Weekend of Meh

This weekend wasn’t super fantastic. I was tired for most of it, because my allergies were keeping me up all night. (Yep, time to just bite the bullet and get those allergy shots already!) But I did manage to paint and take photos:

The moon was hanging behind a tree in our backyard, so I decided to whip out my camera and capture it. I just got a new camera and am still not sure how to use it, so my photos are mostly trial-and-error at this point. I think a photography course is in my near future.

I also watched the British thriller “Peeping Tom“. This film is about a disturbed young man named Mark who, in his spare time, enjoys murdering women while filming their expressions. Here is an unfortunate lady about to get axed. I photographed his footage:

It’s a great movie. 60s-70s movies are very fun to watch. The clothing, colouring, lighting, music, slang…it’s so different from movies nowadays. Back then, there wasn’t so much gore and profanity, it was left more up to the imagination, which can be more interesting, I think. Β This film brought some much needed entertainment to my weekend of meh!


12 thoughts on “Weekend of Meh

  1. omawarisan

    I agree with you on those movies. The visuals and older culture are entertaining in themselves. I think they were better to watch because they built anticipation and played on imagination instead of relying on volumes of gore.

  2. pinklea

    I haven’t seen a movie, either in a theatre or a DVD at home, in at least a year. There just isn’t anything out there now that grabs my interest. I’m going to have to look into some of those older ones, though, because as you note, they do have an entirely different feel to them. Either that, or I’ll just watch hockey for the next few months! πŸ™‚

  3. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-Exactly! As much as I like violence and gore sometimes in movies, it is much more creative to visualize the craziness yourself! πŸ˜‰
    Leashieloo-Bla to the meh!! (Butchering the English language is fun!)
    Nova-Yes, I know. The picture is blurry. Better pics coming soon!:)
    Zhu-Thanks! I love the moon! I would love even more to get a telescopic camera lens that is able to capture close details of the moon. Hopefully in the future..
    Pinklea-For me, hockey=zzzzz. I recommend “Peeping Tom” or ” Mary and Max”
    Get off my lawn-Yep, it reduced the mehness by 80%! πŸ˜‰
    Mindfulmerchant-Yes! Thank you for reminding me!
    I will soon!:)

  4. colleen

    The moon shot looks exactly like one I took while apple picking. It looks like a haunting apparition. the movie sounds too scary for me.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Colleen-The moon is a beautiful muse! “Peeping Tom” really wasn’t that scary. Disturbing yes, but much more tame than many other movies.
    Kilax-Thanks and no I haven’t seen Mr.Brooks. What came first?

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