The Good and the Bad

I wasn’t sure what to call this post, since things have been up and waay down lately.

Basically, I’ve been thinking about making a career change for awhile now and Friday pretty much crystallized that desire. It was such a crazy, stressful day and caused me to question my ability to do anything. The only hopefully good thing about it is that it kicked my butt to be more assertive in looking for outside opportunities. I’m grateful for my current position and like my boss and most of my coworkers, but it is time for me to move up a bit.  Things don’t change unless you make them change. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there at the moment, but I’ll just apply to them anyways.  Of course, the employment wheels turn like molasses running uphill, so I’ve began looking at taking some part time computer classes as well. There is a two-day web design course that looks interesting, but it is $430! Ouch! Graphic/web design is something I’m very interested in pursuing, being that I am a very visual person who would like to improve her computer skills. Anyone out there in that field of work? Any advice?

The Good-With the holidays coming, I’ve started baking. Did you know that if you put an unopened can of condensed milk for two hours in a pot of boiling water, it turns into dulce de leche?  Pretty neat eh? I used it for filling in a “Dulce de leche Layer Cake” from Food and Wine magazine. I also used coconut rum and coconut pieces to give it a nice tropical feel and brought it over to a friend’s house for a dinner party. The cake carrier squished the bugger, but it was still very edible! (Sorry for the poor photo. I am going to have to work on taking better pictures of food!)

Kolacky was another recently made treat.  The recipe came from the Pil book “Holiday Cookies”  which I found while waiting in line at the grocery store. They turned out great. The recipes in this book are very straightforward with easy to find ingredients and little prep. Definitely recommended if you’re struggling for holiday ideas!

Next up, will be rum balls and Hungarian Cheese filled cookies. I may be feeling insecure and down about my current day job, but baking I can handle! 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad

  1. The Quack

    1. I want to eat that cake … now!
    2. Could you possibly get your employer to pay for those classes as professional development? They should!
    3. Congrats on taking that frustration and channeling it into something productive. I’m whole-heartedly cheering you on!

  2. Zhu

    I got addicted to dulce de leche in Argentina and Brazil. It’s soooo good!

    I was in your shoes not long ago, wondering what path to take (well, I’m still there to a lesser extend). I also looked into classes and found them very expensive. Your best bet may be Alconquin (spell.?) College. They have very helpful advisor you can meet on-site.

  3. Laura Best

    “Things don’t change unless you make them change. ” So true. There always takes some action to set things in motion. I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s best for you! Best of luck!

  4. Laura

    There must be something up with the planets because I’ve been reading about a few bloggers feeling as you do Pauline. Sounds like a wonderful idea to find a job/course that incorporates your artistic talents and creativity. Have you considered becoming a pastry chef? That cake looks heavenly! Yum 🙂

  5. Get Off My Lawn

    Sometimes things happen when you stop looking for them. Like love, babies, and job opportunities. Usually, the job opportunities like to coincide with the other things, making them less important at the time. The Universe is fickle. It’ll happen for you.

  6. Pauline Post author

    The Quack-1.Well maybe next time you’re in Ottawa, I’ll make it for you.:) 2. My employer in the past has paid for intermediate/advanced French courses, but they aren’t as open to computer classes. 3. Hopefully something good will come out of my efforts!
    Zhu-I’d like to try dulce de leche in South America. Must be yummy! The class that I found is through Algonquin college. Seems pricey for a two day college course!

  7. Kate

    I like The Quack’s idea about getting your employer to pay for the classes. Aside from that, though, use your local library as a resource (there are tons of books out there and free classes, too, depending on the library) and ask people you know if they know any web/graphic designers who would be willing to help you out for free or at a low cost. You might also look for jobs where you can learn those skills without having to pay for classes. There’s so much you can learn without having to pay exorbitant costs for classes that may or may not help your career.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Laura Best-I hope so and thanks!
    Laura-A pastry chef might be interesting. It sounds like a LOT of work and stress for not much pay though, but it could be worth investigating.
    Get off my lawn-Perhaps you’re right. I still need to check the job postings but maybe when I’m not expecting much, there will be a good one!
    Kate-I can ask around and see if there are any graphic designers who might be willing to show me some stuff. It might be tough because people are busy but I could ask around. Good suggestion!
    Lacochran-? Say what now?

  9. Betty

    Good luck on your career pursuits! I’ve heard that about the condensed milk but never tried it…really works, huh? On the food photos, there is a blog that I love ( and his wife does the photography which readers ALWAYS comment about so he added a section on her work where she gives some tips

  10. Pauline Post author

    Betty-Thanks and I will have to check out that site for tips! 🙂
    Omawarisan-Very simple! Thank you “Food and Wine”!

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