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Sick already!

It’s September and some particularly nasty flus have already been going around. We’ve been experiencing some strange temperature extremes here in Ottawa-Boiling hot one day, freezing cold the next, which is bizarre. Normally, September is one of the most beautiful months here with moderate temperatures, hanging around 15-20C. But perhaps this strange weather explains all of the bugs floating around. I’ve been sick since the past weekend; First I was exhausted, then my throat hurt, now I’m tired and stuffed up. It really sucks!

It’s also bad because of the timing; I was supposed to hang out with some out of town friends of mine this week. One of whom was Quackers. We had planned to go out for dinner together tonight but when I called to cancel, she said that she was sick too! Fortunately, we were able to have a nice chat on the phone, but it still would have been nice to see her again in person. But maybe next time she’s in Ottawa! Feel better soon Quackers! 🙂

This cold/flu has also prevented me from socializing with other people like Jen and going to some of Hubby’s work social functions.  Last night we had the following conversation:

Him: “Tomorrow night is the firm’s golf tournament”

Me (in sick haze) : Wha? Tomorrow night is your drunken golf tournament?”

Him: “FIRM’s golf tournament! And I was going to ask you to come but you’re obviously still too sick”

Me: “Yeah. Well, my golf idea sounds like more fun anyway”

So I’m just a little not with it right now. I can be a little spacey sometimes, but factor in illness and my brain pretty much goes into outer space. Speaking of which, one of the good things about being sick is catching good cable shows. I spent two hours watching “Known Universe” on Discovery channel. Have any of you seen that show? It’s great! Today they covered hurricanes, tornadoes and earth quakes here on Earth and on other planets and moons. The weather and natural disasters we have here are nothing compared to what goes on in other locations.

For instance, one of the astrophysicists demonstrated-with a raw chicken-how the wind speeds on Jupiter can rip flesh from bone! Crazy! The next episode is September 30 and they cover asteroids!  Watch it!

The only other advantage to being sick is doing the odd chore around the house, when you have summoned up enough energy. I have done a bit of organizing and picked up Selena’s poop in the backyard. I was about to move a flower pot that had tilted to one side when I noticed this spider hanging around waiting for food(Click on the image to get a better idea of how big he is):

*shudders* I almost walked into him! I appreciate spiders and want to like them, but they scare the hell out of me. Maybe because I swear they like me. One time, I pulled a dead one of my ear and another time, I woke up and a big, black one was crawling up my thigh. Ahhh! But as mentioned, I am trying to like them, because they kill some of the pests out of my flowers and garden pots. But it is difficult to override what is probably an evolved human aversion to eight legged things.

Well I better go, time to pop some more Tylenol.

Jupiter pic:


Surrounded by Cheesy Vampires

Last night, Hubby and I watched the season finale of True Blood. My interest in the show has been severely waning over this past season. Between the bad acting, fairies (wtf??), ridiculous plots and cheesy lines, the show is starting to stink. And stink bad. When the show first began, bastardized versions of vampires were just starting to become popular. It seems now that any show or movie that features a guy with too much gel in his hair, caked on makeup and a perma- scowl, is now a vampire who makes all the girls swoon. The monster of legend has been replaced by impotent teenage pretty boys who decide to spend their eternity teasing teen girl groupies. Gag me with a crucifix!

But True Blood seemed more true to the original idea of sex and blood. The characters were interesting and the show was funny. Then things got ridiculous and then really, really stupid. Last night, I laughed as Sookie batted her eyelashes (for the millionth time during the series) at a trucker, who is apparently a werewolf. Just a question: Why are all “werewolves” now CGI wolves, how come none look like this anymore?:

Anyways, also in last night’s gem, there was one horrendously awful scene where two vamps literally go Matrix on each other. It felt like I was watching one of those terrible “Scary Movie” movies. Just true farce the whole way.

Needless to say, I won’t be watching the next season. A couple weeks ago, after mentioning my dissatisfaction with the show’s direction, my friend gave me the books to read. I got to about the middle of the first one before I lost complete interest. The books aren’t terrible, but they aren’t great either. The author tries way too hard to be witty and humorous and honestly it bored the hell out of me. (She also apparently blatantly rips off a dozen role playing books and games, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t read or play these games) Maybe the books get better, but I won’t hold my breath.

