When Trolls (possibly) Come back!!

Friday featured some kind of bad news, but first some background information. Do you remember that evil troll lady who made my morning commute during the bus strike hellish? And who also backstabbed me and was pretty much an all round bitch? Well, weeks ago she left for greener pastures. After doing a dance of joy, I began to consider applying for her now vacant position. So I informed my boss about my interest in the position and made myself very available for any extra work she might have for me. The job is also the same level as mine, so it would just be a deployment, not a huge career change.

Well this Friday, my boss told me that they will be changing the level of the position, so they will have to post the job externally (meaning everyone and their grandma will be applying for it online) and the evil troll hates her new job and wants to come back!!

So not only do I have to compete with everyone and their grandmas, I have to compete with the monster who has years of experience in the position and is more bilingual than me! Crap!!

After I left my boss’s office, I already felt defeated-It would be one thing to apply and fail, but to apply and fail to my former coworker AND have to see her sour, old mug around the office again! Ech! Plus, she would know I applied and would lord it over me if she won the competition!

While I may not have her work experience in that job, I should try and improve in the other big area-French. As mentioned I recently finished an at-work French course and I’ve lived in this city my entire life, so I do speak a decent amount of the language, but if I am to have a chance in hell at passing the tough government language exams, I need to become fluently bilingual ASAP! Watching French TV, reading mags, having limited conversations with my coworkers, etc isn’t going to cut it anymore! I will probably have to hire a private instructor to improve my second language as fast as flippin’ possible!

Anyways, on a more positive note-My parents bought a new house and are currently busy improving their house so they can put it on the market. I offered to help them, because well, they are my parents and I love them and I enjoy fixing up houses for resale.:)

Commuting, job, art classes, French, helping my parents fix up their house..I can do it all right? I have to!

Picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cave_troll.jpg


10 thoughts on “When Trolls (possibly) Come back!!

  1. omawarisan

    My money is on you. Employers sometimes are wise enough to value a persons ability to play well with others over supposed competence and experience.

  2. Get Off My lawn

    Good luck with the job. You never know what managenment is up to, reclassiying and stuff. Whatever happens, don’t own it. You are probably the best person for it but that doesn’t mean much to the HR department or to the powers that be. I say… apply. Congratulate the successful candidate good naturedly. If its you, go to dinner.

  3. Kate

    Please still apply for the job! Among other things, I would hope your employer would be somewhat hesitant to hire back someone who just left recently. Unless she’s completely amazing and the only person who can do the job, they should look for new blood … you know, someone who actually wants to work for the company and who’s not just coming back because they’re unhappy with their new gig.

    Oh, and what Oma said, too. 🙂

  4. XUP

    The toughest part of that French exam is telling someone all about your job in technical government French. If you can do that, the reading and writing part are pretty simple. Good luck!

  5. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-That is true, but she would probably put on a good show for the interviewers. Plus, she tended to dislike me specifically, despite my trying to be nice.
    Get off my lawn-You are right. I will apply and if I don’t get it, will try and congratulate whoever does.
    Kate and Betty-Agreed! If you leave, you pretty much shouldn’t be allowed to come back. The only other reason that she wants to come back is because they would pay her slightly more than before, but its a very small amount in terms of increase. Her new job pays much better, so its kind of crazy to for her to downgrade herself pay wise to do a former job. (But then again, she’s not the most sensible person)
    XUP-I’m hoping to get practice with describing my job in technical lingo during my private sessions! Thanks!:)

  6. Pauline Post author

    Mindfulmerchant-Well in order to be “fair” they let anyone apply, but to me it doesn’t seem very fair to let someone who has a clear advantage (At least ten years experience in the exact position) apply. But I will try my darndest to win!

  7. allison

    Hmm. You’re not French? For some reason I came away from BOLO thinking you were French. This is a sucky situation — too bad they don’t sell stupid mean troll people repellant. Best of luck.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Allison-No, I’m not French. (Though sometimes I wish I was since it would save me the hassle from learning it as a second language. :P)
    Yes, troll repellent would be nice! Not only for work, but for shopping and driving as well! 😉

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