First Recipe out of Book and Garlic Fest

The rest of this past weekend was spent painting, cooking my first recipe out of the Conscious Cook and going to the Perth Garlic Festival. On Saturday, I got up, did a bit of cleaning and went out to the local health food store for some essential vegan staples. When I couldn’t find agar agar (a vegan thickening agent, like gelatin but with no pig hooves), I asked the store clerk who had no idea what it was. Luckily for me, however, I found it at the other end of the store, with other sea weeds and plants. Other staples however were missing, but I couldn’t spend all day looking, so I just bought what I found, which is:

The agar agar is on the far left side.  After rushing home, I got to work making my first recipe-Chocolate chip peanut butter cake. We aren’t vegan-I’m a pescatarian and Hubby is a lacto-ovo veggie-so I didn’t use all vegan ingredients. But in the near future, I will be making a few meals that are completely true to the book. Anyways, after combining the flour, sugar, butter, peanut butter, etc. together:

it turned into this:

which went in the oven and turned into this:

It actually tasted pretty good and after practically forcing it on Jen as my first “test subject”, she agreed that turned out decent. Hooray! One thing about this cake though-It took forever for the middle to bake. I kept taking it out, poking it, putting it back in, until I got the idea to cover it with foil, that seemed to work.  But it took longer than I thought it would initially.

Sunday was the Perth Garlic Festival which I visited with Hubby’s mom while he played golf with his dad. The Garlic Fest was pretty low-key with booths full of garlic and garlic related products:

Overall it was pretty small and not super exciting, but I did find these cool old phones:


This one looks like a face doesn’t it? At the nearby booths, I bought some mango garlic chutney and a nice fridge pad.

After more browsing and sampling, my breath started to smell like death and I was getting thirsty so we went to the center of Perth. We went into Dragon Moon where I bought this really nice shirt:

Afterwards we ate lunch at Fiddleheads in the atrium where these two older gents were playing music. (I resisted the urge to scream out “Play Free Bird” or “I like Big Butts” ;))

They were also some neat balcony musicians that I had to capture:

So that’s it, now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cake and chutney to eat! (And no, not at the same time!)


11 thoughts on “First Recipe out of Book and Garlic Fest

  1. neeroc

    “I resisted the urge to scream out “Play Free Bird” or “I like Big Butts” ;)”
    You totally should have!

  2. writerdood

    Looks tasty.
    I haven’t been to Ontario in years.
    In fact, I haven’t been to Canada since they started requiring a passport or that special driver’s license.
    (I still don’t have a passport).

  3. Lua

    Chocolate chip peanut butter cake??! Yumm yumm and yumm!! 🙂
    And love those old phones, great pictures!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Neeroc-Oh I wanted to believe me! (Somehow I don’t think my mother-in-law would have appreciated it though. ;))
    Robin-It is worthwhile to go and see at least once!
    Writerdood-You still don’t have a passport? Well you should get one! Great big world out there, with plenty of garlic for all! 😉
    Jen-Great and I apologize in advance if some recipes don’t turn out…exactly as planned! LOL
    Lua-Thanks! 🙂

  5. Pearl

    Like those old phones. (Like the one with the face. I hope to inherit one one day.)

    Like Dragon Moon. Have only browsed there myself yet.

    Music at Fiddleheads. Cool.

    Wakame, banana and chocolate cake? That sounds adventurous enough for me to try.

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