Thanksgiving Weekend!

This past long weekend was good, busy, but yet still relaxing.

On Saturday, we bought a brand new vacuum. Our last one, a Hoover, died a far too early death in my opinion. According to the manager at the vacuum store, Hoover has gone downhill since it was purchased by another company and there are practically no parts for them. And if you do find the parts, they cost more than the vacuum themselves. Thus, prompting people to buy a new one. Also the plastics in many vacuums aren’t recyclable so they end up in landfills. (Just something to think about next time you buy a vacuum.)

Anyways, we bought a Miele and for the amount of money spent, I hope to God it lasts a loooong time! After that exciting trip, we went all the way down Bank street for Tofurkey. Turns out the Real Canadian Superstore didn’t have any Tofurkeys, so we had to go to Loblaws on Bank. When we arrived at Loblaws, we picked up the last frickin’ Tofurkey they had!

Afterwards I was starving, and while driving down Bank, we found a new vegan/omnivore lunch place, called “Cafe my House“. The service was good and the food was even better. We had two macrobiotic burgers for lunch, both came with potatoes and fruit. If you’re looking for a new lunch place, I recommend this one. There are even meat options, though they aren’t as plentiful as the vegan and vegetarian ones. (Which is a nice flip from the usual ‘restaurant experience’ where there is next to nothing for vegetarians) After we got back home, Jen came over, and we went over our lesson. I was feeling frustrated with one of my paintings, but she managed to calm me down. Sometimes you need someone to come over and tell you to relax. (Or in my case, more than one person, more than once.)

Sunday was Turkey Day and I baked my best apple pie ever. Voila! Ze masterpiece!!:

I haven’t made pie in awhile, but with the ice cold ingredients and my handy food processor, the pastry came together, and stayed together, which for pastry, is not always easy. The recipe was my grandmothers and the homemade caramel apple filling was from

On holiday Monday, our new closet doors were installed by my father-in-law and Hubby, while I managed to paint, as well as take some pictures. Here they are:

There are more photos, but nothing really blogable. I’m hoping to get out to some parks soon, so I can catch the Fall colours before they’re all gone!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend!

  1. Kate

    The colors of the leaves in that photo are beautiful! I love fall, especially the fall we’re having right now. Bright blue skies, beautiful trees and temps in the 70s (Fahrenheit, of course!).

  2. Zhu

    Your apple pie looks awesome! Can you share the recipe? This is a true North American thing I don’t master it yet.

    I had to buy a new vacuum a few months ago and I was shocked by how expensive they were.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Mindfulmerchant-Five years, that’s pretty good. I’m hoping to have mine for at least 10, which should be feasible considering the cost and the fact that unlike Hoover, the store carries its parts.
    Finola-It was a nice weekend.:)
    Pearl-Yep, Tofurkeys are in demand, so all grocery stores should carry lots of them! 🙂
    Kate-Our Fall has been up and down and very rainy, but hopefully it will stay nice and sunny for a little bit longer.
    Zhu-People in France don’t make pies? I figured pastry was just as popular there but maybe it’s just different kinds of pastry.
    Yes, vacuums aren’t cheap and the ones that are relatively affordable break down in a few years. Quality control has really gone down in the appliance department!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Pattypunker-Divalicious! That’s cute! I miss summer too, it really is the best season!
    Thoughtsappear-Should I send it with the mousse that I’m also going to make soon? 😉
    Hippie Cahier-Thaaaaank you!

  5. Foggy Dew

    While I’m not a fan of apple pie – give me pecan or give me … well … pumpkin – that is one great looking pie. I love the whole lattice thing. But I have to ask, isn’t Thanksgiving next month? Kidding, kidding, I know. Glad you had a good one, and that last picture is one worth painting.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Foggy Dew-You just haven’t tried MY apple pie! No, everybody’s got their preferences. I like pumpkin pie but most don’t. I found a great recipe for pumpkin pie with ginger crust if you’re interested. Perfect for your Thanksgiving in the beginning of winter! (aka. November) 😉

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