Halloween Weekend!

My last post was a bit grim, but I was in a crap mood, what can I say? It happens sometimes. Personally, I like blogs that highlight all the feelings and experiences of the author-good and bad. Hearing non-stop forced cheerfulness makes me ill and think the writer is either A) High, B) Full of shit or C) Ted Bundy. But of course, non-stop complaining can drag anyone down too. A more realistic,  balanced approach is much more interesting and that’s what I aim to offer here.:)

Anyways, things were better this past weekend. Saturday we helped my parents move, hosted a small Halloween gathering and on Sunday gave out treats to the little hungry little “monsters” that came to our door.

The moving day started bright and early at 9am. It was freezing, but excitement was in the air. For me, it was a sentimental day. They’re moving out of the house where I spent the later half of my teenage and early part of my adult years.  I still remember completing my undergrad in their house;  Studying, eating tons of oatmeal (It’s brain food don’t you know!), commuting back and forth from campus and watching old  Teletoon “Detour” shows at night in my room. My family has had all sorts of ups and downs in that house, but now they’re moving away, into a new house to start their retirement. I’m happy for them, but I am a bit sad that they won’t be in our neighborhood anymore. Ah well, things change and people go where they need to go and in their case, it’s to a quieter area.

Their new place is a beautiful bungalow, with a big yard and feeders really close to the kitchen. I got a shot of chickadee that was feasting on bird seed:

Hopefully I can get closer shots of the birds in the near future.:)

After the move, we had a small Halloween gathering at our place. Nothing too crazy, no costumes, just us, Carmen, Jen and her husband. (John and his significant other would have come, but due to unfortunate circumstances, they weren’t able to make it. We missed you guys!)  We munched on food and watched “Haunted Honeymoon” and  “The Burbs”, while outside it snowed like crazy!

Earlier on, I put out a witch cat decoration, which confused the hell out of the cats:

Pierre and his doppleganger

And that was it. Now we have about a million pieces of candy left over, cupcakes and caramel apples. This whole weekend has been an intense rush of coffee, donuts, salt and sugar. Anyone want some leftover treats?


10 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend!

  1. pinklea

    Is it normal for Ottawa to have snow at Halloween? Out here, our temps have been unseasonably warm lately (like 10-15 degrees C!). I’ve only had the furnace on once all October and haven’t even pulled out my winter jacket yet.

    And – yes please for the leftover treats! PG, DD and I already ate all our leftovers, and I think we need more!

  2. Pearl

    Cats confuse us. Nice to turn the tables now and then.

    All the parties happened downtown on Friday and Saturday so Sunday was mercifully quiet as snow. No kids in our building so no candies but I’m fine with no sugar, or no extra at least.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Zhu-Thanks and Pierre is quite happy to now be the only black cat in our home. 😉
    Pinklea-Yep, it’s normal. It doesn’t snow every year, but it does happen often enough.
    Pieces of me-Thanks!
    Pearl-LOL. Too true! (About the cats) Yes, Halloween seems to be getting more and more subdued. (Which is unfortunate in a way)
    Leishieloo-I saw your cat on your blog! What a cutie! I love black cats!
    Thoughtsappear-LOL. Well that’s a good reason to like chickadees. I like them as well. Perfect winter birds.
    Jen-Thanks for coming over!

  4. kilax

    Pierre is like “WTH?!” ha ha.

    It would be so strange to move your parents out of the house you grew up in! My mom was so sad when her parents moved to a new home (a few years ago).

  5. Hippie Cahier

    Ted Bundy was full of it when he was high. Or so I’ve heard.

    Pierre’s picture is priceless. 🙂

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