Anyways, as a horror geek, I provide to you the following recommendations of good vampire entertainment:

1. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula

2. Thirst (aka.Bakjwi in Korean)

3. Blade (The first one is decent, the sequels are meh!)

4.Vampire Hunter D

5. Interview with the Vampire

6. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter-Funny camp that was made right here in Ottawa!

7.The Hunger

8.Vampyres (Lesbian vampires hunting tourists! Sexy stuff but it’s not porn, I swear!)


10. Daybreakers (Recent one that has an interesting plot, unlike many other vampire movies)

and for fun 11. Dead and Loving It

So that’s it, if you have any other recommendations, feel free. I’m a bit sick of vampires now though. Time to move on to something else Hollywood or at least get more imaginative writers!

Pretty boy Vamp pic:

Werewolf pic:

Matrix pic:

Questions and Answers

Hippie Cahier tagged me with these interesting questions and below are my answers. Enjoy!:

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?

It would be cool to be able to fly, but it would really be something to shapeshift into different people or animals.

2. Who is your style icon?

Honestly, I don’t have one. I just buy what is comfortable. I tend to prefer darker colours and clothing that is very practical as well. (ie. Stuff with pockets to carry camera and snacks)

3. What is your favorite quote?

Here is a good one that I found recently: “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. “-Carl Sagan

4. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

When I was 19 years old, I caught mono and tonsilitis and was literally sick as a dog! It was bad! This was pre-Hubby and my parents were away, so I had to rely on a friend to come over and take care of me. My temperature was dangerously high and I must have looked like hell, but my friend remarked that I looked beautiful even when I was sick. It was really nice to hear even if I hunkered down over a toilet and threw up, right afterwards.

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now? This:

There are a lot of romantic memories of me and Hubby’s early dating days on that cd. We even had one of the songs played as “our song” at our wedding. Other than that, it’s been my regular rotation of 70s rock tunes, ambient, classical and jazz. I recently ordered this cd and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! (I wish I could play the cello)

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

Night owl!! I am not a morning person and loathe morning people. Not the quiet ones who enjoy the early rising sun, but the bouncy, perky, annoying-ass morning people. Grrrr!

Night is such a beautiful time, I love astronomy and love staring at all the planets, stars and comets. Looking out at the universe has an unbelievably calming effect-We are all just miniscule dots in an enormous universe.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

I complained about this on Hippie’s blog, but why is it always dogs or cats? Why can’t it be both? Or rats? Or pigs? Or lemurs? (Err..o.k. lemurs technically may not make the best house pets. They are awesome though!And check out those eyes. Squeeee!) I love cats and dogs for different reasons and don’t really gravitate towards one or the other. Our house feels empty without the craziness of both.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I suffer from depression or the ‘blues’ sometimes, but am trying to become a more positive person. I’ve spent far too much time in Depressionland-Ruminating on past hurts, self doubt and fear that I want to become lighter and more optimistic. So I’m striving to become the happiest depressed person you’ll meet! (Or the most conflicted, whatever!)



I used to have the most beautiful pair of red sneakers and used to get compliments on them all the time. Unfortunately, however, Selena also liked these shoes and practically devoured them when she was a puppy! Recently I began scouring the net looking for replacements but it appears that hot, fire engine red running shoes don’t exist anymore, so I decided to buy sneakers in another favorite colour of mine-Purple!

(My frog socks really complete the lock don’t you think?? ;)) The shoes are from New Balance in Toronto. Originally they sent me the wrong ones in white (?), so I emailed them and complained. They promptly apologized for the mix up and sent the purple ones out right away. Their customer service was excellent and very speedy.

As for the shoes themselves, they are a wee bit snug. I got the same size as my other New Balance athletic shoes (8.5), but it looks like a size 9 may be in my immediate future. (I hope not though)

And now I have the “Shoes” song stuck in my head!

An Idiot and his book

I don’t normally discuss politics here, because that is not the main purpose of this blog. But I am sick of hearing about the guy who threatened to burn a copy of the Qu’ran.

At the risk of possibly pissing off a bunch of religious folk, what is the big deal?

