Still Life, Gay Pride and Super-Ex!

It was a great weekend-Painting, the Pride Parade and the Ottawa Super Ex! In our art session, Jen brought some goodies to be set up for my first ‘still life’ class. After laying the ground colour, I did some rough paint drawings of the objects. Drawing in large scale with paint is different for me. Normally, my drawing time consists of me sketching away on my smaller pad on the bus with pencils. But since paintings don’t all come in miniature, I want to be able to create larger images and still life looks like it could help with that! 🙂

Sunday was the day of the Pride Parade and it was great! We met up with Stella, her man and their furbabes. Morty:

and Frida:

Ahh! The cuteness! We would’ve brought Selena to meet them, but we made a last minute decision to go to the Ex afterwards. Anywho, on with the gays:

I particularly loved this guy’s taste in clothing. LOL:

Firemen were also present at the parade and hosed down the crowds:

The parade didn’t just feature gay/lesbian/bisexual and trans pride, but many other groups came out as well and were giving out free swag and flyers. Like the National Capital Vegetarian Society (Though here they were promoting strictly veganism. Odd):

and PETA

(I would’ve hugged the seal, but I chickened out)


And the BDSM folk:

This woman below was part of that whole kink group. She came trotting down the street, I went up and took her picture and she growled at me. Then she neighed and bucked and followed the other revelers down the street. Can’t say I’ve ever felt the urge to dress up like a horse and be tied up, but whatever floats your boat! ;):

Hubby, being an Atheist, was sure to get the Atheist flyer. Personally, I just grabbed all the free flyers, condoms and candy that I could get! LOL. (Free is always good)

There were also more religious type folk who were pushing for more open mindedness in their respective communities. ie:

Milan was also at the event and we talked for a bit and I grilled him on cameras, since he is quite the photophile. After sweating buckets at the parade, we grabbed some drinks at Starbucks and then headed to the Ex. It cost $25 just to park at Lansdowne and then we had to pay $24 for admission! Insanity! Those prices pretty much exemplified why I no longer go to the Ex every year! The Ex was smaller this year and not quite so “super”, but we still managed to have some fun. We went to the agricultural center to check out some livestock, like these ducks that look like Einstein:

and cute little pigs:

Plus one crazy emu. (Large birds freak the hell out of me!)

We doddled around and went on the ferris wheel. Our friend John really liked this ride. LOL:

Hubby, meanwhile, isn’t so fond of carnival or amusement park rides. He just doesn’t trust carny engineering. Whereas I love going up and feeling free, Hubby is unnerved by the squeaking noises caused by the gears and imagines us falling to our deaths with him yelling: “I told you so!” to me on the way down. LOL

After safely landing on the ground, we went into a fun house where I fell on my ass. (Coordination on moving floors is not my strong point) and then checked out the freaks of the past:

We also saw some items from Carnival Diablo‘s collection:

It was $4 to see these things and while they were interesting, it felt like there weren’t enough of them. But what can you do?

After eating far too many red and blue sugary drinks, food and cotton candy, we went home and collapsed. It may have been hot and overpriced at times, but it was a good day.:)


20 thoughts on “Still Life, Gay Pride and Super-Ex!

  1. The Cheeky Bride

    haha – I’m so with your husband on the “carny engineering.” I never go on fair rides, because they move from city to city all summer. They’re bound to misplace a bolt or two here and there with all the putting up and taking down 😉

  2. neeroc

    ‘Anywho, on with the gays’ cracked me up. Looked like a great day, we were having naptime meltdown so missed it all. Maybe next year…wonder what the new Ex site will be like, hopefully parking won’t be INSANE.

  3. Lua

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I always take all the free stuff I can get LOL!
    Morty & Frida looks super cute btw 🙂

  4. Pauline Post author

    The Cheeky Bride-LOL. The squeaking and grinding noises certainly don’t help, but there probably are strict standards and rules for fair rides. I hope so anyways!
    Neeroc-Yeah I hear they’re moving it to Rideau Carleton Raceway next year. I’m not sure how well it will survive the move out there though, since Lansdowne is much more accessible to more people. (I bet parking will still suck though! Unfortunately)
    Kilax-It was nice, because too often the crazier, more fundamentalist type religious groups get all the attention and hence people tend to think that all spirituality and religion is bad, when that is not true. There are more moderate religious groups out there who are more open to womens and gay rights as well as respecting other religions and cultures. 🙂
    As for the animals-They are cuties! I never tire of taking their picture! 🙂
    Lua-Thanks or rather Stella says thanks! Bulldogs never take bad pictures!
    Milan-Thanks! 🙂

  5. Zhu

    Can’t believe I missed the gay pride! I would have gladly joined the atheist pride. Plus, these are always a great chance to take pictures.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Zhu-Pride is something that I wholeheartedly support since I believe in equal rights for homosexuals and others under the GLBT group. But yes, it is a great chance to take pictures. (And snag some free candy, hehe) Hopefully you can make it next year! 🙂

  7. Pop Champagne

    hahaha looks fun! oh I totally missed the parade! ohhh well. That’s so cool that you’re from ottawa too. are you going to the balloon festival this weekend? 🙂

  8. Pearl

    it was a fun parade, yes. I like how there’s such a range of people. some completely like Mardi Gras and some walking in normal clothes. it’s very inclusive that way.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Pop Champagne-Yep, I’m from Ottawa, born and raised. 🙂 There’s a balloon festival this weekend? Hmm..I just might go to that! Thanks! 🙂
    Pearl-The parade definitely promotes inclusion and freedom of expression. 🙂

  10. coffee with julie

    Oh, I used to love the Ex! I could go on all the wildest rides and have a blast. Now? The ferris wheel is really pushing it.

    And I’m glad you reminded me of the Pride Parade … after living in Ottawa all these years, I’ve only actually seen one.

  11. Finola

    Any idea if the Ex will be back next year in a new location or if it will just be gone for good? We missed it this year and I’m wondering if that was our last chance…
    Ah well, the Carp Fair is always fine for a good time.

  12. Pauline Post author

    Finola-I heard it will be moving to Rideau Carleton Raceway, but you may want to double check.
    Jen-Gotta love the carnies. John was also wondering if you can only be hired to operate the rides if you have a certain number of tattoos. LOL
    Einstein ducks are awesome. I want one!

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