On Friday, I got an email sent from my dad to his immediate family members in the area. It read:

“We’re moving in October and cleaning out our crawl space. Would any of you be interested in taking what we find. ie. Toys, chairs, furniture, etc?”

Knowing full well that a lot of MY stuff is still crammed in my parents crawl space, I emailed an urgent letter back pleading with them not to get rid of my old stuff! Those are my precious childhood memories stuffed into that back breaking tunnel in their basement. So on Friday night, Hubby and I went over to go through some of the stuff and much to his chagrin, saved my old treasures from being given to someone else or pitched. Phew! We loaded our car with stuff like all the old Serendipity Books:

and Barbapapa:

Unfortunately due to limited storage space, we couldn’t take more than some books and a small dresser, but I promised my parents that we will take the remaining boxes of other 80s goodness into our new place when Hubby and I buy our first home. So my parents will be storing my stuff in those weird ‘pod things’ until they move. Double phew!

How about you readers? Do you still have some of your childhood things? What are some books/toys/figurines that you could never part with?

Serendipity books by Robin James-

Barbapapa written and created by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor-


19 thoughts on “Memorabilia…

  1. pinklea

    I only have my Barbie dolls (though I gave my Barbie house away eons ago) and one baby doll called Baby Brite and her accessories. I think there may be a few old books that I passed on to DD, but that’s about it. I’m not a keeper-of-things, really. However, my mom still has a whole whack of records (yes, that’s how old I am! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) from my preteen years. I have no idea why she’s kept them through several moves of her own!

  2. Alissa

    I know I had the Leo the Lop book! LOL. I don’t ever want to part with my Bernstein Bears books, my first stuff tiger and lion, and bean-bean (he’s actually a sweet pea).

  3. Mr. G

    Memories, memories… I know Mum still has much of my stuff at her place, even the old books from Elementary.

    Me, when I moved to Canada I chose to bring with me an old shoebox with very personal memories, even some notepads I used to write when I was a rugby player back in the 80’s

  4. artman2112

    i still have the Frankenstein trash can that i got on my 4th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

    as far as parting with stuff i have now, i would just assume keep ALL of it! actually i seem to be accumulating more on a regular basis, lol!

  5. Linda

    I don’t have anything but a few photos from my childhood. My mother never saved anything. In fact, she once sold all of our furniture to the people who bought our house. They liked her style.

  6. Lynn

    I have a few things but my mother kept absolutely EVERYTHING from my childhood and we just couldn’t store it all. I got rid of plenty but I kept the Pretty Ponies, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids and wardrobe, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Trippy.

    I just read somewhere recently that “barbapapa” is the French word for cotton candy. Do you know if this is true?

  7. Kate

    I have a lot of books, including some fairly old Archie comics. There are still a lot of books hanging out at my mom’s house, too, as well as a collection of dolls. My grandmother hand-made a lot of them, so my mom and I wanted to hang on to them as keepsakes.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-I used to listen to records too! When I was younger it was Raffy and Muppets records and then when I was a teenager, I used to listen to Kraftwerk records. Good times! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Alissa-Oh Bernstein Bears! I think I have a few of those kicking around too!
    Mr.G- Elementary school books are fun to keep and notes are even better! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Artman-LOL! Yes, based on what I’ve seen on your blog, you are quite the collector! But you collect the neatest, vintage stuff! I want to see a picture of this trash can!
    Linda-Wow! She was really ready to move on wasn’t she? I could never do that, because I guess I get too attached to stuff.
    Lynn-I had all that stuff you mentioned and more 80s nostalgia. It’s quite the pile! The French word for cotton candy or floss is barbe ร  papa, so take off the e and get rid of the accent and you are right! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kate-I have a ton of Archie and Betty and Veronica books as well. They were fun to read!
    What kind of dolls did your grandma make? My great grandmother made some as well. I’d love to see pics of yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Get Off My Lawn

    Serendipity. We had many. I liked Jake O’Shawnessy. The green seagull who had to learn to fly.

    But greatest of treasures are star wars toys. My wife still has some in her mom’s basement. I am not allowed to play with them.

  10. Pauline Post author

    Get off my lawn-Aww, no fun! LOL. My brother has or rather used to have TONS of Star Wars toys! He is obsessed with those movies! I think he sold a lot of them but probably has a few in his apartment.