He could be burning a Bible or cookbook for all that it matters. It’s a book. Yes, it holds value for the people who follow its teachings and yes, it is disrespectful and stupid and a waste of trees, but legally speaking, this is his property and his choice to waste it on some dumb political stunt. If your faith in your religion is so easily shattered, that all it takes is one asshole to burn one copy (btw. You can buy more of them at any book outlet or religious center) of your religion’s book, then you’ve got problems. Why create this media frenzy about it and provoke an even bigger reaction in the Middle East? As well as encourage other redneck spinoffs?

Why give assholes like him and Anne Coulter who actively go around spreading hatred any mention at all? (Yes, I know talking about them on the blog feeds into this, but this post is more about trying to stop people from taking these idiots seriously then about reaction, which is what they want) They hate extremists like the Taliban and yet they spew practically the same conservative nonsense. Therefore they are hypocrites and morons. End of story.

Nine years ago, the World Trade Center was attacked. Why waste this time focusing on ignorant, hateful individuals? There is still a lot of work to do in middle eastern and western relations, we can’t let people like them hold us back. Let us focus on the people and groups who are trying, even if perhaps in vain, to bring peace to the world and prevent more acts like 9/11 from happening.

Diet Fail

A few months ago I told you all that I would be shredding regularly and promised myself that I would get back into shape?

Yeah that plan has pretty much fallen through.

I was doing well for awhile, but then…well..laziness pretty much won out as did lack of self discipline. The cooler weather has also turned me into a bottom less pit of carbs and sugar. When I’m not indulging, I’m thinking about indulging, particularly with rich desserts. In fact, just last night I had the strangest dream that I was at Krispy Kreme‘s. There aren’t any Krispy Kremes where I live, and yet last night there I was, stuffing my craw with cream filled donuts:

Dunkin’ Donuts used to sell cream filled, but then stopped, maybe because they were killing all their customers with extra sugary lardy goodness.

I’ll eat a sugary cream filled donut any day, but to assuage my guilt and cravings at the same time, I have started making a strawberry shortcake type dessert. Fewer calories and no public shame. Woo! Just gather these ingredients (plus vanilla extract):

Orange juice, strawberries, cornstarch, sugar and angel food cake.

Pour some juice (about 1/4 cup), sugar (as much as you want, though less is obviously better) and 1/2 tsp vanilla into a pot and turn on the heat:

..then add a few tsps of cornstarch, stir, then chuck in a bunch of strawberries and mash, mash mash!:

Turn down heat, simmer for a few minutes and pour this fine creation on top of a slab of angel food cake:

Presto! Strawberry short cake/jam stuff. Yeah. Strawberries are out of season, so consider this is the one last strawberry treat before you have to stick to apples and pumpkins! (Which are good too, don’t get me wrong!)

One last goodbye to summer and tomorrow I will definitely get back to Jillian Michaels punishing workouts. Definitely.

September Long Weekend

Labour Day weekend was pretty lame this year due to the weather. It was boiling hot and sunny during the work week but then as soon as the weekend neared, the weather promptly turned cold and rainy. This obviously was a bit of a kick in the pants, particularly for those who escaped to a cottage or camp site this year.  After some debate, Hubby and I neither camped nor cottaged (His aunt owns a cottage, but it is heavily occupied by her son and daughter-in-law during the summer), and instead relaxed at home and tried to make the best of it.

The best of it meaning we played video games, ate lots of food and only ventured outside for a few hours. During one of those treks outside, we went to Petrie Island. It was windy and cold, but it was still nice to walk around a park for a bit:

After walking around, my ears started to sting from the cold, so we went back home and then did some errands.

The only other activity of note this weekend was a trip to one of my favorite dog parks-Bruce Pitt Park. On Monday morning, the skies were clear and I thought: ‘Finally! Some decent weather’

But when we got into the car and started driving west, dark, gloomy clouds started to form and that pretty much ended my hopes for a nice long excursion in puppy land and it began raining within the first forty minutes . %&*^%!

Luckily, however, I still managed to get some pictures:

This St.Bernard was such a cutie, I had to take some photos of him, and when I approached with my camera, his handler ordered him to pose for me, which is unusual. (Most people just look at me like I’m a dog nut, which I am) “He’s a therapy dog and should be used to having his picture taken”, she said, ordering him to sit over and over.  I’m not a stickler for posing, since animals aren’t people, and don’t sit still for as long. But I think he posed pretty well.

That’s about it for the weekend. I hope your weekend got some better weather!