My New Art Supplies!

On Saturday afternoon, I drove to Jen’s place for our painting lesson. She showed me how to stretch my own canvas and gave me my very own glass palette! Yay!:

If I knew how much easier it is to clean dried paint off these than the stupid plastic ones, I would have got one a looong time ago! We continued on the grey scale work and I began painting my portrait in various shades of grey. I was so focused on the whites and greys that I didn’t realize the time! It was 7:00pm! Our session went by so fast! Although it probably didn’t help that before our lesson and during our break, I blabbed my crazy face off! Poor Jen and her beau. I really should watch my tendency to ramble!

Anyways, my homework will be finishing my portrait in three tones and one in all tones. Next week-Colours! Yay!

On Sunday, after trying to discern the shades on my second self portrait in my dark art room, I finally said: “Nuts to this!” and zoomed over to Wallacks for a proper artist lamp.

And $113 later, voila!:

Nice eh? Just clear, neutral UV light. I’m thinking of shining it in my face come winter-time, when my skin turns fluorescent albino and the snow/ice/wind/lack of sunlight makes me want to sleep until April! 😉

Normally, I don’t usually spend this kind of money on things, but it was very necessary for my painting, and one magical day when I have a nice chunk of change saved up for a nice digital SLR, it will come in handy for that too!


4 thoughts on “My New Art Supplies!

  1. Jen

    Aww . . . we liked your “crazy rambling” — you fit right in! 🙂

    Glad you are liking the glass palette. And that is one SWEET lamp — I may have to invest in one, as well — imagine it makes mixing a lot easier, eh?

  2. Pauline Post author

    Jen-Glad to hear it, because there’s plenty more where that came from! 😉 Yes, the lamp makes mixing MUCH easier!

  3. XUP

    In the grand scheme of things a hundred bucks for a lamp isn’t all that outrageous. I’ll bet you’ve spent that at some point for an evening out. Perspective.

  4. artman2112

    “Without lamps, there’d be no light!” – the Breakfast Club

    so let there be light 😀

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