  11. neeroc

    My daughter was very fortunate that my mother is a packrat. She inherited from me many of my earliest toys, a rocking chair, bassinet, my bunnikins dishes, my Nancy Drew collection, a doll-sized pram that matched the cadillac sized one my mother kept for me! When I moved out of my mom’s I took my Red Rose figurines collection, my records and my stuffed animals…I think the only thing of mine at my mom’s now is my wedding dress…heh.

  12. XUP

    I had a lot of stuff at one point, but shed it as I went along because having all this stuff dragging along behind me all the time got cumbersome. I kept one box of stuff and the rest got pitched. Apparently I pitched all the wrong stuff though because my daughter keeps giving me heck for not saving all my “cool” 1980s stuff.

  13. Pauline Post author

    Neeroc-Sounds like you have quite the collection and it’s good you got them all with you now. What are Red Rose figurines?
    XUP-Ha! Kids today and their obsession with the 80s, despite not being alive during that decade. But I guess everything goes full circle (When I was a kid there was a resurgence of the 70s clothing and it influenced a lot of music)

  14. Finola

    Your father was quite reasonable in giving you some warning like that. My in-laws had kept every toy and book that my husband and his two sisters ever owned. One day they were fed up with all of the stuff in their basement and they dropped it ALL onto our back porch while we were out one day. We had never wanted any of it, and it was his sisters how had insisted on keeping everything over the years. It was left to us to sort through an entire porchful of 70s toys and dresses and give it to where it was wanted.

    We did keep the Star Wars toys though. Does anyone know what they might be worth??

  15. Pearl

    My mom squirreled away everything from my childhood. And when we downsized some more boxes went her way. Lately she started saying pointedly, you know your wedding dress is here…I didn’t get the hint. Last time she said, here’s your wedding dress and this and that and the other. think we’ll need a crawl space to put all this stuff.

  16. Pauline Post author

    Piecesofme-Hey! How are you?
    Finola-LOL. Your lucky that stuff wasn’t stolen or rained on. Original Star Wars toys fetch a pretty big ransom. My brother sold some of his and got quite a bit for them. As for specific numbers though, you will need to check EBay.
    Pearl-Crawl spaces are definitely helpful, though it sucks if your basement gets flooded. (This happened to a friend of mine couple years ago. She lost so much stuff, but hopefully we won’t get flooded again anytime soon)

  17. coffee with julie

    Oh my! I had completely forgotten about sweet Leo the Lop and the Barbapapas until I saw these images again. I used to love them too.

    But what do I have from my childhood? Not much, really. My mom keeps absolutely everything and I like to mock her relentlessly for it. She still has our Star Wars figurines, Adventure People, Halloween costumes, you name it! But being a big word/paper lover, I have tons of old letters and pieces of school work. Somewhere … not sure where….

  18. Andreas KrauรŸ

    Well, I *do* have most of my books from my youth on. But pretty much all my books (and other toys, including a big “Barbapapa” plush doll, which I threw away myself in distraught over the death of my cat, whom I loved as if she was my child) is gone, among them:

    My beloved “Barbapapa” coloring book, poster, cards game, and record with the soundtrack from the series. All except the poster have been replaced, but *my* original exemplars are gone forever.

    My first super-hero comics, especially a “Superman Taschenbuch” (some kind of trade paperback in small size ), which introduced me to Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the Justice League and (in a sense) to Batman.

    Another Superman Taschenbuch, which introduced me to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    A so-called “Superman Kalender”, which introduced me to most of the DC heroes’ rogue galeries.

    My (actually, my brother’s) first Spider-Man, which introduced me to Marvel Comics.

    ALL comics from my childhood. My mother was a very evil woman (no joke!), she had sadistic urges and just loved buying me comics, seing me enjoying them, waiting a few weeks, and when I got home from school, suddenly they were gone. Oh, well.

    Unfortunately, most of my books from my pre-teen age are gone as well. Including (among others) all my psychology books (as a 11-year old, I found them immensely interesting and fascinating, except that trashy book of fairy tale interpretations from Bruno Bettelheim. Bored me even back then with its clished pseudo-scintific “interpretations”), my original German exemplar of Michael Ende’s Neverending Story (changed my life, that book!), my first Bible, although I have preserved my second Children Bible, and recently had a second exemplar of it converted to PDF, and one of my three favorite fairy-tales books.

    Still, I have sworn that if I have children, I won’t ever throw any of their toys, records, or books away. I’ll save them somewhere until they’re adult. They will come into an age where they will apreciate it.

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