Desperate Men

I’ve been busy painting the assignments that Jennifer has been giving me.  She began teaching me not too long ago, so I don’t have a huge selection yet, but that should change soon. Mindfulmerchant asked to see some of my work, so here is one that I recently completed.

The objective was to reproduce a well-known portrait by a famous artist. I chose the work “Desperate Man” by the amazing Realist artist Gustave Courbet. Here is the original:

and here is my reproduction:

Technically, mine is unfinished because the lips and nose are supposed to be redder and there should be more shading, but I am happy with this result, so I’m going to leave it as is. Besides, I want to move on to creating my own original works. 🙂 The masonite panel that I used was also bigger than the print out, so that’s why it cuts off suddenly.( In case you were wondering)

This painting was really difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get the exact same colours as Courbet, the skin colour in particular, was hard to copy.

But I worked very hard on this and am happy with the result. This was strictly an educational exercise about how the masters worked, so obviously I won’t be selling it or putting it in any exhibition. But it is nice having my own little version of this ‘stressed out’ portrait.  It makes me wonder what he was thinking when he created the original.

In other news: Hubby turns 32 today! Yay! Happy Birthday baby!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Desperate Men

  1. Zhu

    That’s pretty good! And it’s good too that your own interpretation of the painting shows a bit.

    Interesting exercise! I never understood how colors worked on painting… and my father is an artist 😆 Like I always tell him, I just stick to photography because at least the picture looks okay 🙂

  2. pinklea

    I think he looks like Johnny Depp, too – definitely a keeper! Great job, Pauline! And happy birthday to your Hubby (only 32??? You two are just babies! 😉 )

  3. writerdood

    It’s good, but the right arm… I know it’s cut off, but because it’s cut off that way with the colored background, it makes it look smaller rather than clipped, giving him this 3D look, as if the face is jumping out at you.

    The likeness is excellent though.

  4. Hippie Cahier

    Count me in the Johnny Depp camp. And in the You-Are-Fabulously-Talented Camp. AND in the happy birthday to hubster camp. It’s not that I’m feeling particularly agreeable today. It’s that all these fine people are right.

    Very nice work! Catching up on blog reading. I’ll be baaaack!

  5. Pearl

    that’s a pretty impressive exercise. I want to learn more about painting as well. I’d like to be as good as being able to do tribute pieces at least.

    happy birthday to your Hub! My hub’s birthday is today. 37.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Pieces of me-He does look like Johnny Depp! If there is ever a movie about Courbet-and there should be!-Depp should certainly play him!
    Leishieloo-Awww, thank you!:)
    Zhu-Photography is easier than painting in many ways, but it is enjoyable to create any type of image from your mind to canvas.:)
    The Quack-Thanks! (What happened to your site btw?)
    Pinklea-I will tell my husband you said that because he’s always going on about how “old” he is. We are still pretty young!
    Thoughtsappear-Thank you.:)
    Writerdood-I’m aiming for the impression of 3-D in my paintings so thank you.:)
    Hippie cahier-LOL, thank you and hope to see you baaack soon!
    Kim-The eyes are extremely crucial, they hold the person’s personality and emotions, so thank you.:)
    Pearl-Happy birthday to your hub!
    Laura Best-Thank you!

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