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My Mug Arrived!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing The Oatmeal and decided to buy one of the mugs that he designed. Well it arrived this week:




(Yes I know the pictures aren’t great)

The mug is called the “Happy Pig”, but I just call him “Pigasm” and you’ll see why if you click on the hilarious cartoon “Five Reasons Pigs are more Awesome than You”.

I recently found an unused VISA gift card and am in a bit of a rush to spend it because after a certain date VISA charges their customers for the ‘priviledge’ of owning a gift card!! Seriously what kind of bullshit is that? They owe me, not the other way around! Bastards!

Anyways, I love the mug and if you’re looking for a fun gift idea, check out the Oatmeal!


Women Hating Women

This past weekend, when I wasn’t painting, cooking, cleaning or chastising Spencer, I was watching some episodes of “The Real Housewives” (Of Atlanta and New York respectively) Months ago, I told myself that I wouldn’t watch the “Real Housewives”, but somehow over the course of a year, they have practically taken over TV. The main reason I watch is for voyeuristic reasons-I enjoy watching people waste spend their money on all sorts of frivolous things.

But honestly sometimes the yelling, fighting and backstabbing gets old! Yes, I know that these shows are mainly an excuse to show women being bitchy to one another and we all gasp and laugh at their expense. And yes, admittedly it can be pretty funny when they go nuts and do things like flip tables. But often times, it just makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with us? Meaning women.

Granted we may not all be as obnoxious, shallow, insecure and selfish as these chicks, but many of us are just plain awful to one another. Of course being cruel and petty is a (destructive) human characteristic, and obviously is shared among both genders.  (I hate how women get the lion share of the blame for gossiping, when I have known some HORRIBLE male gossips in my day.) But when it comes to overall psychological warfare and excluding others, nobody does it better than women.

For example, why do women feel compelled to put each others physical characteristics down? ie: “I hate skinny bitches!” or ” She is so ugly/slutty/looks like a man/ etc”.  Similar to my last post outlining the verbal gaffes expressed by certain men that work in direct opposition to feminism and equality, this is an immature route that also delays our progression in society.  In terms of the skinny comment, I am a fairly thin person and have experienced harassment for my build just like everyone else-In junior and high school. I was called things like “anorexic”, “sickly” and “flat chested”. These words hurt, particularly when I wished that I could look like the more “curvacious” early bloomers in my class.  Larger women face much harsher criticism much more often, but that does not excuse some of them from being catty and bitchy towards those who had nothing to do with the criticism in the first place.

Exclusion is another stupid behaviour that drives me mental! I’ve seen it in high school and still see it at work and outside of work. Of course, you’re not going to like everyone equally, but if another woman who you don’t know very well wants to join but is a bit different than you or your friends, you should invite her. Who knows, you may end up really liking her. (This apparently happened to someone in one of my online womens social groups and is making me consider quitting that group) Now, I’m not perfect. I do gossip and can be mean, but usually it is only out of a response to someone being cruel to me first. However, yes, I realize this is immature and am working on not focusing so much on slights.

Most women want to their contributions to society to be as valued as mens. But if we are to be taken 100% seriously as equals, need to stop with the jealousy and pettiness and instead focus on building each other up and supporting one another first.

Cats Fighting:

Attack of the Fish and Basset Hound!!

Friday night, my friend Carmen and I got together to watch Piranha 3-D. If you’ve never seen the original from the 70s, and don’t know the basic synopsis of the movie, then this should give you an idea:

“Sea, sex and Blood”. Yep, that was about it! Well there wasn’t much sex, other than gratuitous nudity and a severed penis shot, but there was a TON of blood! I haven’t seen that much gore on the big screen since “Land of the Dead“! You would think that all that violence would’ve made for a phenomenal transition into 3-D, but nope, the whole 3-D seemed kinda lost in this movie. (Plus the dumb things were uncomfortable as hell!) But it was still a fun movie. If you like silly horror, I recommend it!

