Three (not so little) Birds and My Newest Cookbook

This morning, I was watching TV (I’m having a sick day), when I heard some cackling outside. Predictably, it was the neighborhood crows having a meeting on top of our neighbors roof. They looked really neat up there, despite the noise, so I took a photo:

They started squawking immediately afterwards, perhaps in protest. Maybe crows are camera shy. Birds are such chatty creatures, I’ve often wondered what it is they say to each other. (Perhaps they are wondering like me, what is up with our reclusive neighbours who are letting their weeds grow to astronomical heights and spread into our yard)

At around noon, the Conscious Cookbook arrived at my door. Or rather, the UPS delivery driver waddled up to my front door, jammed it in my mailbox and practically ran back to her truck. (Perhaps she was worried that we were going to sicc Selena on her. Little does she know that Selena is a big scaredy dog who’s scared of plastic bags!)

Here is the book on my kitchen table, ready to be cracked open and accidently smeared with flour, sugar and tempeh, while I attempt to cook my way through some of its contents:

It looks like a cookbook stand might be in order. I will have to buy one at some point. Have any of you readers seen one in a kitchen store? They must sell them there too!


14 thoughts on “Three (not so little) Birds and My Newest Cookbook

  1. LA Cochran

    I’m sure all the kitchen places have them. I tried to use one years ago but it tended to be more in the way than helpful. I gave in to the idea that my cookbooks would bear the scars of my attempts.

  2. Pauline Post author

    LA Cochran-More in the way? I hope not, though I don’t want to get one that takes up too much counter space.
    Betty-Chicken crows! LOL! Our crows are pretty big too, but maybe not quite that big.

  3. Laura

    Great cookbooks are hard to find. I’m interested to read your reveiw. I bought a plastic cookbook holder at a garage sale and I LOVE it although it has a limited lifespan since it is cracking. I’ve seen durable stainless steel holders that I would recommend. They will last forever, look great and clean up easily.

  4. kilax

    A cookbook stand is a great idea!

    I asked for that book for the holidays this year. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  5. Lynn

    I have a little cookbook stand from Lee Valley. It’s good for most books but won’t do a really big or heavy one. Can’t wait to hear how the cooking goes!

  6. Mr. G

    I don’t know if I could survive “meatless” but I’ll wait for your comments on the book to give it a (small) shot.

  7. Pauline Post author

    Laura-I will be on the lookout for stainless steel.:)
    Marie-LOL. When I have tried some recipes and feel confident about the results. 😉
    Kilax-Stay tuned.:)
    Robin-No prob. You should read the introduction, it’s very interesting.
    Lynn-That’s a problem for me because many of my cookbooks are larger size.
    Mr. G-I think going meatless could make you survive much longer. ;).

  8. Chris - Nachos at Midnight

    I’ve never been one to use a cookbook, or at least follow step-by-step guides – which means meals could be very good or very bad in my house – but getting new ideas is always a good thing. 🙂 Plus there’s that “new cookbook” feeling and you know good ideas are just around the corner.

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