An Idiot and his book

I don’t normally discuss politics here, because that is not the main purpose of this blog. But I am sick of hearing about the guy who threatened to burn a copy of the Qu’ran.

At the risk of possibly pissing off a bunch of religious folk, what is the big deal?

He could be burning a Bible or cookbook for all that it matters. It’s a book. Yes, it holds value for the people who follow its teachings and yes, it is disrespectful and stupid and a waste of trees, but legally speaking, this is his property and his choice to waste it on some dumb political stunt. If your faith in your religion is so easily shattered, that all it takes is one asshole to burn one copy (btw. You can buy more of them at any book outlet or religious center) of your religion’s book, then you’ve got problems. Why create this media frenzy about it and provoke an even bigger reaction in the Middle East? As well as encourage other redneck spinoffs?

Why give assholes like him and Anne Coulter who actively go around spreading hatred any mention at all? (Yes, I know talking about them on the blog feeds into this, but this post is more about trying to stop people from taking these idiots seriously then about reaction, which is what they want) They hate extremists like the Taliban and yet they spew practically the same conservative nonsense. Therefore they are hypocrites and morons. End of story.

Nine years ago, the World Trade Center was attacked. Why waste this time focusing on ignorant, hateful individuals? There is still a lot of work to do in middle eastern and western relations, we can’t let people like them hold us back. Let us focus on the people and groups who are trying, even if perhaps in vain, to bring peace to the world and prevent more acts like 9/11 from happening.


9 thoughts on “An Idiot and his book

  1. artman2112

    well said! and like you pointed out, those types of people are no different than the targets of their own ignorant hatred. imo he’s just grabbing his 15 minutes.

    and i just used a Warhol reference, ugh! shoot me now, lol!

  2. Marie

    I hope I don’t get spammed putting a link in my comment but it’s interesting you say this. I read an article on the NPR website sometime last week ( about the media’s coverage of this. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    In any case, this guy is an idiot and I agree with you in that he doesn’t deserve any air time whatsoever.

    Sad thing is 9/11 sort of things are happening around the world all the time but are not covered by the media (here in the US at least). Yes 9/11 was devastatingly tragic, but sadly people are killing people in horribly violent ways in the Middle East and elsewhere almost on a daily basis.

    But of course the media choses to focus on this idiot.

  3. Laura Best

    Hi Pauline. I often think that too much attention is given to the wrong things in the media. This story may very well be one of them. If we ignore such people they lose their power over us.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Alissa-Nope, none whatsoever!
    Writerdood-It’s true. Holy verses really do not enhance the flavor of chicken or veggie dogs at all! 😉
    Artman-Thank you. I certainly hope his 15 minutes are up!
    P.S. “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches”. 😉
    Marie-That was a good article, thanks. And you are right, events like 9/11 happen all over the world all the time. We are really screwing up the planet. But there are people trying to help and the media owes them coverage for their work.
    Laura Best-Exactly! His power is dependent on us. If we turn away, he just becomes what he is-A ridiculous, crazy, racist old fart who is no more interesting than any other crazy, racist person.
    Izziedarling-Why thank you! 🙂

  5. Pearl

    think you hit on it. they spew the same hatred as other conservative extremists. the hatred is based in externalization of self-hatred.

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