Snap Happy Weekend

On Friday, Hubby and I went and saw my friend Andrea Simms-Karp play at Raw Sugar café. Raw Sugar, for those of you who don’t know, is pretty..”cozy”, and both ladies were quite popular with the Ottawa crowd of younger hip folk and older hip folk.  So we were squished. But there was great food, drinks and obviously entertainment, which made up for the lack of space. Early in the evening, I also spotted Vegan Jennifer standing around the food counter and invited her to sit with us. Shauna Caspi(on the left) was the opening act and performed some songs with the lovely Andrea (On the right) before going solo:

I had to slink around the room to get some shots. The first ones were too dark, followed by ones with eye-assaulting bright flash and it wasn’t until I screwed around with my camera a bit, that they turned out better.

I liked this one of  Andrea the best, she looks so relaxed and happy. While she was playing, I also captured this picture of Shauna, while she wasn’t looking:

There were lots of people with their eyes closed grooving around to the music. It must be nice to affect people this way and I’m not surprised, Andrea and Shauna both have beautiful voices and are very talented song writers.

For the last concert pic, here is both of them with Andrea’s electric guitarist:

They look kinda red here and it was difficult getting some decent shots without a million heads and shoulders in the way.  However, this did provide ample opportunity to get more practice with the zoom feature on my camera. During the concert, I also spotted some very cool ceramics overhead:


And before leaving, I took a snap of the new bridge to Chinatown:

Oh and that white stuff falling from the sky? It’s snow. Yes, it sometimes snows here in October.  But hey, at least it makes you appreciate summer more right? Right?

Saturday was a full moon. We set off for the off-leash dog park in our area, there is a crater there that is great for sky gazing. Here is my best shot:

There was also a man at the park taking pictures of the moon. He had his tripod and camera set up on the rim of the crater. I tried to talk to him to see if he was having any luck, but he didn’t speak much English. (This could have been another situation when knowing more Mandarin would have been handy but there was no guarantee that he was even Chinese)

Some crazy, moronic teenage boy was also zooming by on his bicycle, yelling: “Stop taking pictures of my f-ing house!” at us.

Craziness! And what a narcissist!

When I muttered: “Freaks come out at night”, Hubby, replied: “Well it is a full moon!”

Touché! Anyways, paranoid idiots aside, it was a good weekend. Hopefully there will be even more photos next weekend, because it will be my parents moving day and Halloween!!


12 thoughts on “Snap Happy Weekend

  1. Zhu

    The guy was probably speaking Cantonese. I speak Mandarin and most people in Chinatown speak either Vietnamese, either Cantonese.

    I noticed the snow on Friday night too. Fortunately, it didn’t last! I keep on thinking summer is coming back… I’m not ready for winter.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Zhu-We don’t live near Chinatown (though I could see the confusion since I posted a photo of the Chinatown bridge from the night before), but it is a possibility that he could have spoken Mandarin. It is becoming more widely spoken and with Cantonese having NINE tones, I don’t think I will be trying to learn it anytime soon!

    I’m not ready for winter either, but it’s coming! 😉

  3. Laura Best

    Sounds like a terrific weekend. Ah yes, that full moon does seem to effect many things, and may people. I have to say, from the photo, that was one beautiful full moon.

  4. omawarisan

    The Hub is right, the full moon is a magnet for them. I’ve seen it for years at work, didn’t believe it when I was told by one of my trainers that it was the case. I’ve become a believer!

    Listening to Andrea Simms Karp on her site. I like!

  5. Pauline Post author

    Laura Best-Thank you so much. I am very proud of that photo. (Taking good shots of the moon is hard!)
    Thoughtsappear-LOL. Sad but true.
    Omawarisan-Normal changes in our environment-Moon phases, seasons, etc-definitely affect people. Andrea is great. I will definitely be buying her album when I have some money again.:)
    Hella Stella-Thanks and it was wonderful to see you too! You rocked!
    Mindfulmerchant-I wish she was joking, but nope there were flakes.

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