Saturday was pretty relaxed, but on Sunday, my mom’s birthday, I called her up to say “Happy Birthday!” and she replied that there were people coming to see their house and asked me to look after their basset hound, Spencer until they sell their place.  We agreed and now Spencer, the wonder drool, who gets into EVERYTHING and can woof until the cows come home, is with us:


So far he has peed on the floor, chased the cats, gotten into a garbage and barked, barked, barked. But he’s starting to mellow out a bit. He’s not a bad dog, he’s just a handful. Always has been. But we’re prepared-We set up baby gates everywhere and won’t let him on the couch. It should be interesting that’s for sure!

Piranha picture:


First Recipe out of Book and Garlic Fest

The rest of this past weekend was spent painting, cooking my first recipe out of the Conscious Cook and going to the Perth Garlic Festival. On Saturday, I got up, did a bit of cleaning and went out to the local health food store for some essential vegan staples. When I couldn’t find agar agar (a vegan thickening agent, like gelatin but with no pig hooves), I asked the store clerk who had no idea what it was. Luckily for me, however, I found it at the other end of the store, with other sea weeds and plants. Other staples however were missing, but I couldn’t spend all day looking, so I just bought what I found, which is:

The agar agar is on the far left side.  After rushing home, I got to work making my first recipe-Chocolate chip peanut butter cake. We aren’t vegan-I’m a pescatarian and Hubby is a lacto-ovo veggie-so I didn’t use all vegan ingredients. But in the near future, I will be making a few meals that are completely true to the book. Anyways, after combining the flour, sugar, butter, peanut butter, etc. together:

it turned into this:

which went in the oven and turned into this:

It actually tasted pretty good and after practically forcing it on Jen as my first “test subject”, she agreed that turned out decent. Hooray! One thing about this cake though-It took forever for the middle to bake. I kept taking it out, poking it, putting it back in, until I got the idea to cover it with foil, that seemed to work.  But it took longer than I thought it would initially.

Sunday was the Perth Garlic Festival which I visited with Hubby’s mom while he played golf with his dad. The Garlic Fest was pretty low-key with booths full of garlic and garlic related products:

Overall it was pretty small and not super exciting, but I did find these cool old phones:


This one looks like a face doesn’t it? At the nearby booths, I bought some mango garlic chutney and a nice fridge pad.

After more browsing and sampling, my breath started to smell like death and I was getting thirsty so we went to the center of Perth. We went into Dragon Moon where I bought this really nice shirt:

Afterwards we ate lunch at Fiddleheads in the atrium where these two older gents were playing music. (I resisted the urge to scream out “Play Free Bird” or “I like Big Butts” ;))

They were also some neat balcony musicians that I had to capture:

So that’s it, now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cake and chutney to eat! (And no, not at the same time!)


On Friday, I got an email sent from my dad to his immediate family members in the area. It read:

“We’re moving in October and cleaning out our crawl space. Would any of you be interested in taking what we find. ie. Toys, chairs, furniture, etc?”

Knowing full well that a lot of MY stuff is still crammed in my parents crawl space, I emailed an urgent letter back pleading with them not to get rid of my old stuff! Those are my precious childhood memories stuffed into that back breaking tunnel in their basement. So on Friday night, Hubby and I went over to go through some of the stuff and much to his chagrin, saved my old treasures from being given to someone else or pitched. Phew! We loaded our car with stuff like all the old Serendipity Books:

and Barbapapa:

Unfortunately due to limited storage space, we couldn’t take more than some books and a small dresser, but I promised my parents that we will take the remaining boxes of other 80s goodness into our new place when Hubby and I buy our first home. So my parents will be storing my stuff in those weird ‘pod things’ until they move. Double phew!

How about you readers? Do you still have some of your childhood things? What are some books/toys/figurines that you could never part with?

Serendipity books by Robin James-

Barbapapa written and created by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor-

Feminism: Still Needed!

Hey everyone ,
I know it’s a bit of a heavy topic for a Friday, but gender politics have been on my mind recently and I’d like to share my thoughts on some things in pop culture that currently irk me. I hope you enjoy it. Also this post will be referenced in the awesome feminist blog Femme Writes in the “Friday Round up” section. If you are interested in some great posts on feminism, please go and take a peek over there! 🙂

I’m not a militant feminist. I don’t hate all men or blame them, but what I do hate is how blatantly sexist things still seem to be tolerated in our society. The media will tell you that women are now “equal” and “respected”, but to me, that is still not true. Take for example, the over-frequent use of the sexist words “bitches” and “hos” (whores) These words are harmless if used in a teasing or joking way among friends (preferably women) but what pisses me off is how these words are being used in place of a woman’s name or to describe women en masse. It seems that the misogyny has spread from certain forms of music (ie. rap or heavy metal) and is now in everyday vernacular.

