Diet Fail

A few months ago I told you all that I would be shredding regularly and promised myself that I would get back into shape?

Yeah that plan has pretty much fallen through.

I was doing well for awhile, but then…well..laziness pretty much won out as did lack of self discipline. The cooler weather has also turned me into a bottom less pit of carbs and sugar. When I’m not indulging, I’m thinking about indulging, particularly with rich desserts.Β In fact, just last night I had the strangest dream that I was at Krispy Kreme‘s. There aren’t any Krispy Kremes where I live, and yet last night there I was, stuffing my craw with cream filled donuts:

Dunkin’ Donuts used to sell cream filled, but then stopped, maybe because they were killing all their customers with extra sugary lardy goodness.

I’ll eat a sugary cream filled donut any day, but to assuage my guilt and cravings at the same time, I have started making a strawberry shortcake type dessert. Fewer calories and no public shame. Woo! Just gather these ingredients (plus vanilla extract):

Orange juice, strawberries, cornstarch, sugar and angel food cake.

Pour some juice (about 1/4 cup), sugar (as much as you want, though less is obviously better) and 1/2 tsp vanilla into a pot and turn on the heat:

..then add a few tsps of cornstarch, stir, then chuck in a bunch of strawberries and mash, mash mash!:

Turn down heat, simmer for a few minutes and pour this fine creation on top of a slab of angel food cake:

Presto! Strawberry short cake/jam stuff. Yeah. Strawberries are out of season, so consider this is the one last strawberry treat before you have to stick to apples and pumpkins! (Which are good too, don’t get me wrong!)

One last goodbye to summer and tomorrow I will definitely get back to Jillian Michaels punishing workouts. Definitely.


18 thoughts on “Diet Fail

  1. Lynn

    Ugh, I HEAR YOU. My sister’s wedding is in like, three weeks, and I swore I would exercise and lose 5 pounds about about a month ago, and instead, I just had three pieces of cake 10 minutes before bedtime. TOTAL FAIL.

    Of course, this does give me an excuse to go to the mall and get a new, less fitted dress for the wedding…and shoes and a bag to match, of course!

  2. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-Wow! It’s coming up fast! Tell her congrats for me!:) LOL. I actually went out and bought some new skirts. Hey, there has to be some upside to gaining a few pounds! πŸ˜‰

  3. kerri

    Sweets and carbs are my downfall. I give myself permission to slack off gym-wise and eat all things delicious during the summer. But now I’m getting back to regular workouts and conscious eating. I’ve recently committed to doing the shred too, I’m about to start level 2–yikes.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Alissa-Y’know I haven’t been to a Dunkin’ Donuts in years. Tim Hortons is the main donut chain here in Canada. (But they have a very limited donut selection oddly enough)
    Pattypunker-Sounds good! Hmmm..cake AND bubbly!
    Kerri-You shred too? It’s tough eh? I keep meaning to move on to level 2 but then keep sliding in my regular workouts. I need Jillian in person in my house to whip my butt! (Er..that came out differently than I intended.LOL)
    Izziedarling-Really? Thanks!

  5. Pearl

    Yeah, I hear you. my get fit plan for 2010 decided to ride it out at the truffle store. maybe this fall I’ll get the food and exercise plan on track.

  6. Zhu

    Your cake looks awesome!

    I think the key is to feed your craving with more home-made stuff. The calorie count in most cakes is astonishing otherwise… I learned it the hard way.

  7. Pauline Post author

    Laura-Sugar fast? Ouch!
    Chris-That’s true but my problem is that I give in to temptation too often. But I have replaced all of our usual junk food with lower calorie alternatives. My main issue is when I’m at work and near a vending machine that I have problems. (Boredom=chowing down on salt and sugar)
    Pearl-It’s never too late to start!
    Zhu-That’s true. In fact if there were fewer fast food places, I bet most people would lose a lot of weight!

  8. Kate

    Aughhhhhhhhh! Why did you have to bring up donuts?!? What I wouldn’t do for a lovely glazed donut from Dunkin’ Donuts RIGHT NOW!

  9. Hippie Cahier

    You had me at the doughnut. And then there aw strawberry shortcake. Sigh.

    I think I’ve been adding calories just by *thinking* about all the cool weather food I want to make/eat. Lasagna, mac and cheese, beef stew…
    ‘scuse me. Gotta hit the treadmill….

  10. Pauline Post author

    Kate-Me too. I shouldn’t have put that picture up because it has been taunting me every since! πŸ˜‰
    Hippie Cahier-I know! The cooler weather makes me want to stuff my face! Plus, its getting harder to work up the motivation to work out! I just want to stay home and hibernate!

  11. thoughtsappear

    This looks so good. I haven’t had angel food cake in awhile. I tried to make one months ago, and I failed miserably. I think I didn’t let it cook long enough..or cool long enough. Maybe both.

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