Attack of the Fish and Basset Hound!!

Friday night, my friend Carmen and I got together to watch Piranha 3-D. If you’ve never seen the original from the 70s, and don’t know the basic synopsis of the movie, then this should give you an idea:

“Sea, sex and Blood”. Yep, that was about it! Well there wasn’t much sex, other than gratuitous nudity and a severed penis shot, but there was a TON of blood! I haven’t seen that much gore on the big screen since “Land of the Dead“! You would think that all that violence would’ve made for a phenomenal transition into 3-D, but nope, the whole 3-D seemed kinda lost in this movie. (Plus the dumb things were uncomfortable as hell!) But it was still a fun movie. If you like silly horror, I recommend it!

Saturday was pretty relaxed, but on Sunday, my mom’s birthday, I called her up to say “Happy Birthday!” and she replied that there were people coming to see their house and asked me to look after their basset hound, Spencer until they sell their place.  We agreed and now Spencer, the wonder drool, who gets into EVERYTHING and can woof until the cows come home, is with us:


So far he has peed on the floor, chased the cats, gotten into a garbage and barked, barked, barked. But he’s starting to mellow out a bit. He’s not a bad dog, he’s just a handful. Always has been. But we’re prepared-We set up baby gates everywhere and won’t let him on the couch. It should be interesting that’s for sure!

Piranha picture:



10 thoughts on “Attack of the Fish and Basset Hound!!

  1. HippieCahier

    I remember the original Piranha. We had a swimming pool and night swimming was always fun…until that movie came out and we all used to try to psyche each other out. I was among the easily psyched out. 😐

    Spencer’s way cute. They do drool, though, don’t they.

  2. Lua

    Haha Spencer sounds like my younger dog- Apple. He is a cutie pie but definitely a handful!
    And I love the comparison you drew, they do look like that green mosnter sometimes 🙂

  3. Pauline Post author

    Lacochran-Cute yes, obedient no!
    HippieCahier-I was the same after watching “Jaws”, LOL. Oh yes, Spencer drools. He also loves to ‘swing’ his drool around by shaking his jowls.
    Lua-He’s a definite Slimer!
    XUP-Last time I’m doing that! LOL
    Pop Champagne-Well you should like the new one!
    Betty-Well he’s in for a rude awakening because the cats are higher than him in the dominance scale since they were here first! He’s on the bottom rung! (He doesn’t want to face that fact though)

  4. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-The American remake of “Valentines Day” was better in 3-D, with blood and flying pick axes coming at ya! But as mentioned, this movie is still funny in itself, so it is worth a trip to the theater.:)
    Mindfulmerchant-His sad eyes get him out of more trouble than he would be otherwise! LOL

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