Many young girls today seem to be under the impression that feminism is “no longer relevant”, which frankly makes me wonder how they can be so blind, when these sexist terms are so commonplace nowadays! Years ago, for example, some idiot on the street wanted my attention so he started screaming “Hey ho!” at me over and over again! Rest assured, I was not dressed in the latest in “hooker wear”, but even if I was, it was very demeaning and hurtful. But some guys seem to think that it is o.k to call women this at their leisure. In another instance, I was having car troubles and this older man helped me out. Meanwhile, some jackass standing nearby loudly stated that “Women should not be given licences!”

Obviously these types of guys are losers, but it seems that some of their ignorant opinions and/or attitudes are spreading, particularly among younger men. From this perspective, women are no longer sisters, mothers, aunts, girlfriends or wives, but “merely bitches and hos who, as a (mal)function of their gender, are terrible drivers and should rely on a man to get around.” (Don’t believe my negative experiences with this piggish attitude, go on Youtube sometime and read the comments on videos of women driving or hosting their own videos) Macleans had an article recently on how young girls are under more pressure now than ever to be “trashy” while their mothers shake their heads and wonder what the hell happened. These girls express the attitude mentioned earlier that feminism is outdated and they think that by disrespecting themselves that they are considered equal.

Naturally, not all young girls buy into the “bimbo” thing, but it does appear that they are being groomed to not only passively accept being the target of the aforementioned “bitch” and “ho” monikers, but are pressued to spend all of their energy on their surface and not think for themselves. They are taught that they have liberty, but liberty restricted to serving as sexual objects and nothing else! We are inundated with images of women griding against idiots in rap videos or getting regular plastic surgery on reality TV. Magazines are awash with celebrities who have been morphed into cartoons with photoshop! There is apparently nothing worse than an older woman with actual wrinkles on her face, because the only good woman is a hollow immature one. Speaking of which, Twilight is another awful blight in pop culture today, with its backwards, sexist messages. It swings the extreme other direction than the over-sexualized movies and music videos. The only good woman is a pure, virginal girl who subserves all her own needs for her man, whom she follows around like a dog. Still sexism, different approach.

Now I’m not saying we are completely lost, because yes these days there are much more women in the workplace and in senior level positions, birth control is more available, and we enjoy much more liberties and are definitely less persecuted and oppressed in the western world than in many other countries. But women still earn less than their male peers and birth control is only available in certain areas. (The right for choice is also under constant threat from religious fundamentalists) Further, consider the points previously mentioned in slang and popular media. Sexism is still alive, just in more insidious forms. After all the work done by earlier feminists for women to be respected as equals, we cannot let ourselves slip backwards! The fight for equality is still needed here.


Sexist Driving ad from “Body Image vs. Reality Blog”:

Last picture:

Three (not so little) Birds and My Newest Cookbook

This morning, I was watching TV (I’m having a sick day), when I heard some cackling outside. Predictably, it was the neighborhood crows having a meeting on top of our neighbors roof. They looked really neat up there, despite the noise, so I took a photo:

They started squawking immediately afterwards, perhaps in protest. Maybe crows are camera shy. Birds are such chatty creatures, I’ve often wondered what it is they say to each other. (Perhaps they are wondering like me, what is up with our reclusive neighbours who are letting their weeds grow to astronomical heights and spread into our yard)

At around noon, the Conscious Cookbook arrived at my door. Or rather, the UPS delivery driver waddled up to my front door, jammed it in my mailbox and practically ran back to her truck. (Perhaps she was worried that we were going to sicc Selena on her. Little does she know that Selena is a big scaredy dog who’s scared of plastic bags!)

Here is the book on my kitchen table, ready to be cracked open and accidently smeared with flour, sugar and tempeh, while I attempt to cook my way through some of its contents:

It looks like a cookbook stand might be in order. I will have to buy one at some point. Have any of you readers seen one in a kitchen store? They must sell them there too!