More Birds and some News!

It’s been pretty nutso for me this past while, so my apologies for not updating as often or replying as quickly to comments. In terms of this past weekend, on Friday we went to Jen’s place for a small food and cocktail party. We ate, we gabbed, I bugged her into showing me the progress on her new painting, it was fun.:)

Saturday involved helping my parents with their moving again. This time from their storage pod to their home. We arrived very late, so weren’t as helpful this time, but there were still a good many things to move.  I was also able to take more pictures of the birds that congregate in their backyard. Like black capped chickadees:


and blue jays:

and flying:

Jays are hard to photograph because they are so restless and skittish, always on the move. But going to my parents has awakened the little bird watcher in me and I will be going to other areas to bird watch and photograph.

After leaving my parents, we walked around the lovely village of Perth. I bought a really nice sweater dress and beaver hat (No it’s not made of actual beavers. It’s yet another silly hat of my many silly hats. I like them and don’t really care if other people don’t understand why I enjoy wearing them or tease me for it. They make me happy and that’s all that matters.:)) Afterwards, we wandered around the park and I took some more photos:

Here is one of a statue made to honor acclaimed Canadian equestrian Ian Miller, who is originally from Perth:

Afterwards, we went to Hubby’s parents for a late birthday celebration. One of their cats, Bailey was snoozing on the edge of the couch and naturally I snapped a bunch of him. (He appeared to be only mildly annoyed at the intrusion)

There was some other stuff that happened this weekend, but I’ll blog about that later. In other news-Travis proposed to his boyfriend this past week and he accepted! Yay!! We talked all about how his proposal on the phone and I couldn’t be happier for him! Him and his man are a great match! His partner has been hinting at marriage for awhile now, and, he gave the single ladies at our wedding quite a run for their money when I was throwing my bouquet! LOL!

So congrats Travis! I love you and am looking forward to the nuptials, whenever they happen, however they happen!:)


10 thoughts on “More Birds and some News!

  1. Jen

    It was good to see you both at our wee shindig on Friday — thanks for coming and thanks for the delicious snacks and wine 🙂

    Love the Ian Miller statue — is that Big Ben he’s riding, do you know?

    Also loved hearing about Travis and his partner — I’d really like to meet them someday!

  2. VioletSky

    Good luck with the birdwatching! Your parents are lucky to have a feeder right outside the window. I love to sit inside on a cold winter day and watch them make a mess of my yard. (well, if I had a yard, I would)

  3. leashieloo

    I’ve been trying my hand at birdwatching and it’s slow going. I’ve had a bunch of sparrows and crows and the odd cardinal and finch. That bluejay photo is awesome!

  4. Zhu

    Your bird pictures are good, especially the woodpecker! I can never take good pictures of animals… they fly away or run away when they see me coming with my camera!

  5. kilax

    I wish we had that many birds right now! They seem to have left… my mom thinks they will be more likely to eat our food once we have the first snow fall (boo on the snow!).

    I love the photos!

    Congrats to Travis! 🙂

  6. Pauline

    Get off my lawn-No problem.:) They are cute little buggers!
    Thoughtsappear-A bird flew into your face?? Ouch!
    Jen-Thanks for inviting us! The food and wine were great! I think it’s Big Ben, I will have to check next time I’m in Perth again! Yes, you must meet Travis, he is quite the character!:)
    Violetsky-I’m not a fan of winter, but for some reason the birds seem especially beautiful during that time of year!
    Leishieloo-Where did you go bird watching? Some areas are more diverse than others. Thanks!
    Robin-Chickadees make great subjects!:)
    Zhu-Yeah, animals can be tricky, but I find that like people, they are often better photographed from afar with a good zoom lens.
    Laura Best-He is, isn’t he?
    Kilax-Boo on the snow indeed, but your mom might be right!

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