairs:

It was trimmed back a bit, but I don’t want to get rid of it, because..well it looks neat. (Which is crazy, I know, considering the nettles that we had!)

One solution to weeds that I found worked more long term (I used them on the weeds in another part of our yard) is to pour boiling salt water on them. Vinegar mixed with water is also fairly effective. The good thing about these recipes is that they are all natural and don’t harm the environment like weed killer. (Just be careful where you pour them, if you hit your “good” plants, they might die)

Anyways, while Hubby was battling it out with the plants, my lunch with Jen went so well. She is full of great advice about improving my art and is so honest and down-to-earth.  She also offered to help me develop my painting skills, which makes me positively thrilled! 🙂

The weekend closed with a trip to the local dog park:

Lemon-Who is such a cutie!


Blurry Burmese mountain dog:

and not so blurry Mountain dog:

cute little Dachshund, who according to one of her owners, got dog poop on her face. Oh..

And lastly puppies running:


13 thoughts on “Productivity, Plants, Painting and Puppies..

  1. pinklea

    Oh, weeding! I did a little of that a couple of weeks ago, around the three big cedar trees in my yard. I am apparently allergic to cedar, because everywhere that I brushed up against those trees there were red, itchy welts that took DAYS to calm down. I fully empathize with your hubby and his bout with the nettles!

  2. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-Aww, that sucks about your cedar incident. I hope that I can get my allergy shots soon, because I’m also allergic to certain trees!

  3. Jen

    I enjoyed visiting with you, too! Congrats to hubby on both passing the bar exams and taming the weeds, soldiering on despite bodily harm (!) As for that plant snacking on the chair, you should name it Audrey 🙂

    Good luck on the French test!

  4. Alissa

    Congrats on the hubby passing the bar! Awesome.

    Weeds are a whole crazy mess. Our neighbors aren’t so fantastic about theirs either. Their weeds have been growing in our veggie garden!

  5. Pauline Post author

    Jen-Audrey sounds like a good name for a hungry plant! 😉
    Alissa-It really sucks because our neighbours are totally..sketchy too. Something is just not right about them and their habits.

  6. XUP

    Congratulations to hubby! (Was there ever any doubt?) I hope you haven’t tossed out those nettles — they are a very beneficial. Stinging nettles have been used for centuries to treat muscle and joint pain, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. It’s good for urinary and prostrate problems, for hay fever and a bunch of other stuff depending on the form. As a tea they’re a great anti-inflammatory, for instance… Weeds all have a purpose. You should look into a herbalist course then you’ll be happy to see some of nature’s medicinals in your back yard!

  7. Kate

    I love when you post pix from the dog park. Love!

    Congratulations to your husband — passing the bar is no small feat.

    I don’t know if nettles grow around here, but I hope to never find out. They do not sound fun AT ALL.

  8. Pauline Post author

    XUP-We threw them out with the compost bin. I didn’t want to risk any more blistery rashes amongst us or our pets. But there is still some there, so after reading your comment and reading other sources, I might get my gloves and one of my long sleeved shirts and cut the leaves off for use later on.
    Kate-Thanks and no getting stung by nettles is not fun at all. But hopefully their leaves work wonders..
    Kim-That sounds like a poem! LOL! But yes, I agree, spiny weeds bad, dog parks good!

  9. MindfulMerchant

    I thought Nettles were evil until I read XUP’s comments. Who knew? Congratulations to your husband. Awesome! A weeded yard and a pass sound like a fun reason to have a party! lol

  10. Pauline Post author

    Mindfulmerchant-Thanks! Well we didn’t throw a big party but we did drink a bottle of sparkling wine! 😉
    Wendi-Thank you and thank you. The puppies provide endless cute photo opportunities!

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